MH370 – A New Hotbed of Conspiracy from Mike Adams

This post has 84,000 hits already courtesy of Facebook alone. This post is on a website whose traffic and income would put our totals to shame. This post comes from well known quack and conspiracy theorist Mike Adams.

This is not new, with every disaster comes a haze of shady conspiracy theories. From school shootings to air crashes, all are due to the shady governments. The very same governments that are often so incompetent and bloated are also sleek and capable of needless complicated plans.

Natural News has not one but TWO conspiracy theories up with regards to the fate of the plane. In short? Mike Adams who owns a website and lives in the USA has a better idea of the situation than the major rescue operation involving around 60 different vessels in the air and on sea searching for the missing aircraft.

What is puzzling is the lack of communication in an era when communication devices are universal.

So let’s look at his first list of “important facts”.

There are some astonishing things you’re not being told about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the flight that simply vanished over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board.

Yet Mike Adams who lives in the USA and to my knowledge has no search planes or ships out in the region and is not part of the search and rescue system.

The mystery of the flight’s sudden and complete disappearance has even the world’s top air safety authorities baffled. “Air-safety and antiterror authorities on two continents appeared equally stumped about what direction the probe should take,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ goes on to report:

“For now, it seems simply inexplicable,” said Paul Hayes, director of safety and insurance at Ascend Worldwide, a British advisory and aviation data firm.

While investigators are baffled, the mainstream media isn’t telling you the whole story, either. So I’ve assembled this collection of facts that should raise serious questions in the minds of anyone following this situation.

Because we have not found the wreckage and so have no idea what happened beyond speculation. It is inexplicable because we know the plane vanished but what we lack is the evidence needed to determine why it did.

 Fact #1: All Boeing 777 commercial jets are equipped with black box recorders that can survive any on-board explosion

No explosion from the plane itself can destroy the black box recorders. They are bomb-proof structures that hold digital recordings of cockpit conversations as well as detailed flight data and control surface data.

Sure, and since we don’t know where the plane crashed, we don’t know where the black box is. Also? Since the plane disappeared abruptly we don’t quite know what happened. There was no distress signals, all we know is the plane changed direction and vanished.

The Black Box will tell us a lot but we need to find the damn thing first. And that’s what we are trying to do.

The black box is in the tail of the plane which is more likely to survive any crashes. It is tough but not indestructible. It can be destroyed by severe damage such as “a bomb”.

• Fact #2: All black box recorders transmit locator signals for at least 30 days after falling into the ocean

Yet the black box from this particular incident hasn’t been detected at all. That’s why investigators are having such trouble finding it. Normally, they only need to “home in” on the black box transmitter signal. But in this case, the absence of a signal means the black box itself — an object designed to survive powerful explosions — has either vanished, malfunctioned or been obliterated by some powerful force beyond the worst fears of aircraft design engineers.

Actually it has an underwater locator beacon. It is an acoustic device. In other words, a helicopter or a ship must be in range of the wreckage to detect it. Sound may travel better under water but it still loses potency over distance.

In addition the rationale of a black box is that not only is it tough but it is also in the part of the plane that is last to strike the ground and so is most likely to benefit from the entire plane acting as a crumple zone. It is not bomb proof. It is not designed to survive explosions but survive shaking and impacts. It CAN survive an explosion but it cannot take penetrative force. It is not designed for that.

So it is not “a powerful force beyond the worst fears of aircraft designers” but forces that it was not meant to contend with in the same way that a frying pan is not fit to deflect bullets.

And Mike Adams is claiming that the acoustic beacon cannot be detected and that is mainly due to no one finding the rough location of the wreckage. A lot of the search and rescue involves passive sonar listening for the acoustic device.

• Fact #3: Many parts of destroyed aircraft are naturally bouyant and will float in water

In past cases of aircraft destroyed over the ocean or crashing into the ocean, debris has always been spotted floating on the surface of the water. That’s because — as you may recall from the safety briefing you’ve learned to ignore — “your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device.”

Yes, seat cushions float. So do many other non-metallic aircraft parts. If Flight 370 was brought down by an explosion of some sort, there would be massive debris floating on the ocean, and that debris would not be difficult to spot. The fact that it has not yet been spotted only adds to the mystery of how Flight 370 appears to have literally vanished from the face of the Earth.

I flew on a plane a few days ago. I know we have life vests but the seat cushion as a floatation device relies on the plane being intact as it lands and people taking them out with them or the plane spraying them as debris. If the plane went down with the cabin intact and somehow sank the cushions would still be in the plane. In addition, many planes don’t lose their cushions all that easily.

And also we don’t know the precise location of the crash so don’t know where to look for these floating debris.

• Fact #4: If a missile destroyed Flight 370, the missile would have left a radar signature

One theory currently circulating on the ‘net is that a missile brought down the airliner, somehow blasting the aircraft and all its contents to “smithereens” — which means very tiny pieces of matter that are undetectable as debris.

The problem with this theory is that there exists no known ground-to-air or air-to-air missile with such a capability. All known missiles generate tremendous debris when they explode on target. Both the missile and the debris produce very large radar signatures which would be easily visible to both military vessels and air traffic authorities.

This is a theory pushed by conspiracy theorists.

And no, missiles do not have large radar signatures. The size of an object correlates to it’s radar signature and most missiles are smaller than passenger aircraft.

And the debris produced by an explosion would have a lower radar signature since the pieces created would be smaller rather than larger.

 Fact #5: The location of the aircraft when it vanished is not a mystery

Air traffic controllers have full details of almost exactly where the aircraft was at the moment it vanished. They know the location, elevation and airspeed — three pieces of information which can readily be used to estimate the likely location of debris.

Remember: air safety investigators are not stupid people. They’ve seen mid-air explosions before, and they know how debris falls. There is already a substantial data set of airline explosions and crashes from which investigators can make well-educated guesses about where debris should be found. And yet, even armed with all this experience and information, they remain totally baffled on what happened to Flight 370.

Actually the Radar location is rough. Long range radar is not a precise. There are errors and the crash may have carried debris miles away from the last location.

• Fact #6: If Flight 370 was hijacked, it would not have vanished from radar

Hijacking an airplane does not cause it to simply vanish from radar. Even if transponders are disabled on the aircraft, ground radar can still readily track the location of the aircraft using so-called “passive” radar (classic ground-based radar systems that emit a signal and monitor its reflection).

Thus, the theory that the flight was hijacked makes no sense whatsoever. When planes are hijacked, they do not magically vanish from radar.

It can be hijacked and crashed.

Conclusion: Flight 370 did not explode; it vanished

The inescapable conclusion from what we know so far is that Flight 370 seems to have utterly and inexplicably vanished. It clearly was not hijacked (unless there is a cover-up regarding the radar data), and we can all be increasingly confident by the hour that this was not a mid-air explosion (unless debris suddenly turns up that they’ve somehow missed all along).

The inescapable conclusion is that Flight 370 simply vanished in some way that we do not yet understand. This is what is currently giving rise to all sorts of bizarre-sounding theories across the ‘net, including discussions of possible secret military weapons tests, Bermuda Triangle-like ripples in the fabric of spacetime, and even conjecture that non-terrestrial (alien) technology may have teleported the plane away.

So…. Aliens Did it?

Personally, I’m not buying any of that without a lot more evidence. The most likely explanation so far is that the debris simply hasn’t been found yet because it fell over an area which is somehow outside the search zone. But as each day goes by, even this explanation becomes harder and harder to swallow.

Then why bring it up? We don’t know how this happened, why the hell would you bring up missiles and aliens and secret plots and space time distortions?

The frightening part about all this is not that we will find the debris of Flight 370; but rather that we won’t. If we never find the debris, it means some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence.

It’s called “Gravity”.

Remember children, taking off is optional. Landing is mandatory.

If there does exist a weapon with such capabilities, whoever controls it already has the ability to dominate all of Earth’s nations with a fearsome military weapon of unimaginable power. That thought is a lot more scary than the idea of an aircraft suffering a fatal mechanical failure.

Because it is an imaginary weapon that you have hypothesised which was tested on a civilian airliner for no real reason rather than a dummy or a drone.

Or you know, it could be fatal mechanical failure rather than Mike Adams scaremongering over the supernatural.

(NaturalNews) As the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues to absolutely baffle investigators, explanations for what might have happened to the flight have entered the realm of the supernatural. Astonishingly, the Washington Post is now reporting that smartphones of some passengers who boarded the flight are still active and connected to the ‘net even though the plane they were on has vanished.

As WashPost reports:

One of the most eerie rumors came after a few relatives said they were able to call the cellphones of their loved ones or find them on a Chinese instant messenger service called QQ that indicated that their phones were still somehow online.

A migrant worker in the room said that several other workers from his company were on the plane, including his brother-in-law. Among them, the QQ accounts of three still showed that they were online, he said Sunday afternoon.

These are rumours, not fact. And when I was in the air some of my accounts were online too. Because we may have a device that is connected that is not on the plane.

Adding to the mystery, other relatives in the room said that when they dialed some passengers’ numbers, they seemed to get ringing tones on the other side even though the calls were not picked up.

It may go to the cell carrier’s number and voice mail system.

Four mind-bending possibilities, none of which seem possible

This brings up the immediate bind-bending question of how electronic devices on a commercial flight that vanished still appear to be connected to the internet. The explanations for this defy everything we think we know about reality:


• Mind-bending possibility #1, the “kidnapped” explanation: The plane somehow landed somewhere without leaving a radar signature of any kind, all the passengers are being held hostage there (and are thus still alive), their mobile devices are somehow within cell tower range and yet for some reason have not been confiscated. (This explanation seems extremely unlikely.)

Then why make it? It seems highly dumb. There is no reason to Kidnap an Entire Plane. It’s needlessly complicated, requires high coordination and a pilot and in this day and age hijacking has stopped being a “go to crime” for attention seeking because hijackers are likely to get blown out of the sky than be negotiated with.

• Mind-bending possibility #2, the “Stargate” explanation: A teleportation portal of some kind exists in the skies, through which the plane inadvertently flew and was teleported somewhere else. Yet, astonishingly, electromagnetic signals can still make it through the portal, and the two sides of the portal remain in contact across the radio spectrum. (This explanation sounds like pure science fiction and also seems extremely unlikely, yet we must at least acknowledge that modern physics has already demonstrated the instantaneous teleportation of information across apparently infinite space due to the “non-locality” of entangled electrons as described in quantum theory.)

I disagree. It was fairies and you goddamn know it.

• Mind-bending possibility #3, the “failed search” explanation: This far more mundane explanation supposes that the massive, multi-day search for plane wreckage and debris simply hasn’t stumbled upon the correct location yet. The fact that airplane black boxes broadcast homing signals adds to the skepticism that this explanation holds any water, as it is extremely unlikely that the airplane’s black boxes could have been obliterated. Nevertheless, this explanation still seems far more believable than supernatural explanations.

Because unlikely events are still more likely than “magic” ones.

• Mind-bending possibility #4, the “advanced military weapons” explanation: Some military entity, either human or non-human, was testing an advanced weapon capable of either instantly obliterating large airborne objects or teleporting them to another place (or dimension). This explanation seems incredibly far-fetched, but then again, barely a hundred years ago, so did the idea that machines could ever fly at all. Related to this is the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment which some believe caused a U.S. Navy ship to vanish and reappear.

Because aliens have precious better to do than swan around abducting airliners?

We must first stick to mundane explanations until more searches can be conducted

But we can make wild and stupid hypothesis about aliens and teleportations?

As someone who is trained in the sciences, I remain very skeptical that Flight 370 vanished for supernatural reasons, yet its disappearance unquestionably defies all known conventional explanations so far.

I think the only  response to this is “ROFL”.

The vanishing of aircraft over the ocean is not without precedent, either. According to historical records, the so-called “Bermuda Triangle” causes both ships and aircraft to vanish for reasons that defy apparent scientific explanation. While the disappearance of ships can theoretically be explained by underwater volcanoes emitting large quantities of gas that mix with ocean waters and cause ships to immediately lose bouyancy, there has never been any convincing scientific explanation behind the disappearance of the many aircraft there. Click here for a list of the top 10 mysteries of vanishing aircraft, including some lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

They don’t vanish. They sink. They run astray of weather phenomenon, hit reefs or plain simply crash in the region and since most of the planes that crash there are light aircraft, they tend to sink rather fast unlike the airliners that seem to be perfectly content to fly the region.

The actual rationale for disappearing ships in the Bermuda Triangle has always been due to piracy, bad weather, hurricane systems and the coral reefs of the region.

With each passing day that this search goes on without finding any debris from the fight, it is incredibly reasonable to at least entertain supernatural possibilities in the quest for answers. At some point, if no debris ever appears, we must expand our window of possibilities to include what military strategists refer to as “unknown unknowns.”

I don’t think you understand what the term reasonable means.

But then again, it is Mike Adams. A man who makes his living selling the equivalent of fairy repellent.


  1. says

    The black box is in the tail of the plane which is more likely to survive any crashes. It is tough but not indestructible. It can be destroyed by severe damage such as “a bomb”.

    It can also be “deep under water” and then it’s really really hard to find it. At that point, lost, exploded, what’s the difference?

    Though it’s interesting; there hasn’t been sign of debris on the water and a plane hitting water usually leaves a whole lot of floating junk if it breaks up. Now they are making it sound like the plane departed radically from course; it may have experienced some kind of systems failure and the pilot was trying to get somewhere. It’s very interesting, but it’s very likely the plane will turn up eventually.

    According to historical records, the so-called “Bermuda Triangle” causes both ships and aircraft to vanish for reasons that defy apparent scientific explanation.

    Military aircraft have a lot less floaty stuff than civilian aircraft. Most of the planes that went down off bermuda were older stuff, without transponders or black boxes, and it happened at a time when we didn’t have the kind of detailed weather awareness we do now. Not surprisingly, the number of disappearances has dropped. Coincidence?

    Maybe the plane was raptured.

  2. Rich Woods says

    Maybe the plane was raptured.

    God is slowly but surely building up one hell of an aircraft museum in heaven. Maybe he’s doing it to try to persuade me to behave so that I get to visit it.

  3. khms says

    Plus, when one goes searching the net for flights lost over the triangle, one soon finds reports of people who have looked into that stuff and demystified a lot of these mysteries (such as remains of planes found on small islands that suggest survivors, IIRC, and proof of massive navigation errors leading to out-of-fuel planes, and so forth). But that doesn’t make nearly as interesting headlines as the mysteries themselves, of course.

  4. HM says

    He’s treating “The Philadelphia Experiment ” movie as if it’s a documentary.. I really liked that movie when I was a kid and even then I knew it was fiction.

  5. GIR says

    There was no explosion in the air, not one item of the plane has been found floating. If we assume with so many boats and planes looking for on the water, it is not in the water.

    Then is must be on land, either by accident or hijacking.

    If the plane changed course once, why not a second time? The plane had 7 hours of fuel, it burned 1 in one direction and 1 prior to going off radar …

    I do not know about airplanes …. but heard this week a plane can ‘fly below the radar’ at about 5,000 feet … where could it have landed without being seen? With 5 hours of fuel, in that part of the world, my guess, many places. Where are there landing strips near the water in un-populated areas so people would not hear the plane?

  6. Bernard says

    The 20 Chinese passengers are the most precious commodity.
    They are experts in military stealth and cloaking technology & working for a defence contractor
    They are developing jamming technology to be used against Middle East combatant countries

    Their very existence represents a clear & present danger to these Middle East combatant countries.

    This is the golden opportunity where all 20 are on board.
    All in one place. All in one vessel. All heading to one place Very convenient.

    – to terminate the whole vessel so that the threat is permanently retired
    – or to take over the vessel & force the valuable occupants onboard to work for their country.

  7. Bernard says


    Remember the KAL 007 vessel that was brought down intentionally by Commies jets ?
    It was made known that Commies used airborne jammers to jam all their comms & beacons.
    This made it impossible for anyone to track or trace them. They just vanished.
    The vessel then inadvertently strays over into their territory and was “neutralised” by the jets.

    These beacons and communications used on civilian vessels are extremely easy to be jammed.
    Do you guys know that 20 years ago in 1994, a handheld, battery powered communications / beacon jammer made by Ericsson that can be packed into a regular bag has already existed ?

    When British SAS stormed an embassy in 1980, they reportedly used such a similar jammer to deny combatants inside the embassy from using their walkie talkies to communicate amongst themselves and those on the outside of the embassy.

    I am sure this has been used on our poor vessel here. That’s why there is a total silence from ALL comms.
    I am sure the vessel called for help repeatedly but there were not heard as the jamming was initiated.

    Food for thought .


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