We’re Cross – Atheists and the 9/11 Cross

If two lines intersect at right angles, the shape they form is a cross…

We use crosses a lot in making the world we live in. They are a vital structural shape.

So it is puzzling to witness the kerfuffle about the 9/11 cross. For those who are unaware, it’s a piece of the World Trade Centre that happens to look like a cross. This has a lot of significance to Christians because “It’s a cross”.

Now the sarcastic side of me wishes to ask if addition is sacred because of all the (+) signs that we use in it? If it was a piece in the form of a swastika (there were probably some…) would this mean Hinduism (or Nazis… take your pick) were real and divinely ordained? No. It would be simply ignored.. In a building with any cross beams there will be cross shaped debris since there are cross shaped objects that are integral to the building’s structure. What prompted me to write this was a charming piece of mail.

You use crosses in architecture because it’s divinely ordained as the strongest structural piece.

No, the strongest structural pieces are created by building like the Egyptians. You build structures out of big rocks.

Calling it a “Miracle Cross” is fine. Let’s assume it is a miracle. That Jehovah intervened during the events of 9/11 and protected a piece of debris that was shaped like a cross.

Because there was nothing else worth intervening in on that day. I fear Christians who are defending the cross haven’t really thought about what it means. That the infinite power and compassion of Jehovah was directed to saving worthless structural pieces rather than protecting lives. Maybe Jehovah’s powers were only sufficient to protect bits of building while those of Allah reigned supreme.

Why? It’s unlikely that all the hijackers could get in with box cutters. There must have been divine intervention. It’s unlikely that all the hijackers could even fly a plane on their first go. It’s unlikely that they could have lined things up to hit a rather small building. In fact it’s so unlikely that we may even say that “god was with them”.

But that’s nonsense, we know there was no divine influence on their actions. Just the actions of people brain washed by religion. It was humanity at it’s worst and at it’s best. It was humanity at it’s strongest and weakest. We saw two types of martyrs that day. One who died to kill others and to spread suffering. And others who died to save others and to give people a little more time on this earth. We saw the hope of emergency services saving lives, we saw the tragedy of people leaping to their deaths rather than die in an inferno. But it was human, humans caused it. Not magic, not gods, not devils and not gnomes or elves or dwarves or space aliens.

To understand how insane this sounds?

I used to play a game called Warhammer. It has a variant called Warhammer 40K. It’s “quite famous”. It’s over the top, it’s excessively grim. In a universe gone to hell, Mankind has become a theocratic bureaucracy with a comatose Emperor of mankind in a vegetative state after a civil war. His state is maintained by human sacrifice of thousands. This is a world where an individual human has no value, just more currency to be spent by the Church of the Emperor and the Empire of Man’s insatiable greed. And in this theocracy there is a group of people who effectively are a cargo cult. Science has become akin to religion, with the techpriests of the Machine Cult only gaining real understanding of the machinery they make and fix with rank. The majority have little understanding and simply follow rituals to keep the holy machines functioning. In effect they are worshipping technology because they lack the understanding to create it at whim and instead treat it’s creation like a religion so only the highest ranking priests truly understand how it works while the rest of mankind treat it as if it were magic.

It’s a damn piece of architecture that’s been cut and shaped to look like a religious emblem. You are praying to two girders. We are no different to those poor sods in this game that pray to their car engines.

The cross beam was not a religious thing until we made it so. We prayed to it and declared it to be sacred. That is what makes it religious.

People died on that day, not just Christians but people who run the wide gamut of humanity. Some had other faiths, some had none. To claim a Christian symbol represents all of those who died is just daft. Considering the cross was cut to look more “cross like” and such an action would be considered highly unethical in terms of “historical debris” and “archaeology” (in effect, it’s destruction of the evidence in order to tell a different story than reality) there should be no issue with cutting out a giant crescent moon and an Om to put up next to the cross.

But the Cross does not represent everyone.

I saw Megyn Kelly’s take on this and I think she is wrong. Fox News (hah!) and her pushed the claim that it was found as is in the wreckage (despite the fact we know it was altered later) and thinks atheists should not have a representation. And while there were no atheist symbols at the wreckage, I bet we can simply find some if we think like the Christian. If any Cross in nature is emblematic of Christianity then the letter A is a symbol of atheism.

So with regards to signs? The World Trade Centre has an A in it. Fire Department has an A in it. Plane has an A in it. Escape has an A in it. Evacuate too. Stairs as well since the Elevator should not be used in cases of emergency. Ambulance? Has an A. Paramedic? Two As. Hospital? Also? I bet there were more A shapes than we let on. Every single paramedic gurney has it’s basis on  an A frame. I also use such a frame to change my bulbs.

But this is nonsense, the symbol of atheism is man made. We CHOSE the A. Just like Christianity picked the latinised cross. The original crucifix would have been an upper case “T” rather than a lower case “t”. We made an aesthetic choice to pick it. Do you realise how daft it is to hold up a shape and claim it as magical?

One may joke here and say  that while Jehovah made a cross that didn’t ultimately change anything, atheists seem to have made things that matter. But that is silly, atheists have no more to do with the A frame shape than Jehovah with skyscraper engineering.

The American Atheists lawsuit against the cross’s inclusion is not, as the media will tell you, about atheists being offended. The cross does not offend atheists, what offends atheists is being pushed aside and discriminated against. Atheists died on 9/11 and yet they are not being offered inclusion in a memorial. They are being white washed into religion.

You can have any memorial you like as long as it’s a Christian One. And that is why it is being opposed. Now you may think what’s so bad about that as a Christian, but no one’s forcing you to be remembered on a Hindu monument.


  1. Badland says

    Jebus Avi,

    In fact it’s so unlikely that we may even say that “god was with them”.

    Gott mit uns?
    I kid, but that sweet Godwin sauce is so damn strong

  2. voidhawk says

    It isn’t even the strongest shape, that would be a triangle. If we’re choosing gods based on the structural integrity of their symbols then either the Masons or the ancient Egyptian gods should be top of the list.

  3. says

    9/11 is already a monument to religious fanaticism. I don’t understand why the faithful want to tie themselves more closely to that horrible event.

  4. Holms says

    But but Holy Trinity! TRInity! TRIangle! Don’t you see? Christianity has every angle covered, provided we interpret it generously enough!

  5. lsamaknight says

    If it was a piece in the form of a swastika (there were probably some…) would this mean Hinduism (or Nazis… take your pick) were real and divinely ordained?

    Or Buddhism. I know that in Japan at least that on maps the manji (ie the swastika) is used to mark the locations of Buddhist temples.

  6. Pierce R. Butler says

    I can imagine this being presented reasonably in a 9/11 display – “Many Christians found consolation in these beams, and Pastor ___ began to conduct services at them starting on Day ___…”. This “cross” has become a part of the story, but as a footnote, something to place 2/3 of the way down a hall dedicated to the aftermath.

    Somehow I doubt the 9/11 Museum presents it in such a perspective.

  7. says

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