It’s Not Racist, it’s Trolling! Ignore them!

If you ignore them, they will go away.  And racism won’t affect you!

That’s what I was basically told when I reported a 45 minute tirade where I was forced to play a game with racists who kept up a wall of abuse after I spoke out against their racism. Not the genteel racism of unconscious stereotyping, but the full blown messages that invoked the worst excess of American Slavery, Colonialism and Apartheid.

When I spoke out, I was effectively told to shut up and stop complaining. That no one else wanted to make a fuss. The Racists got away with the same punishment as I did. I got slapped on the wrist for not playing as a team and they got a slap on the wrist too.

That’s more the fault of the system really and that’s the damn problem with racism. The system kept them safe.

So I guess another sport such as has reacted excessively to the problem of “trolling”. After all, if the Indian kid didn’t play basketball as an open Indian he wouldn’t be subject to the chanting of trolls. They aren’t racist, they just are saying racist things to troll you! They are harmless.

Clearly the various people in charge are over-reacting.

No wait… it’s racism and everyone involved is reacting correctly to the behaviour of people. Remember, one student may have STARTED the chant but everyone else joined in.

If we are willing to deal with racism in sport like this then it’s a positive thing. We do the same thing in the UK in Rugby and Football matches. Yet we don’t in online gaming? A sport that is desperately trying to not only get recognised but also be taken seriously. Yet we are unwilling to clean up the fan and player base from toxic elements.

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