BenBaz Aziz – Reading A Book (Part 1)

[important]Caution – Reading the following makes you a terrorist in Saudi Arabia. BenBaz Aziz is a blogger from the Middle East who was imprisoned in the country I was born in. Kuwait. We don’t share the same religious background but we do share the fact we don’t believe in any gods. BenBaz was punished for his lack of belief. BenBaz is still a target for such oppression and still wishes to be heard. So I encouraged him to write and give him a space to put up his work. In many parts of the Middle East this website is banned. But it is hard to keep a good man down. So everyone say Marhaba to BenBaz Aziz and pass it on if you like what you see.[/important]

When Vladimir Bartol wrote his novel « Alamut », he did not realize that he was writing for that present, and for the future in which we live now ! The novel is talking about the Castle « Alamut», built by the kings of Daylam , which is located on the top of a mountain in Khorasan. In the novel, Hassan bin Sabah on seized that castle, and starting calling for Ismailism !

The novel talks about undermining the authority of the Seljuk Turks in Persia in 1092, but what distinguishes the novel is not the narrative of historical events, but the description of the theories of totalitarianism and personalities that seek to change the world!

Summary of the novel revolves around the Hero « Hassan bin Sabah» who resorts to the Castle « Alamut», to build his legend and start his role in the care of the Ismaili sect , and here he uses a group of guerrillas who started to sanctify him with the passage of time, by reinforcing the idea of ​​defense of doctrine and faith they have, making them confused between fact and fiction , especially as he claimed to have the keys of heaven , He chooses guerrillas who are loyal to him and to the case, During their training, they come to be convinced that they shall go to heaven immediately after their death if they die in the line of duty, he used a Forest with beautiful views surrounded by all the worldly pleasures , of food, drink , and Virgins ! He Works with the help of a specialist team to anesthetize them and then to wake them up in the Forrest to try the taste of paradise, and they were convinced that God give him the power to send them to paradise for certain time.

In one passage from the novel, he explains: «My hypotheses is not based on the knowledge of the human soul only , but also to study the priorities that are controlling the body , when these guerrillas are back from the experience of paradise , and wake of the impact of cannabis and drug , they would have the desire of doing that again, and will be always linked with the blessings that they will see in the paradise , they would not think ever, but only will burned by desire , and when the time comes, they would handle a task, and we will promise them that Paradise will be open to them . They will do it and die, they will seek death while smiling out of happiness”

Throughout history, religion was hired for political reasons, Example: « Al-Qaeda » and « Daesh » and dreams of Paradise, which constitute the main catalyst for suicide bombers.

Castle of « Alamut», is a microcosm of a totalitarian ideology, that takes various forms, but in the end belongs to one origin !

–Thanks for Avicenna for giving me the space to write. In next article I will describe another book that addresses current issues and cases in Middle East.

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