Yet More Disturbing News Out of Syria

The Hague-based OPCW said President Bashar al-Assad’s government had agreed to accept the mission and had promised to provide security in areas under its control.

The use in war of “asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases” – both of which can be produced by chlorine and ammonia – is banned by the Geneva Protocol, of which Syria is a signatory.

There is rising evidence that Syria has been using Chemical Warfare with many cases of Chlorine and Ammonia inhalation being reported.

The attacks are alleged to have happened around April the 11th and soil testing seems consistent with a Chemical Weapon. In addition? Since the weapon was dropped from helicopter, the belief is that pro-Assad forces were involved.

Like a Hugo Baws – Vox Day 2

I wrote about my take on the Hugo Awards and the fact Vox Day was nominated. It’s simple, if he is nominated and in the interest of free speech, I can write an article  pointing out he is a racist, sexist, homophobe and all round terrible human being and that we should not vote for him or encourage such behaviour among a community which lacks for diversity and where minorities often find themselves being judged for “realness”.

But people took umbrage to that. And sent me this. [Read more…]

Appropriation of Nerd Culture By The Wimminz

Oh Tauriq Moosa? Will you never learn?  If you argue for a world that is kind and decent and inclusive there will be people who throw their toys out of the pram and make a fuss?

You may not call yourself a Nerd, but I do. I actually took umbrage to PZ Myers mocking a MRA’s love of Warhammer.

Because I like it too. 3000 points of Eldar, 3000 Points of Orks, 4000 points of high elves and 3000 points of Vampire Counts/Tomb Kings (because I just swap out the leaders – Hey I am not buying two sets of skeletons). These armies were built or nicked from an older cousin and lovingly played. I know it’s a silly universe but it knows it is silly. In the Grim Dark Future we will fight all our battles with fisticuffs. [Read more…]

Four Lights

Torture exists solely for the sake of torture, it is indeed a sad world where we assume that torture is an acceptable way to obtain confessions and information. Sarah Palin’s attempt to portray torture as harmless and “a dunking” is the sort of revisionism you see when people just want to feel better about doing something bad. It’s just water after all.

Sarah Palin failed to understand one thing about torture, and John McCain did. See he was subject to such interrogation. Only back then we called it for what it was. Torture.


I felt bad for McCain. Everytime he was forced to defend torture you could see he didn’t believe in what he was saying. If any one person in the Republican Party understands torture, it is him. The man who was tortured so badly his arms can’t lift above his shoulders anymore.

The problem with torture is that there are many many responses. Either they tell the truth, or they tell a lie, or they tell you everything they think you want to know. Only one out of three responses is useful, the rest are actually detrimental to you.

And the worst bit is that the people defending torture are often Christians and who clad torture in the fancy words of interrogation in the same way that the Inquisition used the word confession. And these people tried to claim that they were sticking to “Christian Values”. If they did then they were clinging to the worst ones.

The ultimate joke is that the people it was used against were expendable. The way Al-Qaeda works is multiple redundancy at all levels. Everyone is expendable and can be replaced. Torturing one does not give you a reliable source of information, it just torture for the sake of it.

Just remember. There Are Four Lights.

We May Have Been Christian, But Now We Are Human

This Easter saw a rather distasteful little issue rear its ugly head. It’s no real secret that the UK is a Christian nation on paper, but that it has made massive and useful strides towards a multicultural and secular society.

But this is not enough for David Cameron and Eric Pickles. David Cameron decided to claim divine inspiration for his “Big Society” plan. A plan that from the outside seems to be “Let’s Cut Funding and Expect the people who paid Taxes to directly cover the slack”. And Mr. Pickles was rather more vehement in his demand that atheists shut up and be part of the “Christian” country and to stop trying to change things towards secularism. [Read more…]

Theadore Beale and the Hugos

Theadore Beale aka Vox Day is up for a Hugo Award.

This is just bizarre. See Vox Day is for want of a better description a rather despicable human being.

He’s got the trifecta. Beloved of the Stormfront, the man’s a racist.  A darling of the MRA and Pick Up Artist communities, the man’s an out and out misogynist. And a full blown homophobe.  [Read more…]