Oh Mr. Pickles, learn which way the wind blows

Britain is a “Christian nation” and militant atheists should “get over it”, according to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

I have a confession to make.

I technically helped vote for Mr. Pickles and his party.

I voted Lib Dem, they sold out against labour and joined the POLAR OPPOSITE of themselves to form a government thrusting Mr. Pickles to Rt. Hon. Pickles.

And they made him communities secretary. A man  responsible for among other things, Equality and Community Cohesion.

And Mr. Pickles is quite correct.

The UK and Great Britain have traditionally been “Christian Nations”.


Oh sorry! That wasn’t really Christian but Christianity was part of the system of colonialism…

Or we can bring up the various excesses of Catholic, Anglican and Protestants in the UK towards each other. England may have been Christian but certainly didn’t treat each other in a very “Christian” manner.

And that is without the spectre of religious violence that defined places like Scotland and Belfast.

No, I am afraid Eric Pickles lives in a fantasy where our predecessors didn’t torture each other for wearing the wrong hat lest it offend the SAME god. Being proud of that is just idiotic. And I know Mr. Pickles has been working to create a society that is less diverse by giving Christianity a special place and allowing it into politics through the English Parish Council prayers.

“Atheists should not be able to push an agenda of politically correct intolerance, I’ve stopped an attempt by militant atheists to ban councils having prayers at the start of meetings if they wish. Heaven forbid. We’re a Christian nation. We have an Established Church. Get over it. And don’t impose your politically correct intolerance on others.”

It’s only intolerance when it’s your faith in line. If the Council Meeting of Tower Hamlets wished to start with a Muslim prayer, would Mr. Pickles be on board with that?

And perhaps Mr. Pickles should concentrate less on satisfying a supernatural creature and more on satisfying actual ones. And it’s always amusing to hear the people most accused of bigotry complain about discrimination.

“The English Defence League, militant Islam and the thuggish hard left are all as bad as each other”.

Yes because the drunk slurring thugs that form the EDL are waging war against a fair chunk of western society and destabilising vast parts of the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan while holding sway over the ethos of entire nations and who are the same as Greenpeace.

I personally as an atheists have committed no less than 20 acts of terror and repeatedly release videos of myself in a bunker in Sweden mocking the Christian West.

I also march along the streets and smash up stores run by Christians.

No, No wait. None of these things are much like the others. And Mr. Pickles would do more to realise that the EDL can barely organise a protest to attack Muslims because much of the time they end up fighting each other.

Communities? Don’t make me laugh. Eric Pickles has done more to destroy a sense of community than anything else. It’s tragic that Mr. Pickles believes that if we go down the path of right wing fundies in the USA then everything will turn out different than the USA.


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