Homo-Terrorism is on the rise, a straight man is not safe to walk outside the house without fearing the glittery sting of organisations such as Al-Gayda and Lesbollah. A straight man cannot walk unattended without being subjected to a barrage of glitter. The wards are filled with the victims of our recent war on homosexual terrorism when we invaded the Island of Lesbos and our subsequent wars in Lebanon and Libya (because they sounded a bit similar and there is no smoke without flaming).

Brendan Eich’s tears have unleashed the kraken of Libertarians who believe that his beliefs “aren’t so bad” and that he should be free to believe and campaign for bigotry and that any campaign against him somehow breaks the rules. And naturally his right wing friends have come to his aid.

And they don’t come wingnuttier than BarbWire’s Jeff Allen.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you’ve likely heard about what recently happened to Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich. The homofascists and their godless collaborators drove him out of the company he co-founded because six years ago he contributed $1,000 in support of the Prop 8 effort in California, which defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Unlike all the various attempts by Christian business groups to cut out other organisations for taking a stance for equality. In particular? I loved the Christian response to World Vision’s plan to start being an equal opportunity employer. To those people, the children who they promised to help were not as important as stopping gays from getting jobs.

That is far more vile than any amount of homo-facism.

And Jeff Allen is right, how dare you get mad at straight men who funded a government initiative to prevent people from marrying adults of any gender because a 2000 year old book told them to do so? Don’t you know that 2000 year old books provide us 2000 year old expertise on all topics?

It’s why i refuse to use anaesthesia during procedures. Because the ancients never needed it too.

Never mind the fact that gay people getting married doesn’t affect straight marriage any more than people of colour getting married or Buddhists or old people getting married for the same reason that Jeff Allen’s relationship does not affect mine.

Are we not a society where bigots are free to not be criticised for their bigotry?

Eich is only the latest high-profile victim to experience their aggressive assaults. There have actually been hundreds of average American citizens who were also attacked for their support of Prop 8 through harassment, intimidation, death threats, violence, vandalism, job termination, etc. We haven’t heard much about them because they aren’t well-known leaders of tech giants (Brendan Eich) or famous celebrities (Phil Robertson).

Because Phil Robertson’s multi-million  dollar duck call business is in high demand among the gay community?

It’s rather puzzling to hear Jeff Allen ignore that in general (Sorry, have to stop being sarcastic here) the GLBT have faced harassment, intimidation, death threats, violence, vandalism and job termination and bigotry more than right wing homophobes.

If someone donates $100 or more in support or opposition to a ballot initiative in California, state law requires the disclosure of your full name, occupation and employer. The LA Times published an on-line, searchable database in 2008 with the names and information of those who contributed to the Prop 8 referendum. Armed with this information, militant members of the Al-’Gay’da and Lezbollah terrorist networks utilized Google Maps and produced/published maps indicating where all of the Prop 8 supporters lived and worked. Almost immediately, the supporters of natural marriage found themselves in the crosshairs of an angry mob of homofascist enemies of freedom.
It’s rather amusing that the supporters of natural marriage have no problem using the technological wizardry of homosexual computing to spread their nonsense. In fact? The four big names in OS (Apple, Microsoft, Google and Linux) are all pro-equality so it generally means that your angry rants were powered by not just Alan Turing but by individuals who try to push an equal society.
I do like the fact that “Freedom” in this case means the freedom to curtail the freedom of others.

So, whenever liberals argue in favor of legislation mandating the disclosure of the identities of contributors to political issues or candidates, now we know why. It’s not really about financial transparency or the integrity of the democratic process. It’s so they can target, intimidate and launch reprisals against those with whom they disagree. All dissent must be silenced by the homosexual Taliban.

Now there is an oxy-moron.

The following examples are direct quotes taken from a much larger list compiled by the Heritage Foundation, which provides a considerable amount of additional documentation and links. They are categorized under four headings: vandalism, harassment/hostility, violence/threats of violence, and employment jeopardization. If you don’t read the entire list, let me especially call your attention to the violence and threats of violence section of this report. Everyone really needs to make themselves aware of the true colors of the rainbow-masked thugs.

Matthew Shepard

Or what about Braulio Valenzuela-Villanueva whose freedom was curtailed because he was not free to set fire to lesbians.

The delusional view that the GLBT are oppressing you is rather spectacular.

Swastikas and other graffiti were scrawled on the walls of the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in San Francisco.

I do like the fact that the moment you see Swastikas you go “GAY PEOPLE”. It could as well have been Hare Krishnas for all you know.

Signs supporting Prop 8 were twisted into a swastika at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Riverside.

Yes the Swastika, that well known homosexual sign.

One woman who stood near a street with a Yes on 8 sign reported that a man stopped his car and shouted at her, “You despicable filthy bag of [expletive deleted].” Other drivers circled the block and yelled things like “You [expletive deleted]” each time they drove by her. Once a car with several men stopped, and a man in the back seat opened the door and threw something at her. Another driver stopped her car and yelled, “Get the [expletive deleted] out of here. Who do you think you are, bringing that hate into my neighborhood?”

It’s funny, gay people are treated like this by people who read your fine “newsfeed” but you think that’s freedom.

Joe Solmonese, head of the Human Rights Campaign at the time, echoed this sentiment on the “Dr. Phil” show when, in response to a question from a Mormon audience member asking why his church was being targeted, he reportedly declared, “We are going to go after your church every day for the next two years unless and until Prop 8 is overturned.”

Because the Mormon church had spent a vast quantity of money trying to deny basic human rights. Of course the human rights campaigners are going to go after them and protest their involvement with anything. It is simple Mr. Allen.

If marriage is purely a divine ceremony and ordained by god then the state has no right under the separation of Church and State to support any Marriages. There must be no benefits for married couples. In short? Mr. Allen, the most compelling argument you are providing is the destruction of marriage.

But surely that shouldn’t affect you. After all? If marriage really is divine then the support of the state should mean precious little.

No, I think the problem is you want to dicatate what marriage is and isn’t according to your religion rather than according to secular law.

After Prop 8 passed, crowds of same-sex marriage activists congregated for protests at Mormon houses of worship throughout the nation. One video shows same-sex marriage activists massed outside the Mormon temple in New York City crying “fascist church” repeatedly. Another video appears to show angry activists rattling the gates of the temple in Los Angeles and chanting “shame on you.” Images from various protests show signs like “Mormon Scum,” “Get your filthy church off me,”and “Keep your hate in Salt Lake.”

I am sorry? Freedom to assemble and protest is freedom. What you want is freedom to oppress gays and then not have them protest about it.

The supporters of Prop 8 have paid a very steep price for defending marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and very few homosexual activists have ever disavowed the crimes that the homosexual Sharia supporters have perpetrated. Nevertheless, these brave individuals are to be commended for standing up for the truth despite the onslaught of attacks. Liberty will require many more people to do the same. Brendan Eich was only latest victim of the virulent Al-’Gay’da terrorists, and we too will need to be a people of courage and conviction if we ever hope to stem the tide of these sin-obsessed, sodomy-fixated destroyers of morality and freedom.

Oh really? I am afraid the Mormons don’t quite think that Marriage should be the union of one man and one woman. In fact that change is a relatively “recent” thing.

And you keep using the words “morality” and “freedom”, I don’t think you understand what those words mean. Neither do you understand what the word truth means.

Moreover, what happened to Brendan Eich functions as a metaphor for life. In the same way that the founder of Mozilla was forced out of his own company, the homofascists, liberals and secularists also want to dethrone God from the universe he founded. Of course, the Bible confirms the fact that they will ultimately fail, but in the meantime that doesn’t thwart them from all their raging and vain plotting (Psalm 2:1; Acts 4:25).

Aww, so you do admit that you just want to harass gay people because a 2000 year old book tells you. A 2000 year old book that tells you to keep slaves and that locusts are delicious.

An estimated 35,000 people contributed to the Prop 8 effort. That means the vile, militant supporters of sin-based sodomy “marriage,” have got a lot of work ahead of them. Their Islamofascist-style purge of all defenders of morality has only just begun.

For the homo-terrorists, Brendan Eich is “one down” – only 34, 999 more to go!

See here is a simple thing.

Allen here doesn’t care about the victims of terrorism or of the Holocaust. See Al-Qaeda is a real organisation. Islamic Fundamentalism has cost thousands of people their lives and robbed millions of a future. And these fundies kill GLBT.

The holocaust killed millions of people be they Jew, Gypsy, Disabled, Political, Communist, Atheist and Freethinker. Or indeed gay. So when Barber and Allen co-opt these tragedies to portray themselves as the victims of holocaust and war and terrorism? It does a great disservice to the people who did live and die in these incidents.

It’s like having to eat a sandwich and comparing yourself to starving somalians.

Actually? It’s not even that. It’s like the White people of South Africa complaining about the fall of Apartheid because now their freedom to discriminate has been curtailed.

This is a fantasy of martyrdom and excusing of your bigotry by claiming your victim is actually your oppressor.


  1. M can help you with that. says

    But you don’t understand — we have to encourage freedom of speech!

    And, of course, we must remember that actions taken to do deliberate material harm to a specific group counts as having an opinion — as long as that group is someone the right wing officially disapproves of. Taking actions to make life harder for LGBT people is opinion not action, and is therefore absolutely protected and anyone who objects is a Nazi.

    As opposed to groups the right wing approves of, like homophobes. In that case, it works the other way around — even expressing an opinion is exactly the same as taking oppressive action, and therefore absolutely cannot be allowed and anyone who says otherwise is a Nazi.

    So to summarize:

    1) Taking actions to harm LGBT people counts as opinion, and so anyone who objects is a fascist.
    2) Having negative opinions about homophobes counts as action, so anyone who does so is a fascist.

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