Sometimes you see Something Different

There are Jews in India. There are a tiny number of them but they do exist.

And this is one of their stories.

What really gets me is the sight of something you would never see in any other part of the world. The caretake for the synagogue is a Muslim.

Whenever I describe India I always say that it can show you the worst of humanity.

But it will also show you the best because only when you see the worst will you see people who say “NO” and stand against everything that is bad. Only in the dark do you realise what you are truly capable of doing.

That Muslim guy probably doesn’t realise it, but he is a change in the way Muslims generally think about Jews due to Israel and those Jews probably think the same way too. It is sad but expected that the Jews would leave India to an easier life in Israel, but they will remember that in one part of the world Jews were equals.

Calcutta will still celebrate their holidays and a little part of Calcutta will always be a synagogue where there was no stories of hate and there will always be some Jews who grew up without the spectre of anti-semiticism.

It is my hope that these voices spread and teach Israel that there is a better way to co-exist.


  1. blondeintokyo says

    There is also the Pardesi synagogue in Kochi. I went there on my last trip to India, with my Israeli friend. She knew the whole story, and it was absolutely fascinating. It shows that there doesn’t HAVE to be religious conflict.

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