So as many of you will know, I was waiting for my results for my exams hence my absence from blogging for the past few months.

The results are out and I have had a setback. I passed both my surgical and medical exams, the issue is obstetrics/gynaecology and paediatrics. I don’t exactly know what I did wrong yet but I failed.

So I have had to put my work on hold and I am sort of a bit dejected.

So what does this mean? I am afraid due to the changes in my itinerary, I will be unable to get time off to go to Nepal. However, I will still be donating the money promised, just not going to Nepal.

It is a rather depressing time, however I will survive.

Atheism : New Fundementalists

I had a lovely and rather weird conversation with the man sat next to me on the plane.

He was intrigued by my atheism, mainly because he couldn’t understand how our morality works. When he asked how progress was perverted by Islam, rather than terrorism, I pointed out the damage caused to science and the adherence of Islamic Principle and the applied theology that has crippled many an Inquisitive Muslim.

But it’s weird seeing the Huffington Post’s Hunter Roberts depict atheists as fundamentalists. The description under her name may make me guffaw but that’s the thing.

There are people out there who think their lives are out of their control and who will place faith on a complete stranger who offers to sacrifice a bird and read the entrails to divine the reason for such bad luck. It may not be entrails but may involve crystals, chakras or some other form of divinity. But it’s basically tripe. It’s some person justifying their choice of flouncy sleeves or robes by pretending to be a wizard and what is worse, we buy into that. Spirituality may be harmless but it is simply incorrect and paves the way to all sorts of faulty thinking that leaves a person open to being conned and controlled. [Read more…]

Sorry You Got Hacked, But You Did Ask For It

A lot of people are aware that we got hacked.on Saturday and there are a lot of ideas flip flopping about on who is responsible for this and why.

My blog is one of the smaller blogs here, so being hit by an outage actually affects me in different ways. I don’t actually get paid for my work, the blog is my only source of income. It’s however used for

1. Plane Tickets home

2. Luxuries

3. Stuff like clothes

Now to most people this boils down to “Luxuries” but to me it’s important to have these things. I don’t have luxuries in my life. You are already home, you live in places comfortable to you and have social lives. [Read more…]

The Roman Catholic Church’s New Gaffe

I am tempted to call this article “You won’t believe what the Roman Catholic Church has done now!”

Basically? The UN’s produced a report. A report whose TL:DR version boils down to “Why don’t you lot at the Roman Catholic Church have a look in the mirror and have a sodding word with yourself”. It boiled down to the general problems with the RCC. Child Molestation, Homosexuality, Contraception and Abortion.

And the Vatican are crying foul about the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and of course, Fox News has waded in as the voice of reason.

Nah! Just Kidding! Fox has flopped into the argument with all the panache of an epileptic walrus on the side of child molesters and the institution that hid them.

[warning]TW – Usual Roman Catholic Church issues of Child Molestation, Abortion, Contraception, Homophobia[/warning]
[Read more…]

Plymouth University Islamic Society – You Really Do Not Get It

This one’s allegedly from the pages of the Plymouth University Islamic Society and it’s rather indicative of what’s wrong with the way a large number of Muslims think.

If you don’t cover your hair you might as well be naked and shaved…

If I were to be a smart arse about this then I would point out that both chickens are nude. Chickens do not wear trousers. Animals do not have a notion of nudity since that would be stupid.  [Read more…]

I Get Hate Mail – Sochi 2014

Apparently people have taken offense to me repeating a joke I heard by Andi Osho.

I cannot believe you would politicize the olympics. The olympics are about human achievement, what have you done with your fag life that is as important as the olympics? I bet you are fat, ugly and no one would fuck you. Not even the gays. Why do you have to bring politics into sport? What great things have you achieved? I bet you were picked last for sports.

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Pay Attention In Class

The Ken Ham debate demonstrates one of the cardinal issues with regards to the American School system. In trying to get students to jump through the hoop of the standardised test we fail to educate them. We forget that education is for life rather than solely for the test.

This story comes from the usual sources. The Christian Post’s got high praise for this one. It’s about a “T-Shirt Ministry”, or the usage of a T-Shirt to circumvent the law. Basically? A Rusk High school had a Christian poster up that clearly broke the establishment clause and thus was opposed resulting in its removal.  [Read more…]