So I am overweight, and part of my plan for the next 3 to 4 months is to correct that.

You see, I know being overweight is bad for my health, I also know that Pepsi is delicious as is high calorie food. And let’s just say I have not been watching my weight.

See when I have exams I tend not to care what I eat. I eat junk basically. I pack on the pounds and kollect the kilograms. I have gained too much weight, a full 10 Kg in fact. I need to lose it for two reasons

1. It’s healthy. No this is not up for debate, it is straight up clear that I am overweight bordering on obese now and obesity is a health issue.

2. It saves on clothes since my trousers are a bit too tight and my shirts a bit too full.

So my plan? Eat sensibly, keep hydrated and do some jogging and some weights and various exercises. Increase protein, decrease carbs and fats and eat more soups and other liquid low calorie foods and switch my weekly “poison” of a Subway Sandwich to a salad.

If only I had Diet Coke but alas it is rare in India. It is simply unavailable, I do have a sweet tooth and I do like sugary drinks. Diet coke is a good treat particularly in such warm climates.

So currently at 95 Kg, I would like to hit 80 Kg. Let us see how this goes. I got till mid July to see what I can do about this.


  1. says

    Energy Balancing of the Chakras, when combined with hypnosis, can help a person lose weight and feed the “Hungry Heart” of emotional eating.
    So they join a gym or try out a new method to reach their goals.
    Look at someone who jogs or bikes regularly for the last 20
    years and you will usually see someone who looks a lot younger
    then their age, unless they have abused themselves in other ways, including over exposure to the sun.

  2. sacharissa says

    I lost weight last year when I gave up drinking alcohol.

    It was a bit of a surprise since I wasn’t drinking heavily and my reason for giving up was that it makes me feel ill (and I don’t just mean if I drink a lot).

    I am lucky in not having a sweet tooth so I’ve never drunk a lot of sugary drinks. I never sugar tea, coffee, cereal or fruit. I even eat grapefruit without sugar (I love sour things). Even as a kid I preferred Diet Coke to ordinary because Coke is too sweet for my taste. (I know Diet Coke is also unhealthy but I don’t drink it very often so I’m not too concerned).

  3. says

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  4. kathleenmcnamara says

    I don’t know if you can get seltzer easily, but I’ve found that sometimes the bubbly stuff helps with the soda cravings. Also, you can mix in a bit of juice for flavor and some sweetness and still come ahead, compared to soda.

  5. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    Here’s a couple of lifestyle change tips …

    1 – Don’t eat anywhere except at a table. When you want to eat, turn off the computer or the telly, sit at a table with a plate and utensils and eat from a plate.

    My brother-in-law lost 15-20 pounds when he had to choose between football games and snacking.

    2 – Keep a food diary. Write down everything youu are about to eat, before you actually eat it. This makes you conscious of whgat you are eating, and you have a chance to strike out that snack because you realize you don’t really want it.

    3 – Eat small, frequent meals.

  6. smrnda says

    Best of luck. If you’re overweight, I’d start with more weights and less jogging at first as you’ll be putting a strain on what might be weak knees and legs not up to supporting the weight and impact. Not sure what equipment you have available, but lower-body or whole body lifts (squats, deadlifts or olympic lifts) tend to provide the best benefits.

    I’ve hear diet soda is less available outside the US – I don’t drink soda so I’ve never paid much attention, but is that standard the world over?

    All said, I’ve known people who lost a lot of weight simply by cutting out soda.

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