Learning Ignorance

This one’s from the auto-play advert heaven Christian Post.

Parents of children in 3 Kentucky Public Schools are expressing concern after an secular group set up a booth to allow students to pick up copies of secular texts for free. You say “surely this is half the story” and I say “yes”.

See, the Gideons distribute their Bibles there, and so atheists demanded the equal and  quite idiotic IMHO right to distribute secular and atheist literature. I don’t think either should be allowed to distribute, schools in the USA have enough problems without turning them into a battleground over whose imaginary friend is the realsiest (or not).

This took  place at Casey County last Friday when the Tri-State Freethinkers set up their display at three local elementary schools after the ACLU argued that in allowing a Christian themed book display the schools had either two choices. To either stop the display as it is a clear violation of separation of Church and State since it is a tax payer funded school.

Or allow an equal representation of all faiths.

And on that day, many  parents kept their children at home rather than send them to school lest they be exposed to thought. Schools are meant to challenge and allow you to grow. What message does this send? That education isn’t important but superstition is? That faith is so weak that you fear any exposure to alternative views because a broad education makes you more likely to stop believing in the gods of your ancestors?

Isn’t it hilarious that the Gideons were allowed into schools under the guise of an open and secular dialogue? Its not an open and secular dialogue if it’s only Christianity allowed.

And the atheists were harassed while they did this. People protested their equal right to distribute pamphlets. And honestly Christians? Is your faith so weak that a simple booklet is going to shake it? If that’s the case then perhaps you need to really sit down and think about why you fear any atheist literature.

And our world currently works on the principles of humanism. The idea that “slavery” is an abomination is not a view espoused by religious texts but by the emancipation  ideals and the earliest ideas on the equality of all men.

And this is what hypocrisy means. You wanted religion in schools, where there is one religion there are others. And where there is religion there is no religion as a concept. This was not something unexpected or new, this was something created by people who want Christianity to be an exclusion in the separation of Church and State rather than the reason why the rule exists in the first place.

If you want to help kids? Revamp science education and start investing in schools rather than investing in Bibles.


  1. says

    The religious falsely claim atheists are “anti-religious”. History (e.g. Spain’s catholics criminalizing judaism 400 years ago) and present day news (e.g. Saudi Arabia criminalizing atheism) say otherwise.

    The reality is, the most anti-religious people ARE religious people. They hate competition and will anything to silence it and by any means necessary. They know their arguments can’t withstand being questioned, so they try to prevent the questions from being asked.

  2. machintelligence says

    @2 Is any of the above anecdote anything but bullshit? If you think so, I have a great deal for you on a bridge in NYC.

  3. csrster says

    I think it would have been hilarious though if the atheists had been handing out Korans, Bibles, the Book of Mormon, and atheism books _all at the same time_. “Here kids – make up your own minds!”

  4. opposablethumbs says

    Ah, machintelligence … Hindu vs Muslim before (and after) Partition is an anecdote? Northern Ireland is an anecdote? The criminalisation of atheism in Saudi is an anecdote how? The long history of Christian persecution of Jews all over Europe is an anecdote?

    You have a strange definition of “anecdote”.

  5. machintelligence says

    Since the former comment number 2 seems to have been removed, I appear to be commenting on myself. This was not the case. I was a bit worried that I had missed an obvious Poe in the former number 2, but I guess that it wasn’t, and that it has been purged. Please ignore my comment.

  6. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Learning Ignorance

    The title seems to be an oxymoron contradicting itself. Surley tolearn somethingis theopposite of being ignornat.

    There’s wilful ignorance – a deliberate rejection of learning or adoption of false information over real (eg. Creationist rubbish over scientific facts) – but isn’t that something else?


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