Age of Kali – Honour is Earned by How You Treat Those You Love

“We had to do it, there was no hope for them and we had to teach others not to fall in love. It would dilute the values. This is not like the city that is poisoned by the decadence of the West. We do not want that here. I have saved others from making this mistake”

There is no honour here, there is no valour. Valour and honour are earned by achievement. By doing great things. You give above and beyond expected in order to earn these titles.

You do not dictate honour, others heap it on you. It lies like a coat, easily shrugged off. It does not define you.

There is no honour in murder.

An IT worker was strangled in Andhra Pradesh in an honour killing.

Her crime? She fell in love with a man, a man who her parents did not pick for her. The couple got married in Hyderabad, her family told her that she was going to have a traditional ceremony at home in Guntur, thinking she finally got through to them she went home.

The people she trusted murdered her. Her own parents are being held. The Age of Kali is surely upon us if we forget the great love stories of the Hindu oral tradition. Can you fault your kids behaving like Prithvi Raj Chauhan? The last Hindu King of India who stole away his love by pretending to be a statue at her groom selection ceremony? It’s a story but is it not romantic? Do we not tell our children about the romance of Jodhaa and Akbar? A romance that crossed religion? Of Krishna and Radha?

Yes, even the gods fall in love

Do we not depict romance in our movies and hold it to an ideal?

If the gods you believe in can love than why cannot mere humans? What sort of hypocrites are you  to deny the happiness of your children for the perceived honour? And shame on the village, it is not just the parents who bear the responsibility for this murder but everyone around them. Honour killing does not occur in a vacuum as my original quote from a honour killer shows. There is a peer pressure to act in this way.

We have love stories that are thousands of years old and you think men and women  never fell  in love? .

There is no honour.


  1. noxiousnan says

    I imagine that even in India with traditional parents that are angry at your marital choices wouldn’t be enough to warn most women they are in mortal danger. Who could imagine one’s own parents killing them? I’d hope the parents would feel the pain of loss deeply and forever, but in reality, their minds probably aren’t troubled at all. Look at their words; they feel heroic for murdering their child. Sickening.

  2. angharad says

    I always liked Lois McMaster Bujold’s definition of honour: “Reputation is what other people know about you. Honour is what you know about yourself.” This had nothing to do with honour. It was all about reputation…

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