Guest Post – An Introduction by Ben Baz Aziz

[important]Ben Baz is an atheist, an atheist who was jailed for his beliefs. An Egyptian living in Kuwait, Ben was jailed for his skepticism and atheism because he posted atheist ideas online. And I am proud to have him as a guest blogger here.[/important] 

Who Am I?

It would be my pleasure to start writing and blogging in English after being so exclusive to Arabic audience. My name is Ben Baz Aziz. An Egyptian who were born and raised in Kuwait. I work as a marketing executive but I really like reading and writing for long years.

My dream of being a writer with influence made me basically focus on the reasons behind all that backwardness in Arabic and muslim societies. And yes I can say it: the poor illogical outdated Islamic culture.

So I decided that the main idea will be finding clues of our problems while focusing on reforming rusted Islamic concepts in their minds.

What did I do?

I established as a blog with sarcastic logical sentences. Enriching that with expressive cartoons. Since 2010 till late 2012 everything was going very great with increasing followers. And I felt happy and more energetic once I receive msg from someone expressing that something convinced him to change to the better.

I wrote many articles talking about basic religious concepts and how its full of fallacies. I wrote about secularism, humanism, godless ethics… etc.

In the mid of 2012 I joined Arab atheist broadcasting and Ithink Magazine. I was cooperating in many ways to make those projects work and this is really whats happening. I feel that reaching more and more people and getting more exposed has many advantages like: delivering our logical peaceful messages as resistant to Islamic fundamentalism ideaology.

What happened then?

Yes I was imprisoned for 1 year in Kuwait. And I lost a lot and paid a lot. Not to mention all that difficulties I faced in jail (scolding, damnation, hatred speech against me). But once I got out. I can see huge increasing number and free thinkers who read and got cultured. Because there are people like Kareem Amer, Alber Saber, me and others who paid too much to deliver a humanitarian messages to all people all around Arabic wold.

How I got arrested? How I was treated? How was the trial?

The Kuwaiti national security reported my blog to CID as they found it spreading atheism. CID (Electronic department) arrested me on 31-12-2012 in the company. Without any legal permission from prosecution. They immediately took all my items. Like smart phone. I was forced to admit under pressure ( threats of making the legal situation more complicated). The inquisitor was also biased and angry at me and he wrote the whole inquisition in his own words not mine. And I was not allowed to contact any lawyer to attend all those illegal procedures.

I was immediately put into prison (detained) for a whole month till the trial began. The elementary court did not request me to attend. The judge insulted my lawyer for defending an apostate.

I was sentenced one year with deportation. (although I was born and lived their my whole life)

The court of appeal was even worse. The judge asked me to attend and was not able to listen to our defence. He assured the sentence again.

This is only a brief story.


  1. Onamission5 says

    Hello, Ben Baz Aziz, and welcome. I look forward to reading more of your story told in your own words, should you have plans to tell it.

  2. says

    Welcome to FTB, interesting story, hope you can tell us more about how you got out and what the situation is now. Presumably better if you are able to blog so openly! With Kaveh Mousavi blogging here as well we’ll all be experts on atheism in Islamic countries in no time :)

  3. Baud Bits says

    Great to hear that you are ‘well’ and blogging again. You were not forgotten by those of us made aware of your plight. Please keep us informed of how you are and what you are doing. Most of all – stay safe.

  4. DennisinBaltimore says

    s a child 9-10 years. (I know the math doesn’t add up, but Kennedy was killed in this time) my yard guy Mohamed told me about his death. And was very sorry. Our Maid Madia was also sorry-darn. Muslims taught me Diversity and acceptance. We as as a family are Irish catholic my father went to catholic schools. What I am saying is that Muslims have had my white ass an an influence, I am still an atheist. Please comment.


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