So as many of you will know, I was waiting for my results for my exams hence my absence from blogging for the past few months.

The results are out and I have had a setback. I passed both my surgical and medical exams, the issue is obstetrics/gynaecology and paediatrics. I don’t exactly know what I did wrong yet but I failed.

So I have had to put my work on hold and I am sort of a bit dejected.

So what does this mean? I am afraid due to the changes in my itinerary, I will be unable to get time off to go to Nepal. However, I will still be donating the money promised, just not going to Nepal.

It is a rather depressing time, however I will survive.


  1. Wrath Panda says

    Well that sucks! :(

    Is this something that you can try to rectify shortly, or do you have to repeat a whole section/year or something? I am completely ignorant of how medical qualification works.

  2. ikunuu says

    I read every post of your blog. You’re one of six FTB blogs I read regularly. Please hang in there. You’re an inspiration to me.

  3. Mary in Austin says

    I am so sorry to hear this. I know it is a bad disappointment to you. You are a brilliant fellow, however, and in the end by your hard work you will prevail.

  4. smrnda says

    I knew some med students and I knew that for every exam, there were some who failed and had to retake (because, as they told me, the worst graduate from medical school will STILL be a practicing doctor.) Is the process similar for you? I’m in the US.

    Best of luck next time around.

  5. jagwired says

    Sorry about, what I’m sure, is just a temporary setback for you, but even if you were to never to get some letters after your name, you’re still a wonderful human being.

  6. angharad says

    Sorry to hear that, Avicenna. I hope things get back on track for you quickly. In the grand scale of a life six months is not a long time, although it can seem that way from the wrong end of it.

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