Jillboots – The Goal of Feminism

This was rather puzzling, in light of a post I had this shoved into the inbox of my email.

Again, people insist the MRA have nothing but the best intentions for men. And I repeatedly say “they do not, they just hate women and want women to suffer”. They bemoan the loss of historical privilege. Their big complaint is that they have to treat women as equals in a world where they are expected to be considerate of others.

So this is a list, a hilarious list of things that are wrong about what I do. The joke is I never really considered myself as a feminist. Others did. I picked up feminism through simply treating women as equals and being considerate. That’s really all I think you need. 

The end game of feminism is to make it impossible for a female to do any wrong, absolving her from all responsibility for her actions, no matter how reprehensible. The fact that a human being has a vagina will soon mean that she can not make a bad decision about anything. Punishing or criticizing a woman for her life choices will be abolished.

I failed to have received that goal of feminism. The fact that the writer of this (probably) has a penis means that he can sprout idiotic lines like this.

The world view of many MRA boils down to this. Women are spoilt, lazy and useless. Unlike men and if women do the same jobs as men? The world will end. Cats will eat dogs and lamb will eat wolves.

Name one thing right now that a feminist would criticize their gender for doing. I’ll save you the mental effort: there’s nothing. There is absolutely nothing that a girl can do that would get hate from feminists. For example:

You mean apart from the very real and copious amounts of criticism that women have heaped on Female MRA? Or the very real and copious criticism levelled at Sarah Palin? Or hell… let’s take the various groups of anti-Feminists out there who are female and hate feminists. Seems to me like women criticise their gender “A Lot”.

Oh no. I didn’t let him spare me the mental effort. Now I forgot how to do sutures. Well, how often do I need to put stitiches in someone anyway. I am sure it will be fine.

  • Girl has no willpower and is 50 pounds overweight? Not her fault. She’s beautiful. Social constructs need to be changed.

No one’s really saying that. See there are two different voices on obesity.

1. Social voices that shame people for being overweight and harass them

2. Medical voices that point out that obesity is a health risk

Now both of us speak out against obesity, the difference is MRA Man here goes “Fuck you fatty” while I go “obesity causes a plethora of problems and if you wish to avoid them, you must lose weight. We can help with balanced diets and exercise. No don’t listen to the beauty mags. That isn’t healthy either. This BMI chart helps you out but what you need is willpower and losing weight is hard. Trust me, I know. I am overweight myself and I am struggling to avoid high carb food. It’s not as difficult as you think. Try these various healthy methods.”

Social constructs do need to be changed because while we are telling fat women they are ugly we are also telling normal women that they should be inhumanly skinnier and creating photo edited models that are of beautiful and already thin women being made made skinnier. Photoshop makes women and men look “impossible” and that is our aesthete. We want the bodies of gods, of blemish free skin and perfect colour and sparkling eyes. And photoshop makes this happen. The problem is not that it’s used to make models look nicer but that it is used to make models look nicer in a way that is physically unattainable.

It would be like claiming that all men have to look like this to be considered attractive.


How many men don’t have long hair

How many men are not capable of being rake thin

How many men are not white

I am none of these things. But you know what? While there is an increased amount of media today telling me I should not be bald, be skinnier and be whiter. But not compared to what women face and different body types are still more acceptable when discussing men.

  • Girl sluts around with 100 guys without condoms? Not her fault. She’s empowered and strong.

I think empowered and strong women would use a condom since “she’s the one taking the risk”.

Also? It’s not her job to insist on condoms. You have to do it too. Seriously? To point out how harmful this is as an attitude?

1. Boys CAN say no

2. Boys CAN say “I want a condom”

If this is the MRA attitude to sex, then men are being harmed by the MRA being unwilling to accept control over their penises and wrap up.

  • Girl is irresponsible with sex and has five abortions in her 20s? It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants. A fetus inside her is not a living entity.

Oh look a pro-lifer.

As we have debated repeatedly. The foetus is a living thing, but it is not an independent living thing and not capable of independence so it is considered a part of the woman until it is capable of independence. The shock and horror I fear is put upon and I fear the only reason you are pro-life is so that you can be anti-woman.

  • Girl is making less money than men? The patriarchy is holding her down.

Yes, yes it is. If a woman of equal or better capacity to you is looked over for raises while you are not then you are basically the patriarchy that is holding her down since your promotions put you in power to keep perpetrating the whole “glass ceiling issue”.

  • Girl gets drunk in a guy’s house and has sex with him? He took advantage of her. She was raped.

Girl gets drunk and cannot fight off the guy or has no idea about the guy? Then he took advantage of her.

Read My Lips. You want to fuck a lady? Leave her your number and say “Hey, I had a great time last night and want to see you again. Next time come round mine for dinner”. Leave it as a note. You can have sex on an equal dialogue rather than when she is passed the fuck out and has no fucking clue what’s going on.

Your argument? Women shouldn’t drink, women shouldn’t stay with men.

Mine? Stop raping women, you are making life terrible for women and if you are an MRA then fucking stop because you are making life worse by being THAT guy.

If I put on my MRA hat here and ignore the women? Fuck you! You are making life worse for all the men. You are that rapey douchebag who molests drunk women and abuses them and generally behaves like such a epic dick weasel that in the end women assume all of us are the same. It’s dicks like you that make more MRA by acting like the very thing that women hate and fear. Women treat us badly because they fear we are all like you and once they meet one person like you, they think all of us are like you.

  • Girl studies stupid major in college and can’t get a job? The 1% owes her a marketing manager position.

Actually it’s because the economy is fucked up by some of the 1% but thanks for playing.

We have a stalled economy, a system of government that thinks regulation is anathema and an ethos of libertarian free marketism that is laughably naive if it wasn’t so inhumane and destructive to the poor.

And it’s not the 1% that generally owes her a position, it’s the 99% who do form the lifeblood of the economy. Do you really think the 1% are taking part in Job Interviews and HR work?

And you make it sound like you earn money because you are some amazing guy who does amazing things. Newsflash, you probably aren’t. I bet there are millions of people who could easily do your job. There are millions who can do mine after all and I don’t see any reason why your job should be any more wonderous than mine. It’s not like you play striker for Barcelona.


  • Girl sleeps with her college professor in exchange for a better grade? She was a victim. The professor took advantage of her.

Yes, because this happens a lot outside porn?

And why is it so rare that a male student sleeps his way to a better grade? (Okay that happens more in Porn)

Because of a power dynamic that says “Sleep with me and I will pass you, say no and I will fail you”.

It’s called coercion and it is rape if it occurs.

  • Girl likes dating guys much younger than her? You go girl! Rob that cradle!

Guys tend to date younger women as a norm any way so I hardly see this as an issue.

  • Girl experiences an uncomfortable moment of any kind? She’s being harassed. Men are creeps.

Oh yes, because the uncomfortable moments that women face are the same what men face.

  • Girl travels to Italy or Spain to bang hot European men? She’s romantic.

Hot European man here, I can point out that no one travels all the way to Europe to bang us. Oh right. You mean places like Spain not Inner City Manchester. Maybe….

But you know what? When one of your PUA friends travels Europe shagging around and claims that it is because European women appreciate a real man (Heh) we are supposed to go “Aww you romantic”.

Except we look at your lovely posts and realise you aren’t a romantic but a manipulative person who pretends to be one solely to have sex. That’s the joke, the PUA and the MRA treat women as something to be tricked into bed.

  • Wife gets slapped by husband after she pushed him first? Call the police and send him to jail.

Ah yes the good olde abuse card. Domestic Violence occurs to both genders, what the MRA want here is to deny women the ability to “get help”. Because in their minds violence solves problems and the problem is lippy ladies..

  • Wife cheated on her faithful husband? He wasn’t attending to her needs. She wasn’t happy. Give her the kids and half his money.

Er… No Fault Divorce? Really? The funny thing is if women had equal job opportunities their salaries would be the same as men and so chances are alimony would go both ways and child support too. In fact in many divorces with richer women it DOES go the other way.

  • Mother runs over her own kid in an accident? The SUV wasn’t safe. It’s the auto industry’s fault.

I don’t even know what this is referring to. A google shows up a fair number of women who have run over their own child. And It’s not due to women being bad drivers or anything. In most cases it’s because they were in a SUV. The problem with SUVs is theirr high gground clearance means low close visibility.

Mummy gets into car and baby follows without mummy realising it. In many cases it is a toddler following a parent out of the house and it usually is mummy because mummy is the one caring for the child. The child slips out and lets say this. Kids are smart they do slip out. They then get run over because the mother doesn’t know they are there.

In two cases the mother hit the child because of brake failure and a non-functioning child lock. And in one case the door and restraints were not up to code and popped open after the mother reversed out, dumped a baby with his car seat out.

In the case of equipment failure on the part of the SUV or design flaws? Yeah the SUV’s manufacturer’s fault.

  • Mother kills all of her kids? She was mentally sick. We must give her love instead of severe punishment.

Post Partum Depression? I don’t think you understand this but psychiatric rulings are often WORSE than real prison. Psych wards can keep you indefinitely. There is no parole for good behaviour, and you cannot really pretend to be sane.

Love is in the eye of the beholder mate. Criminal Psychiatric wards have high rates of suicide because these are people who we literally cannot deal with.

On the flip side, almost anything a man does is wrong:

  • Guy is nice to girl in hopes of getting sex one day? He’s dishonest. He’s the polar opposite of nice.

But that isn’t being nice. Being nice means doing something without expectation of a reward. I don’t expect my patients to give me stuff. I don’t expect my girlfriend to have sex with me because I make her food. Sex is independent from that.

You aren’t nice. You are manipulative.

  • Guy approaches girls in the bar in hopes of getting sex? He’s a rando creep loser.

Not really, it kind of depends on how you behave and whether or not you read the signals. If she is not interested then she isn’t trying to play hard to get. She doesn’t want to speak to you. You keep talking and you are basically a creep.

And have you tried approaching women in the hope of getting conversation?

  • Guy on OK Cupid says he wants a girl who doesn’t play games?Let’s publicly mock him on Tumblr.

For a group of people associated with PUAs who refer to their entire dating strategy as “The Game” I don’t think your argument holds much water.

  • Guy graduates from college in field that uses math? He’s privileged. We must create expensive programs to push girls into math while excluding boys.

Yes, because women are being excluded from a job. Want to know something? There are programs to get more men into nursing.

Guess who supports them? If your answer is “MRAs and PUAs” then you are wrong.

They still call male nurses insulting things.

  • Guy makes a joke about fat girls? Hate speech.

Have you considered your joke may not be funny?

  • Guys says he doesn’t date black girls with ghetto attitude? Racist.

Because you only date black people who are socially acceptable to your 1% sensibilities?

  • Guy likes working out to have strong muscles? Narcissist.

I have never heard that term applied to guys who are buff. I think the problem is you are working out and make every conversation about working out and yourself. And are asking people if they want tickets to the gun show.

  • Guy spends his money on a fast sports car? He’s overcompensating for a small penis.

Of all the things to argue for in the world and issues with men’s health and so on the thing you chose to make your stand on is for rich guys to buy expensive cars without being mocked for compensation of phallus size.

  • Guy doesn’t want to date girls because he’s tired of flakes? He needs to stop being a boy and man up.

No one ever says that. If they hear “I don’t want to date girls” most people go “Okay then”.

  • Guy says he wants his wife to stay at home and raise the kids? Slaver.

Have you considered what his wife wants?

  • Guy believes in limited government without welfare? Right wing whacko.

Yes, because you live in a strange fantasy where you think the 1% outnumber the 99% and that everything should exist for you rather for the majority of people out there.

  • Guy believes hard work is eventually rewarded? Wants poor people in Africa to suffer and starve.

Which is nonsensical because people work hard and are never really rewarded. Hell by this logic I should have a Scrooge McDuck money bin and arrive to my clinic on a palanquin where the bearers form a human staircase for me to walk down. Hard work is not indicative of reward. Otherwise all the people who work in sweat shops would drive Ferraris and Paris Hilton would have to roller skate to get around town.

  • Guy calls girls on the internet ugly? Whole internet comespounding on his door.

Oh, I am sure you deserved it mate. I am beginning to think that this “guy” is you.

  • Guy hits on a girl on the street? Street harassment. Disturbing the peace.

Breaking The Law! Breaking The Law!

Or you know? Perhaps women would like to travel without some random wanker harassing them? And your hitting on women seems to be “HEY BABY COME ON!” while pointing to your crotch.

Then you turn to your valet and say “Jeeves, I don’t understand. I was told that this method was a foolproof method of convincing a young woman of good breeding that I am interested in courting her”.

  • Guy travels to Ukraine to get laid? Sex tourist.

But that’s what you are. You aren’t going to the Ukraine for the culture, the food or the tourism. You are there to have sex with a prostitute. And while parts of Europe have better and stricter rules with regard to human traffic and sex slavery, the Ukraine has issues with that and so any support of the sex industry in Ukraine is by extension a problematic support of sex slavery. Until Ukraine cleans up and deals with that (it’s trying however it’s attempts are based on NGOs rather than a concerted government strategy.

  • Guy likes dating girls much younger than him? Sexual predator.

Because you clearly enjoy their brains rather than think that being younger their bodies haven’t been subject to life.

  • Guy likes dating girls just a little bit younger than him? Immature and irresponsible.

Hera is younger than me by a year and a half and no where have I heard this one. You are immature and irresponsible because you seem to think you are Charlie Sheen.

  • Hairy man says he likes to raw dog? Disgusting and foul.

Really? Because you make it sound like some sort of feral man is offering to have unprotected sex with women  and they are turning him down because he clearly is a disgusting person.

Body hair in men is generally  more appreciated than on women. And seriously? If you utilise the term then and the rather pointless reason to bring it up, you do come off as disgusting and foul.

  • Promiscuous gay man spreads HIV through raw dogging? It’s okay since he’s gay. Give more taxpayer money to fund HIV research.

It’s kind of not okay. We have spent a tonne of money trying to get Gay Men to have anal sex using protection. HIV does spread much faster by anal sex and the small gay community plus the lack of pregnancy drove HIV rates up as much as the open sexuality and casual sex.

To go “good they deserve to die” doesn’t make you a nice person, it makes you a fucking wanker.

The most mundane male behavior is quickly attacked, while the most egregious female behavior is rewarded or ignored.

None of these are mundane. So far you have portrayed yourself as an incredibly privileged, callous, sociopathic fuck head. You do men a great slight by classing your behaviour as mundane when it is exceptional in it’s douchebaggery.

As a man, I can clearly see right and wrong behaviors within my own gender. For example, mixing Coca Cola with Johnnie Walker Black (or better) is wrong. Not lifting weights is wrong. But when it comes to feminism, and young American women in general, a man can’t criticize a single thing they are doing without experiencing insults of sexism and misogynism.  How can you possibly have a reasonable argument with a feminist if the leading organization of women is not willing to concede that even a crazy mother murdering her own kids is wrong?

Wait so your actual statement is “Do you even lift bro”?

How can we have a reasonable argument with a man who drinks stupidly expensive mixed malt scotch and then claims to represent all men?

You mean real men don’t eat caviar?

I feel sorry for the man who attempts to engage feminists in intellectual debate with the hope of making them see the light or to understand reality. As you can see, that was never their goal at any point in time. They don’t care about your arguments because you are a MAN. They won’t accept your judgement of them because you are a MAN. Unless you are willing to admit that there is nothing wrong a woman can do, and that most male behavior needs to be corrected with help from the state, your efforts will be in vain. You’re better off calling them ugly instead.

I bet he thinks he is Batman. The Rich Douchebag is a cover for a tortured man who beats up the criminally insane with his fists in a libertarian world. This is not the hero the MRA want but the hero they deserve.

And this is my judgement as a man.

You are pathetiic, you tried to post this across a whole bunch of posts here and after the third time you copy pasta’d this I simply  did what I had to.

All your posts Mr. Baboonie are banned. You simply cannot understand why spam doesn’t work and you sent this diatribe in to insult me.

I do hope you are poe because by thunder you sound like an idiot.

But I do have a question?

If the feminists want to crush all our testicles under their booted feet is their choice of boot for their goosestepping going to be called the Jillboot?


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  2. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    If the feminists want to crush all our testicles under their booted feet is their choice of boot for their goosestepping going to be called the Jillboot?

    Hmm .. This song seems appropriate here :


    Metaphorically the MRA’s nightmare?

    As another man, I share your judgement on this one,Avicenna and Mr Baboonie (presumably not his real name) you are a disgrace to your gender, dude.

  3. A. Noyd says

    Name one thing right now that a feminist would criticize their gender for doing.

    Perhaps the most obvious example is how feminists criticize the hell out of female conservative politicians. There is loads of critcism for TERFs. Womanists and feminists of color have all sorts of criticism for white feminists. (And it should go without saying that they criticize racist women, whether those women are feminist or not.) Or how about when feminists criticize other feminists over being pro or anti sex work. Feminists even have meta discussions over criticizing other women.

    Just how fucking ignorant does one have to be to think feminists don’t criticize other women?

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  5. whiskeyjack says

    They don’t care about your arguments because you are a MAN. They won’t accept your judgement of them because you are a MAN.

    Actually, this is kind of accurate. I don’t listen to your arguments because you are a man. I don’t accept your judgment of me because you are a man. There are lots of reasons why I might, but being a man isn’t quite enough all on its own. That’s really the problem though, isn’t it? Being a man ought to give you some authority, or at least guarantee I’ll listen to you.


  6. says

    Perhaps the most obvious example is how feminists criticize the hell out of female conservative politicians.

    Perhaps it’s that they are criticizing the female conservatives for holding positions that are contrary to the interest of women, and indeed their own self-interest? That is a bit suspicious, isn’t it?

  7. Astrokid.NJ says

    The world view of many MRA boils down to this. Women are spoilt, lazy and useless. Unlike men and if women do the same jobs as men? The world will end

    LOL You numbskull. Didnt Pichguest tell you last time that Roosh is a PUA and not an MRA. Listen man.. lots of groups hate you feminists. That doesnt mean those groups are friends or indistinguishable themselves. If you check Roosh’s website, you will see that he hates the MRM. And the MRM has also distanced itself from him. The one thing that is common to us is that we hate feminism, and that we want a better deal for men and boys. We dont agree on what the better deal is, so we go separate ways. That numbskull thinks that “blasting his load in Eastern European women day in and day out” is the best deal for him.
    Look at it this way.. You are an atheist group. So is the Slymepit. I assume both of you fight against religion, and want a better deal for atheists. But you are still distinct.
    And if you have any integrity.. show me one article where the MRM says the part bolded above.

    Name one thing right now that a feminist would criticize their gender for doing. I’ll save you the mental effort: there’s nothing. There is absolutely nothing that a girl can do that would get hate from feminists.

    You didnt address this bit, did you? Numbskull.. what it means is that you dont critique anything women do. Not conservative women. Not feMRA women. Its typical women behaviour. Say.. Golddigging. or False Rape allegations. Or Female-on-Male rape. Or Female-on-Male domestic violence. Or Female Child abuse. Heck.. your feminist misandrist Phyllis Chesler blames ‘woman’s inhumanity to woman‘ on men.

    PS: Please dont mind me cussing a lil bit at you. I actually like you a lot more than FTB buffoons PZMyers or Benson. You are just brainwashed and a little aging will set you right .. and you will look back at these posts with shame, unlike the aforementioned.

  8. voidhawk says

    Actually, there is a lot of debate and argument even within feminism about a lot of female behaviour – from whether women can do sex work or modelling, to criticising how women present themselves. Outside feminism, some of the most vicious contusions of women tend to be other women.

  9. Holms says

    Its typical women behaviour. Say.. Golddigging. or False Rape allegations. Or Female-on-Male rape. Or Female-on-Male domestic violence. Or Female Child abuse.

    Both genders have been known to marry for money or social status; strange though that women doing the majority of that is exactly what we expect when women are typically the ones without those things in the first place.

    False rape allegactions can also occur in either direction, though I don’t know of the relative prevalence involving gender differences. Do you have statistics suggesting that most such allegations are made by women against men, or are you just talking based on your assumptions? Meanwhile, there is copious data pointing to the fact that women are the most frequent victims of actual rape, and men the most frequent perpetrator; and also that most such real rapes don’t reach the courts because the onus is frequently placed on the woman to demonstrate that she wasn’t ‘asking for it’, including a humiliating trial system heavily predicated on dragging her sexual history under public scrutiny to establish the general point of ‘she has had sex in the past, therefore slut’. Along with more, and more, and more factors.

    As for female-on-male rape… well by definition that is female only, and is a trivial point when we look at the fact that 99% of rapists (targetting men and women combined) are men. That’s right, 1% of rapists (again targetting either gender) are women.

    In fact, the next two abuses you raise are only ‘female only’ in the sense that you have specifically only cited the abuses comitted by women, making them women only in an utterly trivial sense again. Even so, it does not take much effort at all (read: a single google search each) to find instances of women being criticised when caught committing these things.

    Which leads me to believe that you haven’t bothered looking, but have merely been offering post hoc rationalisations for your own assumptions all along.

    Another disengenuous slymepit troll, yawn. Go play with Pitchguest or something, you have your blatant double standards in common.

    PS: Please dont mind me cussing a lil bit at you. I actually like you a lot more than FTB buffoons PZMyers or Benson. You are just brainwashed and a little aging will set you right .. and you will look back at these posts with shame, unlike the aforementioned.

    It’s just amazing that you seem to think you are administering some kind of tough love or whatever, and that the target of your utterly laughable wrath will come crawling back. ‘Numbskull’, that’s totally harsh, I bet that has Avicenna feeling chastised and red cheeked at that stinging rebuke. You’re just so edgy!

  10. says

    Give her the kids and half his money.

    This one bothers me soooooo much. Because they totally ignore why this trend exists. It’s not because of feminism. It’s because of the patriarchy which says, “Women are to raise the children and men are to bring home the bacon.” It should not be surprising that, in such a system, when divorce occurs, women would get the children and child support. If MRA’s truly don’t like this (as opposed to actually liking it, because it gives them a talking “point”), then they should support feminism because it’s the best form of activism out there fighting gender stereotyping.

  11. Kevin Kehres says

    I recommend a better spam filter and liberal use of your e-mail’s “delete” function.

  12. unre9istered says

    Guy spends his money on a fast sports car? He’s overcompensating for a small penis.

    This isn’t (in my experience) women criticizing men, but men trying to make themselves feel superior to other men in an effort to feel less jealous over a “powerful” car.

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