I Get Mail – You are Not Real!

This was just a weird piece of hate mail and I figured it needed dealing with. It’s rare that I get any vitriol from anti-vax. I know that many anti-vax groups bandied around a “Do Not Argue” List. A list of skeptics who should not be engaged on the so called “Anti-Vaccine Debate”.

So the mails stopped. It’s very easy to argue pseudoscience against the lay person but against a doctor? The arguments are laughable. So laughable I had to ask the question. Do the anti-vax actually know how the human immune system functions? And from the response?

No. No they do not. They have no idea. So let’s laugh at the people who send me weird things.

*you use profanity

Fuck Yes I fucking well do!

*you hide behind a fake name that uses profanity

Because I don’t want your stupid E-Mails clogging up my real life.

*your comment involves name calling and insults

I call it like I sees it. The anti-vax are pro-disease luddites who barely understand the topic and instead deem fit to tell highly trained experts how they are wrong on the topic because we do not take into account the gut feeling of ignorant people or aren’t listening to people who say baseless things.

*you use bullying and intimidation tactics

I am not the one sending hate mail here.

*you belittle my Faith

In a god? I don’t really care what you believe in, the utiilisation of your gods to excuse a pro-disease stance and to harm children is reprehensible and an argument from ignorance.

*you demand my “credentials”

I do, you are pretending to be part of a group of experts on vaccination and belittle evidence based medicine. One of the most tested and proven fields of science out there and instead claim that homeopathy and massage woo have a better effect. I must ask what education allows you to come to this conclusion and I am universally rewarded by “I googled a few anti-vax websites and now I think I know more than the doctors”.

*you tell me I’m “just a mom”

Yes. You are. I am just a doctor to be. A highly trained professional with years of training to get to this state. I would not dare to claim I am competent enough to fix your plumbing or pilot an aircraft. These are skills for other professionals. I respect their education. I don’t claim that I use plumbing and aircraft thus am uniquely positioned to use my intuition (or my completely uneducated assumptions) to tell those professionals how to do their job beyond the clear.

*you demand that I prove my research

Your sent me a link that literally boils down to “I read papers badly and draw my own assumptions”. And you clearly don’t understand what research means.

From your link? 

1. Usage of Ethyl Mercury in vaccines has reduced and autism has still stayed high. In addition? Vaccination rates have fallen and Autiism still remains high. In addition? Autism is found equally in vaccinated and unvaccinated. And further papers support my claims while your paper is a lone outlier. In addition you deny any paper that doesn’t support your claims so you only see a fringe of papers.

2. The Goodman Study? They looked at data from the National Health Interview Studies, and looked at autism and hepatitis B vaccination. They used surveys from 1997 to 2002, with children aged from 3 to 17. The autism group had 33 kids total. Of these, 9 of 31 (29%) were given the HepB vaccine. The corresponding group from vaccinated group which numbered 7,455 people. I don’t know about you but 31 vs 7,455 is not a fair comparison and terrible methodology designed to produce a percentage incidence so that you can say that autism has a 29% incidence. And this is without technical errors such as kids who are born in the 1980s being diagnosed with autism due to the Hep B vaccine despite being diagnosed with missed milestones prior to the Hep B vaccine’s roll out (Meaning the vaccine was not available when they were noticed).

3. No. 3? Covered much more eloquently by Science blogs. In order to get published they took an Anti-Vax paper and pushed it through an inorganic chemistry journal. Nice right?

And this goes on and on. Of hypothesis being taken as fact. Of badly constructed papers being pushed through as fact. Of papers that are simply incorrect while genuine papers are ignored in a method that occurs later.

*you entice me to defend myself

I don’t know who you are….

*you tell me I don’t know how to read the science

Yes. You do not. You don’t know how the human immune system works. The last dialogue with anti-vax had them paint this fantastic image of the non-specific immune system being superior to the specific one. And people nodded along until I asked a very simple question.

Then Why is HIV so deadly? It only affects the least component of the immune system? Why are HIV and AIDS patients so incapable of fighting back with their non-specific immune systems that are still functional?

it then became an argument over the efficiency of antibodies. If you are in any doubt?

The antibodies work in seconds.

*you tell me I’m putting my kids or other kids at risk

Yes, yes you are. By pushing medical ludditery not only are you increasing the number of unvaccinated creating a transmission path for diseases but also are putting children who CANNOT be vaccinated at risk. This is not up for debate, Measles is on the rise again among unvaccinated due to people like yourself.

*you try to tell me vaccines don’t cause autism

They don’t. Autism rates have risen despite vaccination falling. This is probably due to better diagnosis and more worries about children with learning difficulties.

*you try to tell me vaccine reactions are rare

They are. You need the denominator and indeed you are considering ALL vaccine reactions to be on the same level. So the mild fever you have after the flu shot? Vaccine Reaction.

Anti-vax just categorise all reactions under one table and imply that all reactions = Guillain Barre Syndrome.

*you try to tell me Wakefield’s findings were discredited

The man claimed autism was caused by a vaccine that was given after the autism diagnosis was made and couldn’t diagnose a case of epilepsy while recruiting twins to a single child study. And then proceeded to repeatedly do pointless colonoscopies on autistic kids.

He was unethical and driven by greed. He actually changed hospital documentation to fix his results, the man was a bonafide ass hat.

*you try to tell me vaccines saved the world from polio & smallpox

If you think otherwise you are an idiot. Smallpox is deadly, while polio is less deadly it crippled and indeed killed hundreds of thousands of people.

*you give me links to the CDC or WHO

Yes, because some idiot who doesn’t understand immunology or claims that Aliens stole that Malaysian Air Passenger Aircraft (Mike Adams) are more valid than the CDC and the WHO.

I am sure you don’t trust their data, because your literal response to evidence based medicine and meticulous research is “it’s a gigantic conspiracy theory”.

*If you send me 18 paragraphs commenting on everything you disagree with, sentence by sentence, please know that your comment is deleted about 3 sentences in, and you’ve pretty much just wasted a few hours of your life. Unless of course you are being paid by the anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system, then I expect you to have all the time in the world finding blogs like mine to bully. After all, you are being paid for a job with a mission statement to: ”establish an internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analyzing, and counteracting misinformation communication campaigns regarding vaccines to support global immunization efforts”. A whole lot of Bill Gates money went into this program, so I expect there are quite a few of you. You are not real. Neither are your comments.

Bill Gates is paying me?

Seriously? If Bill was sponsoring me I would be a lot richer. I make a whopping 40 to 100 dollars a MONTH writing and I have to keep a rather high output. I could literally do anything else and make more money writing.

Dear Bill Gates, I haven’t received my Big Pharma paycheque… Windows 8.1 was nice by the way and I like Windows 8 on my Nokia but can you seriously get on sending me the cheque because it’s been a while.

Your’s Sincerely


Big Pharma Shill (Seriously Big Pharma? Get your act together. I am poor here. Daddy needs a new fur coat.

On a serious note? Many anti-vax portray my work as harming third world nations. That leaving them to die is preferable to vaccination.

The biggest killers of children in most third world nations are pneumonia, diarrhoea and measles. All three are vaccine preventable (Pneumoccocus, Rotavirus and Measles vaccines). The anti-vax who criticise my work would rather children die of these diseases in order to prove their point.


  1. Al Dente says

    The anti-vax who criticise my work would rather children die of these diseases in order to prove their point.


  2. coffeehound says

    ……..because we do not take into account the gut feeling of ignorant people

    It’s worse. We actually did when, in the post Wakefield/Lancet debacle years and research dollars were spent to investigate and allay the fears of scared parents everywhere. From that standpoint you could say it was worth it, but the worst of the Pharma jihadists were not about to revise their opinions just upon the basis of a dozen studies, with their “evidence” and their “facts”, they had a religious war to win. Those types will never come to the light and ( what’s worse) they will always be there to poison the water for new parents.

    And yeah, as a poor little pediatrician I gotta say I don’t see Gates money laying around the house.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    The Luddites at least were being directly harmed (forced into poverty) by the technology they opposed.

    Anti-vaxxers do not have that excuse.

  4. Holms says

    It’s easy to take herd immunity for granted when you have never been without it, which leads to many people undervaluing the vaccination. That much I can understand, but once a person looks into the matter and sees the data, they have no fucking excuse. If you can look at that body of information and continue to be an anti-vaxxer, you are a dishonest shithead.

  5. Jenny says

    you know if you were training to be a cardiologist you’d probably be an ok plumber aswel (amazing how many of the basics of the problems can be the same in both professions when it comes to pipes and pumps :P) on a different note with the Wakefield thing, that man has done far too much damage to public health and public confidence in vaccines which still hasn’t fully been ‘healed’ so to speak in the uk (see that outbreak in Wales a little while back) its certainly a good thing he got struck off by the general medical council.

    in general with anti-vax people i now always think of that legislator who recently said we shouldnt teach scientific theory as if its fact.. serious smacking head off desk sorta moment.

  6. patterson says

    Great post, will definitely bookmark it for next time I get embroiled in a “discussion” with an anti-vaxer.

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