We have progressed a lot in the UK, today marks the first day we recognise gay marriage. And the UK hasn’t sunk into the ocean or perished in a ball of fire. And at this point I still wish to spend my life with Hera rather than “go gay”. I have no real urge to snog men or otherwise.

Kids are not going to turn gay solely because gay marriage is cool or legally recognised.

And as far as I can see, straight marriage has not turned into a travesty. Cats are not turning into dogs and lions are not being eaten by lambs.

The world will still turn.

And none of the doomsayers will turn out to be right.


  1. opposablethumbs says

    It’s a really lovely sunny day here today for all those first-day marriages, of which there seem to be a great many.

    Here’s to all the happy couples! (I think the institution itself is problematic, but that’s completely beside the point here: as long as it exists there sure as hell ought to be no discrimination as regards the consenting adults who wish to access it). I’m definitely raising my cup of tea to all the same-sex couples getting married today :-)

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