If I Wanted Advice on Being A Prince

Prince Charles is at it again.

There is a problem with Prince Charles, unlike his mummy he doesn’t seem all that bothered about trying to interfere with the running of the UK. Now the problem here is that he provides a Royal Seal of Approval to idiot quacks.

He has been pushing for an acceptance of complementary medicine which is the Intelligent design to quackery’s creationism. It’s an attempt to obfuscate the value of alternative medicine by utilising real medicine and it in combination so that quacks can pretend and take credit for actions of doctors.

Edzard Ernst was one of the doctors looking into Complementary medicine when every single conclusion her came to effectively pointed out that Complementary Medicine was no better than normal medicine and that all the complementary stuff was just bullshit. I assume it was an attempt to protect alternative medicine through the social acceptance of genuine medicine. An attempt to make it mainstream.

It’s simple, an official register of quacks merely validates quackery. It allows quacks to pretend that their snake oil has been tried and tested to the same level as medicine. The fact remains the quack medicine producers have a fantastic leeway of claims that enable them to get away with frankly “lying through their teeth”. There is no oversight, and there can be no oversight.

Any such committee to certify homeopaths would be suspect because it would be like having a Royal College of Astrologers, Diviners, Scriveners, Oracles and Entrail Readers.

And I am sure the good Prince will say something along the lines of “Well Natural Medicine…” to which I say “Natural Medicine is bullshit too”.

A leaf is not a dose of anything. in addition if we were holding natural medicine to the same scrutiny as medicine a lot of it would be junked and even more of it would come with large warning labels and even more of it would be simply be an inferior product. Like paying £200 for knickers made out of barbed wire.

And we do use “herbal” medicine. We in medicine understand more about herbs. It’s simple, your herb contains a compound that causes an effect. We take this compound and make it in effective repeatable doses.

The difference between Medicine and Natural medicine can be seen with a very important drug.

100% Natural

Scary and Not Natural

One’s a steady controlled dose we can utilise with much more precision accuracy and with a maximising of effect.

The other is 100% natural and not as useful and much more prone to side effects and unwanted ones at that.

Even the much vaunted holy grail of natural medicine would be better if refined. Marijuana has an active ingredient and what is more useful than the smoking it up is a controlled dose.

This is not real choice. Homeopathy requires water to have magical properties. Accupuncture seems to work even if the person inserting the needles inserts them at will. Natural medicine is not as good as the real deal. Reiki assumes that pieces of rock affect you through manipulations of your body energy. We may as well sacrifice goats to the gods of health and disease for all the good this does.

This is not a balance of protection with consumer choice. This is not a choice. This is literally an inferior if not useless and downright harmful piece of superstition masquerading as science masquerading as choice. The choice we are demanding is between rigorous evidence based medicine and witchdoctors. If we are talking about legalisation of homeopathy as medical professionals because a Prince said so we may as well go the whole distance and and cast healing spells and give out exorcisms on the NHS.

These are not choices, but the illusion of choice. This is funding quacks with taxpayer funds and is not only a frightful waste of money but a tacit implication that the quacks have a real understanding of healthcare.

If I wanted advice on being a Prince, I would ask Prince Charles. If he wants advice on not fucking up the NHS even more then he should listen to doctors rather than suggest we should turn to magic and fairy dust.


  1. voidhawk says

    It’s funny. When Charlie gets ill, he goes to world class medical hospitals, he doesn’t take flowers from his garden and stick them in his prodigous ears (or whatever the current alt-med woo is.)

  2. coragyps says

    At least sacrificing goats to the Gods of Medicine could have the benefit of some tasty cabrito.

  3. Holms says

    Just in case you thought he had even a single scientifically accurate thought in his head. he’s also worried about ‘grey goo’.

  4. Al Dente says

    Charles’ only function right now is to ask every morning “Is Mummy still alive?” He then as to find something to occupy his time until tomorrow morning. Since he’s a rather stupid person, he’s gotten involved in stupid things.

  5. says

    The house Windsor got a substantial amount of its vast wealth from the sale of opium, and (I believe) is still financially vested in morphine production. So it’s a bit ironic that – other than his DNA – Charles’ “success” is due to dumb luck and criminal enterprises of his forebears.

  6. smrnda says

    Marcus – was the house of Windsor a player in the opium wars? All said, that was a pretty nasty bit of colonial history.

  7. says

    was the house of Windsor a player in the opium wars?

    Yup! Gunboats are one way to open a market. And, if you thought today’s capitalists are rapacious hardasses they are like little sweet-smelling flowers next to the victorian English aristocracy.

  8. says

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