Brian Chambers – Let’s Prey on Cancer Patients

Much as I find praying for the victims of cancer a bit of a pointless if harmless exercise, I find this alternative worse. Brian Chambers is either a deluded fool or a man who is harming people who are desperate.

He’s the pusher of a video that claims to have a way to cure cancer based on biblical principles. And he has a video out whose transcript is a rather illuminating experience.

Oncologists stunned! “Untreatable” late-stage cancers disappear in weeks… ZERO painful side effects… [Verified by independent research from the University of Southern California, Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Chicago, and University of South Florida]


See the moment you say things like this you forget how cancer works and what cancer really is. It’s “misbehaving cells”. It’s nearly identical to our cells, recognising one over the other is simply nearly impossible. Most of our attacks on cancer cells involve highly directed destruction or general drugs that affect all cells.

Oncologists are seldom stunned by cancer simply vanishing mainly because it simply does not occur. And anything that kills cancer cells, kills normal cells just fine too.

Dear Friend,

Could the Holy Bible contain the secret to eliminating the worst disease facing mankind?

Believe it or not, that very question is now at the center of an underground revolution in cancer treatment. Once you see the answer, I guarantee you’ll never look at the Bible quite the same way again.

Please understand… if a loved one is battling cancer right now… or you’re fighting it yourself… this may be the most important message you’ve ever heard.

And this is the problem, it literally preys on the dying.

See if you have stage 4 cancer, it’s not a case of “If” but “When”. So they aren’t “killing anyone” with this that wouldn’t die in the first place. Now we also are discussing the issue of quality of life. What if you are dying and this makes you happy?

But then here comes the problem. Some Stage 4 cancers DO regress with medication alone. It is rare but it does occur. But there are those who are at Stage 3 and Stage 2 and 1 who will fall for this and may give up their medication dooming themselves to an unnecessary death. And since they were happy, they are unlikely to ever complain about the religious quackery that killed them.

My name is Brian Chambers, and for the last several months, I’ve been leading a very unique research project—a search for secret information hidden in the Bible.

And not long ago, we found something we never could have imagined…

We call it a “healing code,” and it’s hidden on page 859 of the King James Bible.

After fact-checking the information with the help of a world-renowned naturopathic medical doctor, we’ve arrived at an astonishing conclusion…

There is no such thing. There is no such thing as a naturopathic medical doctor. Naturopathy is quackery.

Carefully woven into ancient scripture…
there is a cutting-edge CURE for cancer

It’s a set of “instructions” encoded in Matthew Chapter 4…

And when you follow these instructions, something truly miraculous happens…

1 Then was Jesus led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

2 And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He afterward hungered.

3 And when the tempter came to Him, he said, “If Thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.”

4 But He answered and said, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’”

5 Then the devil took Him up into the holy city, and set Him on a pinnacle of the temple, and

6 said unto Him, “If Thou be the Son of God, cast Thyself down. For it is written: ‘He shall give His angels charge concerning thee; and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.’”

7 Jesus said unto him, “It is written again: ‘Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.’”

8 Again, the devil took Him up onto an exceeding high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them,

9 and said unto Him, “All these things will I give Thee if Thou wilt fall down and worship me.”

10 Then said Jesus unto him, “Get thee hence, Satan! For it is written: ‘Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve.’”

11 Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered unto Him.

12 Now when Jesus had heard that John was cast into prison, He departed into Galilee.

13 And leaving Nazareth, He came and dwelt in Capernaum, which is upon the seacoast in the regions of Zebulun and Naphtali,

14 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying,

15 “The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, by the way of the sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles:

16 the people who sat in darkness saw a great Light; and to them that sat in the region and shadow of death, Light has sprung up.”

17 From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

18 And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishers.

19 And He said unto them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

20 And they straightway left their nets and followed Him.

21 And going on from thence He saw two other brethren, James the son of Zebedee and John his brother, in a boat with Zebedee their father, mending their nets. And He called them,

22 and they immediately left the boat and their father, and followed Him.

23 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.

24 And His fame went throughout all Syria. And they brought unto Him all sick people who were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those who were possessed with devils, and those who were lunatic, and those who had the palsy; and He healed them.

25 And there followed Him great multitudes of people from Galilee and from Decapolis, and from Jerusalem and from Judea, and from beyond the Jordan.

This is the text of Matthew 4…

Cancer… any type of cancer… can no longer survive in your body.

See, the instructions describe the principles of a cancer destroying “protocol.” It’s so powerful, it has even cured aggressive widespread bone cancer—a form of the disease that most doctors consider untreatable.

But we soon discovered that this healing code is just one of several hidden throughout the Bible. Each one deals with another devastating disease: diabetes… arthritis… Alzheimer’s… heart disease… and more.

So it’s not just one code it’s many. Aggressive bone cancer? We treat bone cancer, we don’t amputate any more. Bone structure and healing is rather more impressive these days and we can excise tumours cleanly and reconstruct bone. We have CUT DOWN on a lot of modern amputation thanks to modern orthopaedics. We CAN treat bone cancer. We have been able to do so for a fair while.

No what he is implying is metastasis.

The issue here being there is no point to treating metastasis. How many tumours must you remove? How much of your body are you willing to amputate and lose? Also? If one distant tumour is seen, there is a huge chance that there are more. The chance of just one distant tumour existing is very low when compared to the chance that there are multiple hidden and non-clinically spotted metastatic tumours.

Picture this…

  • After doctors have abandoned all hope, late-stage cancer stops growing, tumors begin to shrink, and a few weeks later your oncologist is dumbfounded when he announces “complete remission”…


  • Coming back from the brink of deadly heart failure as your blood vessels relax … circulation becomes effortless… and your heart ticks away reliably for decades to come…


  • Going from “grinding, throbbing joint pain”—to digging in the garden and playing golf… in 7 days!  Imagine feeling stiffness and swelling vanish as lubricating comfort floods into your joints… finally being able to move with the grace and freedom of youth…


  • Rescuing a loved one’s mind from the ravages of dementia… watching the light come back into their eyes… feeling the unbridled joy as they remember who you are…

I fail to see how Matthew 4 has anything to do with any of these issues. And more than likely the reason your oncologist is dumbfounded is the astonishingly bad decision making that has gone into this.

Now imagine doing all this the way God intended—without dangerous prescription drugs, life-threatening surgeries, or astronomical medical bills. My friend…

And as I have said, a lot of the ways that quacks are empowered is by claiming to be a CHEAPER alternative to medicine in the USA.

What ensues is a teaser of epic proportions. Of Buzzfeed headlines… You won’t believe what this method does to beat this cancer!

The “Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol”

You’ll not only believe in the Bible’s healing codes…

You’ll know how to beat cancer once and for all.

Just imagine… a cancer treatment that’s completely non-invasive, with virtually zero side effects… a treatment that can safely be used along with conventional therapies, without costing you an added penny…

Now, imagine that this treatment is so incredibly effective; it’s been shown to ELIMINATE even highly aggressive, late-stage cancers in less than one month.


No seriously it keeps going on and on about this.

My friend, not only is this miracle very real, it’s been verified by some of the world’s top cancer researchers… and what these experts have discovered will blow your mind.

In one of the earliest trials on the Matthew 4 protocol, researchers at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Chicago injected lab rats with a massive dose of cancer cells.

The injection was expected to cause death within a few days. Needless to say, the researchers werestunned when…

Funny how no medical source carries ANYTHING about this method.

The Matthew 4 protocol
QUADRUPLED survival rates…

Also? Cancer Cells from a human would be HANDILY destroyed when injected into a mouse. The antibodies of a mouse attack human cells and that includes cancer cells.

And that was just the beginning.

In a more recent study on mice with terminal brain cancer, the ones that received the Matthew 4 protocol along with chemo were the only ones to enjoy long term, cancer-free survival. (In case you’re wondering, that’s “scientist-speak” for CURED!)

Now that’s very promising, but you’re not a lab rat. So stick with me, because this is where it gets really exciting…

The laboratory studies pale in comparison to first-hand accounts of cancer patients who have used this protocol to win their own fight against this devastating disease.

Take the remarkable story we found of a 71-year-old Florida man named Fred Hatfield…

Fred Hattfield? He was a big proponent of ketogenic cancer treatments.

In plain English? Starving Yourself.

Oh RIght!

Two years ago, Fred was
given 3 months to live.

Steve Jobs could have lived for years.

Also? To date, no one I know has been telling patients that they have “x no of days to live”. Unless their patients are on death row….

His body was riddled with an aggressive form of bone cancer that was spreading like wildfire. Conventional therapies were useless—Fred’s doctors had thrown up their hands and wished him the best.

With absolutely nothing to lose, he gave the Matthew 4 protocol a try. And since the protocol doesn’t involve any drugs or supplements of any kind, he was able to do it safely on his own.

By the time he returned to his doctors several weeks later, his “untreatable” cancer was GONE. And…

Fred’s part of the “Paleo-Diet” resurgence of the Atkins. Yes you will lose weight if you go on it, however it’s because you are filling up on large amounts of protein rather than carbohydrates which are lower in energy. You would actually lose MORE weight by filling up on salad but people don’t like eating that and bacon is so much more delicious.

But Fred’s “role” in the diet’s fame is that he is the poster child for a protein diet being a cure for cancer.

And I know there is a value to high protein diets in some cases. In some people with renal failure, protein rich diets help keep them functioning for longer. Our body needs a large amount of protein as a transport agent and to maintain the colloid osmotic pressure of our blood. Too little and we get a form of generalised oedema called anasarca.

Anasarca due to Malaria Nephrosis

Here’s how it works…

The protocol works by exploiting a little-known, but very important difference between cancer cells and normal, healthy cells.

It has to do with the fuel those cells use for energy. It turns out that a specific kind of fuel—one that healthy cells can use abundantly—is completely off-limits to cancer cells.

So the “Matthew 4 protocol” is as simple as feeding your cells only that type of fuel. The result?

Which is puzzling since cancer cells can utilise every single form of food available and are perfectly capable of using proteins as a source of food.

The reason is quite sensible.

The universal energy “currency” in our body is ATP. Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. All fats, protein and carbs are converted to this before use. It is the universal “energy” currency that powers us. We PREFER carbohydrates in an order. Glucose > Simple Sugars> Simple Carbs > Complex Carbs… We basically prefer easily acquired energy.

Starving yourself may harm cancer cells but it also harms your own immune systems which DOES keep cancer in check. We have natural systems that kill cancer cells. In fact you must wonder why we have so LITTLE cancer considering how many billions of cells we possess and how and why cancer really affects the elderly more than the young.

The thing is there are cancers that affect the very young such as Retinoblastoma.

The eye with a cat’s eye reflex is the affected eye.

The thing is we have a system that simply snuffs out cancer at a very early stage. We simply do not notice all the cancer cells we generate. We recognise and destroy those cells quite regularly.

Why isn’t this being shouted from the rooftops?!

After all, we’re talking about a drug free cancer treatment that wipes out “untreatable” cancers in weeks. There are no gut-wrenching side effects, and even mainstream researchers have admitted that it could soon replace chemo as the “standard of care”…

IF it worked.

And it doesn’t.  Cancer cells are quite happy to use protein and fat as a source of energy.

In fact, Cancer patients often are subject to weight loss because their body’s supply of fat and protein is utilised by the tumours.

Not to mention the mind-bending fact that the principles of the protocol are hidden in Matthew Chapter 4…

So why in the world haven’t you heard about this life saving therapy?

If you understand how the cancer industry works, the answer is not exactly a surprise. But that doesn’t make it any less sickening.

It’s the same old story that keeps hundreds of promising natural treatments from breaking through to the mainstream…

Like aspirin, vincristine and penicillin…

Because it doesn’t involve drugs of any kind (not even supplements), when you use the Matthew 4 protocol… no one makes any money!

Except for you, isn’t that right?

If word gets out that this protocol could in fact be a CURE, Big Pharma’s 125 billion dollar a year cash cow is in SERIOUS jeopardy. That’s the cold truth of the corporate medical system.

The shady medical industry? This is like the checklist of quackery, vague claims, random implications, no solid scientific data, lose association with a book of accepted knowledge, vague references to testing and calling real medicine as purely profit driven.

As if his medical treatments come free of charge and that he has embraced a life of monastic poverty to demonstrate  titanic integrity.

And that’s why I’m not holding my breath for the triumphant announcement that the cure has finally been found. Billion-dollar drug companies will NEVER accept such a grave threat to their bottom line.

But that’s what makes today’s message so important to you and your family.

Because the doctor I told you about earlier—the one who’s been helping us verify the Bible’s healing secrets—has made this life saving information available to you.

In a groundbreaking special report entitled THE BIBLE’S HEALING CODE REVEALEDhe’s laid out a step-by-step plan that shows you how to harness the power of the Matthew 4 cancer protocol.

So will this book be given out for free?

With your permission, he would like to send you this lifesaving information at no cost whatsoever. (That’s right… this information is completely FREE, as his gift to you. Details in just a moment.)

The Matthew 4 cancer protocol is remarkably simple, it’s a breeze to follow, and you could see and feel the lifesaving results in just a few weeks.

And remember, it’s been safely used along with chemo (in fact, the studies clearly show that it boosts the effectiveness of chemo while drastically reducing the side effects!)

But be warned: when your oncologist sees your cancer disappearing in record time, he’s going to be stunned.

Feel free to tell him all about the Matthew 4 cancer protocol!

Any objective scientist can’t help but be impressed. Especially when he’s seen it work first-hand!

I’ll tell you how to get your FREE copy of this breakthrough cancer-fighting plan in just a moment. But first, let me introduce you to the doctor himself.

Again, there is so little science in this it’s so vague that I have to keep googling the references.

His name is Mark Stengler. If that rings a bell, you may have caught his weekly show on PBS, “Natural Healing with Mark Stengler,” or his appearances on the 700 club. Or maybe you’ve seen his groundbreaking books on natural cancer treatments.

Ah yes!

The man “is not” a medical doctor. He is a doctor of natural medicine which makes him about as valid a medical doctor as a Dr. P.Z Myers. They are both doctors but neither is fit to treat patients. Dr. Myers however has the understanding and grace to stay within his domain of understanding while Stengler pushes his quackery for profit.

Hailed as “the leader of natural medicine’s new wave,” Dr. Stengler has quickly become one of the most trusted evangelists in the now crowded world of natural healing.

And his reputation for delivering the most advanced, effective natural therapies available makes him one of the most sought after Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine in the world.

This is the first time I have heard of him. And it was through an auto-play video advert.

Frankly if you are advertising your medical achievement through auto-play video adverts then I doubt your veracity.

But get to know him personally and you’ll see he’s much more than that. He’s also a devout Christian, and he’s studied the Bible in great depth.

Which doesn’t mean anything. I don’t care if you are a gay, polyamorous satanist who is left handed, what matters is your knowledge.

In fact, in addition to an advanced medical degree, he holds a Masters in Religious Studies from Southern California Seminary.

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Board certified in Integrative Medicine
  • Certification Intravenous Nutrient Therapy
  • Certification of Homeotherapeutics at the National College of Natural Medicine
  • Oriental medicine training at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland

I fail to see the advanced medical degrees here. I see quackery. Not one of these is a valid medical degree, these are all valid alternative medical degrees.

Which is why we sought him out to help us decipher the medical application of the Bible’s healing codes. We knew that even as a man of science, Dr. Stengler firmly believes that…

It’s a deadly combination of quackery and religion creating a system where not understanding how something works is an acceptable state of affairs. Why ask questions? It’s Jehovah!

Real healing miracles come from God

And the Matthew 4 cancer protocol is just the beginning.

The Bible’s healing code has also taken aim at our #1 killer, heart disease.

Oh… dear.

The majority of our healthcare achievements are due to hard work, genius and serendipity rather than divine intervention. When we are willing to accept divine interference as integral to medical research you end up with giving a massive amount of credence to the testimony of people whose only qualification is “religious belief”.

The Bible’s Heart Cure
discovered in… Victorian Ireland?

The Bible’s cure for heart disease is encoded within the most powerful story in the New Testament—the crucifixion.

And amazingly, it was discovered as a cure over a century ago in Victorian era Ireland, but for reasons I’ll explain in a moment, it never got the attention it deserves.

See, Biblical scholars believe that the plant used to make the crown of thorns was a certain flowering shrub native to Europe and the Middle East.

And as you’ll soon see…

Oh dear.

The Crown of Thorns plant could
save you from cardiovascular death…

The Crown of Thorns plant was named after a French guy who named it. There is a legend associated with it.


It’s poisonous.

Also? The plant was native to Madagascar which is 3,500 miles away from Israel. So it’s not the plant on Christ’s crown of thorns and is only named because it looks like the depictions in art of the event.

And add years of reliable strength to your heart.

See, in our research into the Bible’s healing code, we stumbled onto the story of a mysterious Irish physician named Dr. Green.

In the late 1800’s, he became famous for curing heart conditions—using a strange liquid medicine he prepared himself.

No matter how many times he was asked, he would never reveal the recipe for his miraculous heart tonic.

But with Dr. Stengler’s help we’ve confirmed—the mysterious medicine was a tincture of the crown of thorns plant…

And Dr. Green wasn’t the only doctor at the turn of the century using it. Medical journals from the late 19th and early 20th centuries are filled with reports of heart-healing miracles achieved with this Biblical plant.

The plant was brought to France in 1821…

The sap of the plant is toxic and corrosive and the honey too. So the story does not check out since botanists keep fairly meticulous records particularly if they are famous.

Such as being the Governor of Reunion.

We unearthed one of these reports during our research. Just listen to the incredible story of a 73-year-old man named Donald who came…

Back from the brink of
deadly heart failure…

Amusingly, our drug for heart failure is from a natural source. The Foxglove gives us digitalis. The world is filled with old men brought back from heart failure through this drug and yet we do not have to worship the Kitsune.

Donald’s doctor immediately administered 15 drops of a solution containing nothing but water and crown of thorns extract. Within 25 minutes, the man’s pulse had slowed to 110 and he began to breathe freely…

It’s amazing how much more quickly nitrous oxide causes a similar effect.

Or the fact that crown of thorns poison would actually have the OPPOSITE effect. It’s a sclerosing poison so it would scar the arteries of the heart reducing vascular supply which is not what you want.

Can you imagine, being that close to certain death… and feeling life come back into your body?

Yes, it’s as if there was no institution in medicine dedicated to restoring such patients to life again.

If only there was some number on your phone that you could dial that would cause help to arrive at high speed and spirit you away to a location that would treat such conditions…

Soon, Donald was able to move around again… the swelling in his legs subsided… his heart began working normally again… within a few weeks and with a few other treatments he recovered completely. Now…

I don’t know about you, but
I’d call that a MIRACLE

I would call it bullshit. A lie. A falsehood. That thing you are not supposed to do as a Christian.

Not only did Donald survive late-stage heart failure—in a few weeks, he had made a full recovery.

And this was no isolated incident.

Word began to spread… and as stories like this poured in from doctors around the world, crown of thorns extract was poised to become a bona fide CURE for heart disease…


From a plant that I must point out was never in Europe until the 1820s and was introduced by French Governor of Reunion Island from Madagascar and somehow mystically found itself in the hands of a mysterious Dr. Green in Ireland at the same time.

Then this powerful natural
treatment virtually disappeared

…from the medical bags of doctors across the country.

Why? Well, it was around this time that the first drug companies rose to power, squashing natural therapies as they pushed pharmaceuticals on an unsuspecting public.

Except from what we know about the plant this would not be a cure and effectively cause the arteries of your heart to become LESS patent causing more heart failure unless given in homeopathic doses where it would do “fuck all”.

In fact at the time there were umpteen quacks and quack remedies since it pre-dates organisations of medicine that tried to guarantee basic standards of care and that the term “snake oil” comes from this period. The reason it disappeared possibly is because it doesn’t work.

But with the help of Dr. Stengler, we’re on a mission to spread the truth about crown of thorns extract—so you can take advantage of it for yourself.

After all, it could very well save your life, or the life of a loved one…

And scientifically speaking, there’s no question about its effectiveness. See, while Crown of Thorns extract has fallen out of favor in the U.S., it’s been thoroughly researched in Europe…

It’s not. Europe says you are full of bullshit.

One study put it head-to-head against the leading drug prescribed for heart failure.

Oh this should be good.

The result? Crown of thorns extract was at least as effective as the prescription, with virtually none of the dangerous side effects. It quickly and safely eases the burden on a weak heart… and has saved thousands of lives in Europe.

The gold standard of care in Europe for Congestive Cardiac Failure is still nitroglycerine. Yes. The explosive.

Nitrous pills are placed under the tongue and cause vasodilation of the coronary artery in seconds. You can treat an angina state in under a minute.

20 minutes is simply not even close to that. And again we see no mechanism (it’s magic! The association of a Madagascar Plant with a specific deity imbues the plant with magical properties).

And it has the potential to treat more than just heart failure. It could improve peripheral circulation and safely lowers elevated blood pressure.

All done with nitroglycerine too.

It could help correct flutters and valve malfunctions, strengthening weak and irregular heartbeats…

Oh my no. Valve malfunctions occur due to things damaging the valve leaflets. They don’t grow back. Applying a scarring poison is going to make it even less likely they are going to come back even if they could. Irregular heart beats are due to conduction issues and if this drug is supposed to function like digitalis and nitrous it would have no effect on those.

Scientists have even found that it helps make the heart’s muscular tissue more efficient, which could help your heart last many years longer!

As if that wasn’t enough, crown of thorns extract is also a powerful antioxidant, which means it could help cool down the inflammation in your blood vessels that leads to atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes..

It also makes your penis 9 to 12 inches long, increases your sexual stamina and will allow the King of Nigeria to give you money..

It’s almost as if this plant was designed specifically to heal and protect your most vital organ!

This is what happens when you stop using your most vital organ.

And the research that backs it up is undeniable. Plus, it’s so safe and inexpensive; it can (and should) be taken as a daily preventative, especially if you have a family history of heart disease.

What if you could feel sure that your heart would pump at full strength for years and years to come… Think how relaxed and secure you’d feel?

That’s exactly the peace of mind crown of thorns extract delivers.

Yet no one wants to show me this research.

But what if I told you one of the wise men was bearing the gift of smooth, flexible, pain-free joints?

You might say I’m crazy—but just listen to this…

An extract of the same tree resin that’s used to make frankincense has been shown to ease the pain and inflammation of arthritis—in as little as 7 DAYS.

And just recently, a study was conducted that put frankincense on the front burner for every serious arthritis researcher. The frenzy of excitement and research has led to a powerful new form of frankincense extract with the potential to eliminate the grinding pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Imagine… rising gracefully from your seat, without straining… being able to open a jar without stabs of pain in your wrists and knuckles… no more grinding, throbbing knees… or stiff, sore hips…

Imagine how free you’d suddenly feel! You could finally…

Oh dear, are we seriously looking at someone flogging dhoopan?

Dhoopan is Frankincense and is used in ayurvedic medicine as a arthritis treatment.

Interestingly enough? It’s not the same species. Apparently the stuff Jesus would have had would have no effect since it came from an entirely different but related species.

STOP living with arthritis pain—and get back
to doing the things you love!

Digging in the garden… playing a full round of golf… traveling to see your family… all the things that arthritis makes nearly impossible… could soon be part of your joyful new reality.

See, frankincense extract works by dramatically reducing the activity of inflammatory enzymes in your joints—similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like Celebrex.

Or you know, you could take your NSAIDs.

Now, NSAIDs are pretty good at dealing with pain, but the side effects to your stomach and intestines could very well be deadly!

Which is why you take them at specific times of the day when you are eating so your body is safe. Also? Even if Dhoopan worked it would not be an indication of the divine providence of Jesus and the Bible. It wouldn’t even be a valid argument for the validity of Hinduism. Hell, vaccines work and the predecessor to vaccination came from Hindu religious practices. Does that mean Hinduism is real and that you should all fear for your Karma?

No. It just means Indians noticed something and gave it religious significance without understanding the mechanism of something.

The FDA’s own website estimates that 103,000 people are hospitalized every year with NSAID-related complications… and 16,500 of them DIE as a result.

So yes, NSAIDS are fine… as long as you don’t mind trading arthritis pain for bleeding ulcers and a gruesome death…

Except a wide number of the deaths due to NSAIDs are due to overdoses which cause liver failure rather than ulcers. AKA Suicide Attempts.

Also? There are 70 million prescriptions of NSAIDs in the USA each year and this is without OTC NSAIDs.

0.023% of the total PRESCRIPTIVE users end up dead.

Frankincense extract, on the other hand, has the same kind of inflammation-reducing, pain-relieving action, but this natural substance does it better—without the life-threatening side effects.

Unlike that all unnatural salicylic acid or willow tree bark extract.

In a recent study on this new type of frankincense extract, patients with arthritic knees felt their pain begin to vanish after just 7 days… and by the end of the 90-day study, EVERY SINGLE PATIENT reported significant reductions in pain.

Which is how the placebo effect functions. Hell there have been experiments on athletes who after hours of cycling were given sugar pills and told that they were a legal performance supplement (Think Caffeine).

The trained athletes performed BETTER tired with this and even broke personal records. The placebo effect is interesting. More so than magic bible resins.

And remember, this life changing volume is Dr. Stengler’s FREE GIFT to you. It’s filled with remedies, treatments and cures decoded from the Bible AND the stunning modern science that proves they work. Secrets like…

  • The memory-boosting powers of this Bible plant could be the key to ending our epidemic of Alzheimer’s and dementia. What could possibly be more tragic than watching someone you love slowly forget who you are? Alzheimer’s has truly reached epidemic proportions, and it doesn’t just erase memories; it takes lives. The Alzheimer’s Association reports that deaths from this disease rose 68% between 2000 and 2010. But once you see the studies that demonstrate the neuro-protective effects of a specific Bible plant (mentioned in Exodus), you’ll know exactly how to rescue your loved ones from this cruel fate…

Yes, because Alzheimer’s and Senile Dementia are due to simple memory loss.

  • How to eliminate your dependence on pain pills using the Bible’s secret pain relief plan. A combination of mental, physical and spiritual techniques gleaned from scripture will rescue you from chronic pain AND dangerous, addictive pain pills…

There is a Rush Limbaugh joke in here somewhere. And a Karl Marx one.

And there is a more dangerous one of replacing people’s meds and making people feel bad because they aren’t holy enough to deal with pain.

  • Olive oil is mentioned in the Bible over 160 times… Why? The astonishing age-defying and pain-erasing powers of this sacred oil are being verified by modern science as we speak. But most of the olive oil you see in grocery stores is refined, diluted and adulterated, rendering it useless for healing purposes. Learn how to find and use real olive oil, and enjoy radiant skin and hair, natural pain relief, cancer and heart disease prevention, and more…

Slavery is also mentioned, doesn’t make it great.

Olive oil is a healthier oil than a lot of things and tastes nice. That’s really all there is.

  • Those “paleo” or “caveman” diets are all the rageso they must be the healthiest way to eat, right? WRONG! Those diets are based on an evolutionary view of human nutrition. Theyare much healthier than a typical western diet, but Dr. Stengler explains why he believes a Bible-based diet plan is the real key to losing weight, optimizing hormones, and enjoying unparalleled levels of energy and vigor…

So? Does this mean a straight 30% of modern food goes out of the Window?

No Chillies? No Peppers, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corn… A lot of what we eat is from the new world, and it would be a very sad and very unhealthy diet.

  • PLUS… The single best way to lower blood sugar, improve cholesterol, and reduce triglycerides. A staggering 26.9% of people over 65 have been diagnosed with diabetes. And it’s the leading cause of amputation, nerve damage, kidney failure and more… But a fragrant spice that was used to anoint Old Testament priests has proven to be one of the most powerful diabetes fighters in existence. If you or a loved one is facing diabetes, this could safely stabilize your blood sugar AND save you from the horrifying diabetic complications…

It’s weird how diabetes is rife in the place where all those spices are from.

My friend, the Bible has the answers to this and every deadly disease you’ll ever face. Can you imagine a more trustworthy source?

Which is why it took nearly 2000 years for us to develop Dapsone to cure a huge number of lepers. Also? Plague is no longer that scary thanks to antibiotics.

THE BIBLE’S HEALING CODE REVEALED presents ALL of these cures and more—AND the bulletproof research that proves their power—in clear, easy to understand language.

Which seems to be “I heard a guy in a bar” level of research.

But why should you trust Dr. Stengler’s recommendations?

After all, there are a lot of so-called “experts” in natural medicine. So what makes Dr. Stengler so different?

Well for starters, there’s his education…

Of all the 850,000 physicians in the United States, less than 1% go on to earn the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree. And that’s no surprise, since it requires more than 200 times more training in subtle, lifesaving natural therapies.

Stengler does not hold an MD and is not a trained physician.

And 200 times training to fight goblins doesn’t mean your training is useful.

But the degree isn’t what really matters.

It’s the lifelong dedication to natural healing…

It’s the unfailing commitment to solving your health problems, rather than just managing symptoms…

It’s the thousands of patients and readers that have come to trust and rely on Dr. Stengler’s healing expertise…

It’s his colleagues who hail him as one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy voices in alternative medicine…

1. A lifelong dedication to bullshit doesn’t make the bullshit real

2. Medical science solves health problems, the issue is that we have solved so many health problems that what we have left are the unsolvable diseases of age and the inevitable breakdown of biology. The lack of this understanding makes Stengler’s knowledge questionable.

3. Since when are your clients opinions a testimony to efficacy of medicine? That’s like asking if an astrologer’s clients think astrology works.

4. Like Mike Adams? Being the most knowledgeable astrologer doesn’t mean you get to make decisions on space travel.

That’s what you’ll get in the Natural Healing Library.

You’ll learn the full details on dozens of useful, practical, and life-saving natural therapies… therapies that you can use to improve your health in dramatic ways.

Real-world ways to…

Oh hear it goes.

Melt gobs of stubborn belly fat

  • Better than liposuction—this completely non-invasive procedure literally liquefies fat around your waist, hips and thighs, allowing it to be harmlessly flushed out of the body. Haven’t you always wanted to get rid of years of belly flab and get a fresh start on your fitness?

Harmlessly flushed out of your body? HOW?

See. Your urine should not contain ANY fats.

Neither should your poop. If there is any your faeces then it is a sign of things having gone wrong.

  • How to naturally stoke your “metabolic fire” for nearly effortless weight loss. All it takes is a specific regimen of three inexpensive supplements—this is the EXACT formula Dr. Stengler prescribes to patients struggling to lose stubborn pounds!

Do some damn exercise, be more active, eat less high carb/low effort food. It needs willpower but weight loss is never going to be easy. There is no magic pill or method for sustained weight loss. Paleo diet be damned.

  • The single most important hormone for trimming your waist. It’s probably NOT what you think. But when researchers from Washington University Medical school gave overweight couch potatoes this hormone, they rapidly shed pounds of deadly visceral fat—without doing anything else! The unfortunate placebo group didn’t lose an ounce.

Like thyroxine?

And how wonderful would it be to…

Beat stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue
…for good!

  • Stress free in 10 seconds? Yes! This liquid herbal formula has been shown to relieve stressful, anxious feelings in record time. Great for those days when life just seems determined to frazzle your nerves…
  • The under-publicized part of your anatomy that controls energy, stress response, mood, sleep patterns and more. Learn how to revitalize this rarely talked about body part for a perfect balance of all-day energy and deep, restful sleep…
  • The dirty little secret antidepressant makers hope you never learn. Could depression really be a symptom of a simple nutritional deficiency? A growing body of scientific evidence says YES. And according to the research, a brighter, more joyful outlook could be as easy as eating more of certain food…
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Try Dr. Stengler’s favorite technique for “winding down” before bed (studies show it actually shuts off the flow of stress hormones that keep your mind racing!)

And picture how your life will change when you…

See this is the thing, it’s a panacea he is offering. The universal cure. A drug that cures everything and such a drug can only exist if you have no understanding of human physiology.

STOP living with pain…
And start living!

  • Could a topical pain reliever REALLY be better than pills? This homeopathic pain gel “short circuits” pain at the source. Recently, a 60-year-old woman with severely arthritic hands used this gel for the first time—and felt a stunning 90% reduction in pain, with no side effects (plus it’s clear, non-greasy and odor free)…
  • Aspirin is a synthetic imitation of one of nature’s most powerful pain fighters. Find out how to get and use the real thing—it’s great for those stubborn headaches… it works just as well (maybe better) than the man-made version, without affecting your stomach or liver…
  • How to correct the hormonal imbalance that causes chronic back pain. If you’ve tried everything to escape crushing back pain, you NEED this information. This is the secret Dr. Stengler used to help an ailing golf pro finally relieve the chronic lower back pain that had forced him out of the game (he went on to make a stunning comeback, playing in two consecutive PGA tournaments!)

Oh dear.

1. Depends on what it is. I can use topical lignocaine and get a fairly stellar pain relief.

2. Aww… I see your aspirin and I raise you morphine. Unless you are going to suggest opium is a superior painkiller…

3. Funny how chronic back pain is a product of poor posture and repetitive injury. Apparently it’s “nameless hormone” that’s the cause of that.

And we’ve barely scratched the surface. You’ll soon have a wealth of advanced healing knowledge at your fingertips, ready to get you through any health challenge you face.

Imagine knowing…

  • How to develop an immune system so strong, it can even fight off cancer! (This one secret more than doubled the five year survival rate of late stage lung cancer patients…)

I bet he is anti-vax as well.

Imagine knowing…

  • How to grow “unbreakable” bones! Studies show that calcium supplements alone do NOT increase bone density (and if you’re a man, they may be putting you at higher risk of prostate cancer). But add a couple of inexpensive nutrients in the right amounts, and you’ll soon have nearly indestructible bones. Get the facts and protect yourself from fractures!

You do need phosphates too you know. Our bones are made out of calcium phosphate.

And bones break naturally. Physiological fractures do exist. Our bones heal up tougher each time.

Imagine knowing…

  • How to turn on the “youth hormone” that keeps your bones and muscles strong… your skin firm and supple… and your joints flexible and pain-free…

There is no youth hormone.

Best of all, most of the treatments and remedies Dr. Stengler recommends were created by God, not cooked up in a Big Pharma lab. And the vast majority cost just pennies a day and are safe and easy to use at home!

Are you starting to feel what a wonderful difference this information will make in your life?

Can you feel the stress melting away as your health issues disappear one by one?

Can you imagine the exhilaration of waking up one morning very soon and thinking to yourself…

Of course you can never call into doubt his research because it literally invokes faith as a component. Unless you believe in this it won’t work which is the precise point of a placebo.

  •  The healing truths hidden in the Bible…
  • Beating “untreatable” cancer in one month or less…
  • Melting off stubborn pounds and getting a fresh start on your fitness…
  • Saving yourself and your loved ones from cardiovascular death…
  • Maintaining a “razor’s edge” intellect for all your days…
  • Relishing the freedom of a life without chronic pain…
  • Washing away stress and fatigue and enjoying boundless energy…

And so much more…

And if it doesn’t work, it’s clearly your fault rather than the sad truth. That your health at an old age is often the roll of a dice mixed in with choices made when younger.

In short? It leeches money of the desperate. Sure it may be cheaper as an alternative to medicine but it’s not in the long run. The initial savings here will come up later when medicine does have to step in to save someone.


  1. DSH says

    I think he’s talking about Crataegus sp., not Euphorbia millii. Probably no more effective but less toxic.

  2. Al Dente says

    Thanks, Dr. Stenger, but I’ll stick with the stuff brewed in the Big Pharma labs.

  3. angharad says

    Oooh, 200 times more training. Let’s see. A medical degree in Australia takes 6 years plus, I think, 2 years as an intern before you’re allowed to practice more or less on your own. That’s 8 years altogether (and approaches twice that if you want to be a specialist surgeon). So is this person actually proposing that naturopaths spend 1600 years in training? Why, they really must have the secret of eternal youth…

  4. minxatlarge says

    Shorter: Natural Cure for Cancer = Quack. QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

    Why do people prey on cancer patients? Because people weakened by disease are easy prey for psychopaths.

    Don’t mind me; tonight someone thought that I should be persuaded by Dr. Mercola, so I’m in a mood.


  5. smrnda says

    The ‘unbreakable bones’ bit made me think.. what is he suggesting, an adamantine skeleton like Wolverine from X-men? No matter what you do, bones will break with sufficient force.

    Biblical diets… I heard that in some places in Europe, people wouldn’t eat the potato at first because it was a food not mentioned in the Bible. Not that the Bible ever said you couldn’t eat any food not mentioned in the Bible, but just goes to show how insane the ‘Biblical diet’ nonsense can go, and that it isn’t anything new. Just worse now since with more knowledge of human nutrition, we should really know better.

  6. wannabe says

    I can never understand the “Big Pharma is keeping your doctor from telling you about this cure!” argument. I guess doctors and their families never get cancer or heart disease or diabetes or whatever. All doctors must fear Big Pharma more than they love their own children or even themselves (let alone their patients).

    Or maybe Big Pharma is giving doctors huge bribes. That’s why you went into medicine, right?

  7. mildlymagnificent says

    Correct the hormonal imbalance that causes chronic back pain. Yeah right.

    For too many women correcting that hormonal imbalance would also require a tardis. If your back (and/or pelvis and/or hip) joints fell apart during pregnancy due to an overproduction of an otherwise wonderful hormone called relaxin, there ain’t no going back from there. Unless your tardis gives you a chance to rerun your pregnancies with some kind of relaxin limiter or modifier, it’s off the table.

    The main hormonal imbalance that I know of affecting pain is thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism sufferers often have a low pain threshold. Easily remedied with a simple cheap daily thyroxine tablet – which will also alleviate or eliminate the associated lethargy, depression, fatigue and weight gain.

  8. says

    If you are trying to lose weight, choose food based on their weight-to-calorie ratio. You want to eat food that weighs a lot but has few calories.

  9. Rob says

    You are the QUACK here. Just saying that naturopathy is quackery shows how out of touch with reality you are. And, to discount Oriental Medicine as a better choice to the chemical drugs used by western doctors is shear insanity. We survived thousands of years without drug companies and allopathic doctors. Allopathic doctors who are “owned and controlled” by the drug industry, to promote and push their un-natural “medicines” are the true quacks here, and you are only promoting the quackery. Personally, I owe my life to my naturopath, who happens to have received her training at the best school in the country – the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. So – screw you, and I hope you suffer incomprehensible effects from relying on your “QUACK” “doctor” puppet.

  10. john billings says

    Your saying natural doctors are quacks? Any farmer today know you prevent disease by giving them minerals & other nutrients and avoiding junk… I guess you’ll be one of the docs who die at 56 because you make money from the big pharma industry… I was completely relieved of leg cramps & severe stomach problems by taking a complete mineral & vitamin complex, amino acids & fatty acids… You are doing people a great disservice by saying natural living doesn’t heal… and a my brother died after chemo treatment…

  11. Alan Hopkins says

    I started fasting 10 years ago. You can do the research on that and decide for yourself. But the entire research I did was secular… had nothing to do with the bible. So while I’m not promoting the bible anything relative to fasting… I’m not about to post verbal vomit either.

    What a Looooong blast of diatribe this post was as most of it was all over the map not wishing to stick to the question. Does fasting work, work how, work what?

    I say use Google, some common sense, and your own experiences. Brian Chambers – I’ve found many people in my lifetime that spend enormous energy calling others “full of crap” what are rather the one full of crap. You sir and full of crap.

  12. says

    11. Natural doctors are quacks. I work in a country filled with farmers who eat 100% natural food but who still get a lot of diseases that I have to cure. I come from a family that lived in the countryside. My great grandmother lived till 94. My grandmother is 82. I don’t know what planet you live on but chances are you are going to live longer because of access to medicine. Natural living doesn’t heal, it’s rather farcical considering EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING YOU EAT IS NOT NATURAL. Wheat, Rice, Corn, Apples… all of these are domesticated.

    12. No, fasting doesn’t work. All you do is die hungery. People have died because of idiots like you flogging unproven bullshit.

  13. Charmaine says

    AMEN TO COMMENTS 10-12!!!

    By the way Brian THERE IS SUCH A THING AS NATUROPATHIC MEDICAL DOCTOR. These are MDs who later on took up Naturopathy BECAUSE THE INDUSTRIAL MEDICAL COMPLEX IS SUCH A FAILURE. I’ve worked for an MD whose cancer got cured when she changed her diet and tried natural treatments. Why did she seek a solution outside the system? Because her cancer kept coming back in spite of the cut, burn, and poison methods she initially went through.

  14. says

    The weight loss kids have to be intense power-walking, just a leisurely walk through
    the park or neighborhood. Your poor food choices and lack of motivation.
    Eat foods that burn calories and fat in weight loss order to
    burn the 3, 500 calories necessary to lose one pound.
    Eating these types of foods weight loss force you to eat in the morning than say a glass
    of water & wait at least 10 minutes. Obesity has become a major health concern for
    adults, teen weight problems are real.

  15. crabb says

    I just listened to your video
    Thank you for trying to sell GODS knowledge and wasting 30 min. of my time just to tell me i cant have this knowledge. As well as everone else who is on a FIXED income. may GOD bless you the same way you bless others.

  16. says

    It isn’t my video. I don’t think this is knowledge but quackery. I am “against” this person preying on people for profit.

  17. Rick lukens says

    I would like to hear your expalnation of how Joel Osteen’s mother Dodie has survived a fatal diagnosis of metastatic cancer of the liver for over 30 years with no trace of it in her body through nothing but prayer and reading and declalring scriptures about healing.

    You are somewhat correct though, someday she will die, even if it’s not from Cancer. Maybe old age.

    Interesting also how many “quacks” turned out to be correct once western medical technology caught up with them. and proved them to be correct. The sad part is they were ridiculed and humilated throughout their lifetimes.
    Mainstream techniques have also faded away, lie bleeding and leeches. One very mainstrem supplement that was laughed at is the use of Omega 3 fish oils and krill oil. There was time not long ago when doctors thought the bones of the skull were fused together, until technology proved them wrong.

    Many “quackeries” in the usa are proven, documented and mainstream medications and therapies in Europe and otther countries and published in peer review journals.

    Reading and an open mind may save suffering for hose you care about. There is science out there that is highly proven and documented even to western medical standards that is still being ignored that is lower cost and safer than popular treatment. Dean Ornish has proven twice in double blinds that chronic late stage heart disease can be cured with diet and lifestyle change, but drugs, bypasses and stints are all the rage, although many hospitals are turning away from stints as a primary option now that data is building up to show there are issues from the use of stints that will probably result in the need for recurring invasive treatment.

    I have experienced the blessing and tragedy of western medicine up close and personal,through saved lives and loved ones killed by things as simple as not reading allergies to mediciqtion on charts after they were told the info as well. I have also had some very low cost and much needed relief from alternative natural medicine after conventional medicine failed me.

    I have a friend with 3 children he was told he would never have, with one vocal cord (the other had to be removed and he was told he would never speak above a whisper) who can sing so loud you can barely handle it . His family was told he would die over 20 years ago and to say good bye. A friend went in and prayed on him (he lietarlly climbed up on him and prayed for him) and he walked out of the hospital a few hours later.

    We have a family member who is alive and the hospital has no explanation. He is a young vet with a brain filled with lesions. Any Dr. Looking at his scans says he must be dead or a brain dad vegetable. . He is alive and reocovering. You can explain or discount these and many other events like them, but I believe God is not dead or non-existentand He is a whole lot bigger than our problems,. Miracles are not a thing pf the past, and the prayer of a believer is powerful. I have seen, experienced and look forward to seeing more of God moving in peoples lives and doing thing s that defy logic and scientific explanation.

    If you think a life full of hope and love is appealing, try giving yourself to Christ and reading His word and accepting Him in your life. He won’t solve all your problems for you and give you a stress free life without struggle or effort, but He will change you forever in a very good way.

    Have a great day and help someone else to do the same.

    Please excuse any typos, the letters on my portable device are so tiny I can hardly see them.

  18. says

    The bones of the skull are fused together… They fuse as you grow older… It’s how you age skeletons. No seriously? That’s basic forensic medicine.

    It’s how we date human remains. It’s not “perfect” but we can get to within 2 years of an age estimate for under 40s (by 40 all those sutures close). I mean you are born with a bunch of open sutures and they close up. You don’t think the process continues till you are left with a solid skull?

    These are empirical because we have x-rays and indeed actual skulls from actual people whose age we know and we can see this timeline.

    These are anecdotes, and there are anecdotes of Hindus and Muslims and Jains and Buddhists and Shinto praying and getting healed.

    It’s simple. People give this anecdote because it is easy to say. Cancer survivors are all around us after all.

    Let us take Rabies. The only survivors of rabies are due to the Milwaukee protocol.. No prayer has ever worked. A

  19. Confused says

    An extremely close relative is being treated for an Adenocarcinoma in his Esophagus. After weeks of Google searching and reading and reading about quackery, big pharmaceutical concealing life saving info so on and so forth because they will all have to file for bankruptcy, I’d like to say that if such a scheme is proven in my lifetime I will kill more people than all of the serial killers in the history of mankind could ever dream of killing.
    Regards to all involved

  20. Grannie Annie says

    I remember my mother telling me about her mother having cancer. It must have been in the mid to late 1930’s. She fasted ( I can’t remember how long. For some reason 2 weeks sticks in my head.) The cancer was gone. A few years later grandma was in an automobile accident. She was sitting in the back seat. (No seat belts then) It threw her toward the front seat with her landing with her abdomen across the back of that front seat. They think that is what kicked her cancer into action again. She died in 1948.
    So, I’ve been reading “The Bible’s Healing Code Revealed” with great interest. I wish I knew how my step granddad found this information. It sure gave my grandmother more time here on earth. At least it was long enough for me to get to know her some. I was 9 when she passed.

  21. says

    Hello there our family participant! I would like to point out that this informative article is awesome, wonderful published you need to include the majority of major infos. I would like to professional additional content such as this .

  22. Joe J says

    Brian Chambers IMO does not even qualify as a human being, nor does anyone who is more than happy to drum up some ridiculous scheme like this to make a buck, not caring in the least that it will cost people their lives.

    How tragic that, despite quack after quack pimping the most glaringly blatant BS as some “magical cure” for this or that (esp cancer) so many years now, there are still people naive/stupid enough to buy into them – despite ANY independently verifiable evidence showing it has ANY effectiveness (or even any logic/common sense behind it), let alone enough to actually risk your life on it. It seems some people are just dying to die.

  23. says

    Stylostixis is predicated on ancient Chinese medication and uses
    skinny, fine needles that are placed on completely different elements of the body to
    unblock the flow of energy within the body’s energy channels, or meridians.
    To help relieve back pain resulting from strained
    or injured back muscles, give your back plenty of rest.
    You should also know the type of back pain you
    are suffering.

    Here is my page: _______

  24. says

    Although maximum site owners are familiar with these concepts, but they may lack the expertise to do it the correctly.
    A VPN creates an encrypted connection to a third-party
    server, and all your Internet traffic is routed through that server.
    It’s probably some mix of the two, so I have to give him props for
    not going too far in either direction.

  25. L Jackson says

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’m sory to hear that you think prayer is pointless.

    In contrast to the beginning of this article, I had stage 3 breast cancer that actually did “vanish” after just 3 treatments of hyperthermia in Germany with a very small amount of chemo. Very little, to no damage to my regular cells. That was almost 6 years ago. Prayer, not coincedence, lead me to the decision and ability to pay for and find a miracle network of people who stepped up so that I could go to Germany for weeks on end, even with 3 very young children and a disabled father-in-law at home that I cared for. I DO know how cancer works, I’m an RN, and a very strong Christian, and I’m praying for you right now.. I have been given a gift from God of helping others in my situation, or worse. I thank Him and give Him all the glory for my healing and my situation of being able to help so many others.

  26. RONALD B. HAYES says

    I have retired from a major manufacturing company after 45 years of service. My feat among many is 30 years of perfect attendance. I am currently not on any medication. I do believe my practice of proper eating habits,(not always), proper exercise and health habits, and daily vitamins and other health products. (big on daily vitamins and other health products to wart of colds, sickness and other viruses. My co-workers and friends, in our retirement club are plagued with different ailments. I quit going do to the constant complaining and surgery. I have always been interested in vitamins, nutrients, oils, etc. I am also a devout christian who firmly believes in the power of prayer and ;healing. However God said he created herbs for medicine. I am on the brink of opening a health store. I want to help those that are on fixed incomes and unreasonable prescriptions. I would like from you and Dr. Stengler’s advice on being a distributor for your products. I will answer any question you might have. God bless you on your mission.

    Ron Hayes
    ph. 580-215-9416

  27. Crissy says

    You lost me when you, very ignorantly said “if you have level 4 cancer, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”. My mother HAD level 4 breast and lung cancer and is today very healthy and cancer free, 10 years after diagnosis! She received excellent care from an amazing oncologist team as well as being lifted up by some pretty amazing people who value our God and the power of prayer. #godisgood #prayerchangesthings

  28. Cindy P says

    You call naturopathy quackery then you have never had a deadly illness. I HAVE!! and YES I am on my way to doing what the specialists
    said was IMPOSSIBLE!!!
    Ever heard of pancreatitis???? well I should have been dead twice, once at 18 and once at 28. The medical staff at the hospital the last time kept saying it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to still be alive with an enzyme reading that I had… well guess what… I’m alive and have found some answers which stabilized it and in past 8 years found an herbal plant that is FIXING it!!!!!!!!
    What was said in this video is stunning to me ONLY because I already experienced A LOT of this information!!!!

  29. Gen, Uppity Ingrate and Ilk says

    Nice. An infestation of godbots with their ridiculous stupidity. Lol @ Pancreatitis being a deadly disease that no one can recover from.

  30. says

    Hi anyone who says naturopathic medicine does not work … in my book is a complete idiot and probably an internet troll do you know what that is people … one who demonises great alternative in the medical concept of healings and is paid by big pharma to try and quash the evidence ,, these morons are everywhere today and you must learn how to spot one when you see one .. like this fool in this post this piece of shit should be taken out back and have his kneecaps busted and then top it off with a broken jaw and fingers so the tool-headed imbecile cant function for a while … cancer patients if only given 3 months to live and have an opportunity to try anything that might have some effect on their situation … anything is worth a try … the power of the mind is unlimited if you know how to use your brain … cut through the bullshit main stream whore media that have people so dumb down they actually think 2 plus 2 equals 5 use you head thinking for yourself willabsolutly set you free … soif this treatment for cancer says try it for yourself and not for the multi corperate cockroaches out there … 10 to 1 your can the power of your own intellect says it socer will be gone within that 3 months

  31. Dunamis says

    Every information should be given the benefit of the doubts. Try to balance everything. Remember that our body has the ability to cure or heal itself as long as you have the right information, knowledge and wisdom. Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial, Everything is permissible but not everything is constructive (1 Corinthians 10:23). Apply your freedom of choice – your freewill (Genesis 3:22). Choose life and blessing (Deut. 30:19).

    To God be the glory!


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