Abortion Myths Debunked

Christian Post’s pro-life brigade were out in force over the week.

The problem with such reporting is that it’s an outright lie. And the best lies told are the ones where the teller believes in the same lie.

So me saying “beware the dinner witch! She will eat you if you don’t eat your broccoli” is an effective lie. A kid may believe in it but slowly question it. It’s why the Dinner Witch, Santa and the Tooth Fairy “die” as beliefs at a certain age. We may joke about them and enforce the belief when younger but later on we become less supportive. The belief dies because we don’t believe in it.

To me the belief in a god doesn’t die out because the lie is believed. Everyone believes the story of a god so belief in said god is enforced and enhanced.

It’s the same with abortion. How many pro-lifers genuinely believe the nonsense that they sprout?

UPPER MARLBORO, Maryland — Pro-Life activists addressed five myths which support a culture of abortion at the 2014 Students for Life of America National Conference.

These are children remember. These are children being lied to in order to enforce the lie that pro-choice doesn’t work among other things. We will see that this isn’t just anti-abortion but a systemic effort to destroy the basic right to control one’s reproduction.

These are children who are being lied to.

“The principle reason why I am passionate about the pro-life issue is because I believe there’s an empty grave in the Middle East that used to be occupied by Jesus of Nazareth,” Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, declared. Moore added that Jesus “is a former embryo, a former zygote, a former fetus, a former crisis pregnancy who is now the ruler of the entire universe.”

1. That’s are empty graves across the entire damn planet. The lack of graves in my culture indicates that we all get magicked up into heaven. No bodies = Proof! Skeptical? You should be. Hindus and indeed many ancient cultures cremated their dead leaving no bodies behind. Why must we assume the more logical and common place incidents to be less likely than “magic”.

2. If one came across the Tomb of Tutankhamun, the rationale for an empty tomb is grave robbers, archaeologists and “humans moved the remains”. Not “Magic”. Do you realise how ridiculous this sounds? That we have people who still believe an empty grave is probably due to magic, not due to the very real and natural human interventions?

3. He wasn’t a former crisis pregnancy. There is no Biblical indications for such and I am pretty certain the crime of “making things up in the Bible” is right along side “abortion”.

Below are the top 5 myths discussed at the conference. Myth number one was not discussed at the conference because the speaker was snowed in, but he spoke to The Christian Post in an interview on Wednesday.

So let us break it down.

1. Abortion is needed because of overpopulation

“A lot of people think they are doing the socially responsible thing by not having children,” but they are actually making society poorer as a result, argued Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI).

Contrary to what most professors tell their students, Mosher declared that “the socially responsible thing is to have children — providing the future consumers, the future producers, and the future taxpayers.” The PRI president argued that if American families had an average of three children, “Social Security would be solvent forever,” and if the 56 million babies aborted since Roe vs. Wade were working in our society, the deficit would be half or less than half what it is now. He also pointed to social science showing that children raised in large families have lower rates of crime, drug use, and premarital sex.

“The good book says that babies are a blessing for multiple reasons — for any Christian to believe the opposite is incomprehensible,” Mosher added. Nevertheless, Mosher said population control activists helped legalize abortion, and their ideas still dominate college campuses. He mentioned a population foundation set up by John D. Rockefeller III which suggested legalized abortion and a two-child policy for the United States.

“They think of children as stomachs, and they forget that every stomach has two hands attached,” Mosher explained. “Ever baby killed by abortion makes us all poor.”

And compound interest is evil so let’s destroy the entire banking industry because I read one book and now I understand everything.

This shows a frankly criminal education in economics. That basic economics has not been taught at any level to the Christian speaker. And that in his titanic level of ignorance he has been given a role of teaching young, impressionable minds nonsense. Absolute fucking garbage.

India has 1.2 BILLION people. This is 1 out of 7 people on this planet. 2 in 7 people on this planet are Indian or Chinese.

And this doesn’t mean everyone has a job. In fact unemployment is running wild in India and China where people are hired often to “make work”. Where work can be done faster using technology and is instead using manpower because “manpower is cheap”. and even there the unemployment fluctuates between 4 to 9%. .

Let’s take the UK.  The UK’s unemployment is 7.1% and the USA’s is very nearly 7%. These are people without jobs. These are people sat at home not doing anything. These are people who often do simple, minor and menial jobs to make ends meet.

Steven Mosher is an idiot because Steven Mosher’s mathematics only work if there is no limiter on population growth and in a situation where 100% of people work and there is a net surplus of high paid jobs and if we have effectively mechanised every single menial  job dropping prices and leaving humans to only work in some magical high paid job boom. This is simply not how our capitalist/socialist system works.

This is without the restrictions in terms of finite resources that we have on society. Such as food, water and electricity. There is not an infinite amount of resources and in India you can see the price of exceeding the finite resources. Food is not available to the standard we appreciate, electricity has power cuts and it will only get worse as finite power generating resources expire and water is scarce enough to require rationing and many people do not have safe access to water.

And his research literally is looking at rich families where all the kids have access to education, money and support. Or the value of education is not according to what secular education is judged by.

If you have enough money to support 2 children and have 3 then 3 children will go without proper support. This entire statement is false both in theory and in practice.

2. “Safe Sex” is Safe.

Kevin Bagetta, president of Love Facts, argued that there is no such thing as “safe sex.” He cited statistics showing the contraception does not prevent all pregnancies or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and argued that “sexual abstinence is the only way to 100 percent avoid STDs and pregnancy.”

“15 percent of those who use condoms 100 percent of the time still get STDs,” Bagetta declared. He also reported that “21 percent of teen women using contraception will be pregnant within two years.” Begetta suggested the site LoveFacts.org for more information about the “Risky Life Style” and “STD Roulette” involved in “safe sex.”

While “safe sex” can have these harmful consequences, he argued, a chaste life does not. Abstinence means no STDs, no emotional heartache, no loss of freedom, and no abortion.

Seatbelts don’t stop all accident fatalities, so we should not wear them.

Sexual Abstinence only works in an ideal situation, in an ideal scenario and if it’s usage is perfect. The world is littered with failures to sexual abstinence.

The Christian Right who power the pro-life movement are entrenched in hyperbole and bad statistics.

“15 percent of those who use condoms 100 percent of the time still get STDs,”

“60% of the time it works every time”.

Not all STDs are HIV/AIDS yet the charming pro-lifers treat it as such. Teen pregnancies are higher in states with abstinence only education due to the sheer level of ignorance with regards to sex. The CDC’s data is that the incidence of teen pregnancy in children who have a comprehensive sex education is 60% lower.

Most of these stats can be disproved if you understand the statements.

15% of contraceptions users get pregnant in two years? How many of them wanted to get pregnant? And this seems to simply be not the case considering we see the teen pregnancy rate in  those kids is actually lower.

3. You need abortion to protect the health of women

Marguerite Duane, associate professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University, argued that “it is never necessary to have an abortion for a woman’s health.”

As a medical professional, Duane addressed pregnancy situations where some doctors suggest abortion to protect the mother. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, where the baby grows outside the womb, the professor laid out four options, discussing the morality of each.

The “watch and wait” option, where the doctor monitors the pregnancy and allows a natural miscarriage, is not abortion, and so is acceptable. Two other options – an abortefacient drug and cutting the baby out – are abortion and immoral. But the last option, that of removing the tube in which the embryo grows, is not immoral because it involves removing a diseased organ, not directly attacking the baby.

In this case, however, the surgery is not an abortion, because the goal is to save the mother and the child’s death is only a consequence of helping her. According to the principle of double effect, Duane argued, this sort of procedure is neither abortion nor immoral.

This is where I can weigh in.

There are plenty of reasons to abort for the health of a mother. The simplest example is “Ectopic Pregnancy”. This is deadly, if you don’t abort the baby then the mother dies. Other reasons to abort? Vesicular  mole. What? It’s got human DNA.

Marguerite Duane is not an expert in birth and if she thinks this is true then she her medical education is terrible. This advice is atrocious.

There are reasons for abortion

1. Impending Miscarriage

2. Birth Defects

3. Danger to the mother such as Aggressive Cancers

Even an ectopic pregnancy and it’s treatment is an abortion. The only reason it is not an abortion is a technicality. The only reason it’s acceptable to you is that there is a loss of integrity to the mother. The woman suffers “more” through the procedure and there is a permanent damage so it is okay.

Honestly if you could treat an ectopic pregnancy by abortifactent or displacement of the embryo then you have achieved the same effect as removing the foetus and allowed the mother a better chance of having another baby.

If the only difference between the two is the technicalities then you are lawyering the rules of heaven to fit your needs. It is like cutting the supporting rope on a bridge and then saying it’s not murder because there is no law about cutting rope and it’s gravity that killed them and besides, now you don’t have a bridge.

And there is one rule that is sacred to medicine. It doesn’t matter what gods you believe in, it doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is, the patient always comes first. To put your own faith before the welfare of your patient? To force a patient to fit your faith? You are not a doctor madam, you are a quack.

.Watch and wait killed Savita Hallapanavar.

4. Adoption is Worse Than Abortion

Russell Moore declared that “nothing is more contrary to human reason or human compassion” than the argument that it is better for a woman in a crisis pregnancy to abort her child than to make an adoption plan.

The idea that abortion is better than adoption, Moore argued, comes from the myth that abortion erases pregnancy. But rather than erase the reality of pregnancy, “abortion simply deals lethally, cruelly, and mercilessly with one of those two people to leave the other deeply, deeply broken.” Moore emphasized that “those of us who have spent years counseling with, loving, and walking alongside people who deeply regret abortions realize” that abortion carries moral and emotional consequences.

Moore also addressed the stigma of adoption, both for the mother and the adopting parents. While Moore celebrated that the shame in adopting has largely disappeared, he lamented the myth that “making an adoption plan for one’s child is a loss of control or choice.” Instead, he argued, mothers wishing to give their children up for adoption have a great deal of control over who will adopt the baby, and “the act of choosing to give life and a future and a story to her child is an act of heroism.”

Not every baby is adopted. There are children that go through their entire lives in foster care without an adoption. These kids get the best that people can spare, rather than the best that people can give them and there is a difference. We want kids to get adopted and go to permanent loving homes.

The emotional consequences of abortion can include regret, but the major influence on such are the pro-life shame brigade who guilt people into giving value to cells that don’t mean anything. Without their influence there is little to no regrets and people go on to live long, happy lives WITH kids later on who go on to be healthy and long lived themselves.

There is absolutely no stigma to abortion. None. No one shames adoptive parents. Adoption is great, but I wish we never had to adopt kids to give them a proper home. I wish there were no reasons to put kids up for adoption.

But there are reasons in this world. Parents die leaving orphans. There are parents who cannot care for their kid and there are parents who should not care for their kids. While I wish they never had to be in foster care there are kids for whom foster care is the only option.

For them to find happiness through adoption is great. But that’s not going to happen for all of them. As a child gets older there is less of a chance to get adopted. And for every kid you adopt there are bunches who never ever get adopted.

And you want to deny some people the right to adopt children (The GLBT) and then add more kids to this list in foster care and then somehow expect the balance to magically square?

5. Abortion could never be made illegal.

“Do you know abortion was illegal?” asked Steve Aden, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom. He noted that abortion was illegal under English and American common law for 700 years, and it only became legal in his lifetime. Rather than asking “can you really make abortion illegal?” Aden said people should ask “can you really make abortion illegal again?”

Despite over half a billion dollars per year in funding for “big abortion,” Aden explained that the abortion lobby could not pass “the so-called Freedom of Choice Act in 2009,” which would have made “making abortion illegal, illegal.” Aden also praised the state legislatures in 2013 for introducing over 300 abortion restrictions. “Abortion is already against the law in most states for many purposes,” he declared, and “the pro-life movement is already taking abortion down to levels we haven’t seen since the late 1970s.”

In light of this progress, Aden predicted the abortion industry will go extinct, declaring “big abortion is a dinosaur on a leash.”

Well slavery was legal in English and American Common Law for most of that 700 years.

The law changes, law 700 years ago has been changed both in the UK and the USA. In the UK it was changed because women were suffering a lot of unsafe abortions and it was argued that abortion will happen irrespective of it’s legality. Jailing women does not work. Until the 28th week (at the time) the foetus was not independently viable and so medical abortion was legalised. Since then the provisions have increased with both legalisation of late term abortion and progression of medical technology changing the age of abortion to 24 weeks as late term. In addition there were expansions of sex education and availability of contraceptives.

The law can be changed, that’s the entire damn point of how women vote and black people now have legal equality.

The praise for state legislation damaging abortion is a sign of the problem with the pro-life movement. This is a movement that just put up a doctor that gave a “wait and see” for ectopic pregnancy and considering their frankly unbelievable desire to maintain pregnancies, the emphasis that a salpingectomy  has to be done.

They are literally suggesting you not use methotrexate or laproscopic removal of the surgery UNTIL it’s a more serious condition and then to remove the tube.

And these people have the gall to call themselves pro-life?

One of the major problems with religion is that it lets you do really horrible things as long as you can lie to yourself and say that it’s good because those things are mandated by your god.

To brainwash children into believing these lies is just reprehensible. It is not just creating a new pro-life generation  it is creating a new generation of people who are so entrenched in their  faulty  beliefs that they force them on others.

You can teach your kids all this nonsense if you like. I cannot stop you harming your kids through bad education. But don’t expect all of us to condone it and enshrine bad education within the law. This is harming children and will continue to harm more children.

The damage caused by these claims may seem minor but we just saw an actual doctor suggest a sub optimal line of medical treatment to be pro-life in an emergency situation. That the utilisation of the art of anaesthesia to make tiny incisions to push ports through skin so that we can pass tiny instruments and make cuts and repair a living and moving piece of tissue that has malfunctioned and caused a life threatening implantation of embryo by removing the embryo and fixing the tube… that this should be governed by the laws of people who would have considered this as magic. That this is the nadir of human achievement and the slavery, sexism, rape and genocide of the Old Testament and New Testaments are it’s zenith.

There are victims of this sort of thinking, real victims. Not just women who die. Not just women who are not allowed to die in peace. There are women who think that their choices are to care for children they are ill suited to care for and who bring up children against their choices because of social peer pressure to behave in a specific way and to not abort or not utilise birth control. There are victims of this sort of thinking who HAVE to have abortions going through their entire life thinking they are sinful for not dying or raising sick children or not risking their lives. That somehow people can judge another’s personal choices and denigrate the usage of basic medical procedures to give women the basic right to control their own reproductive cycle.

Instead we just see the application of religion, the utilisation of science to excuse religious beliefs and force kids to believe these things and harm another generation.


  1. says

    If you have enough money to support 2 children and have 3 then 3 children will go without proper support.

    That would be me. That’s why there will never be a third child. I would not want to burden an actual innocent child with the responsibility of having ruined it for everybody involved by merely existing.

    But the last option, that of removing the tube in which the embryo grows, is not immoral because it involves removing a diseased organ, not directly attacking the baby.

    Wait, weren’t they all in favour of having lots and lots of babies all the time?
    Removing the tube greatly diminishes a woman’s chances of having actual children later in life…

    No one shames adoptive parents.

    Ahhh, not the adoptive parents, but the birth mother!
    Many years ago, my husband’s cousin became pregnant and managed to ignore said fact until she was almost due. When she gave birth, a bit before time, she considered giving the baby up for adoption. At that point noone in the family knew that she’d had a baby, but my mother worked in the children’s hospital where the kid was treated. So, not knowing that she actually knew the woman they were talking about, she witnessed what people said about this horrible, heartless, irresponsible, etc woman who considered giving such a sweet baby up for adoption. You could have thought that she was going to drown him in the river from all the talk.

    Since then the provisions have increased with both legalisation of late term abortion and progression of medical technology changing the age of abortion to 24 weeks as late term.

    Question: Does that include abortions because of severe malformations?

  2. Randomfactor says

    if the 56 million babies aborted since Roe vs. Wade were working in our society,

    They are. Abortions typically don’t replace childbearing, generally they only delay it until the woman is physically, mentally, and economically more ready to bear children.

    Know what’s keeping the population down? Menstruation. Why don’t they go attack THAT for awhile?

  3. RJC says

    I don’t understand the massive fail at understanding even basic macroeconomics. Well that’s what you get when you subscribe to supply-side economics. Low demand for labor, increase labor supply …. Profit.

  4. angharad says

    Urgh, that ectopic pregnancy thing makes me want to punch someone every time. ‘Wait and watch’ and ‘natural miscarriage’ mean ‘sit around in pain and bleeding until your fallopian tube bursts, risking hemorrhage and peritonitis, and then have invasive surgery to fix it.’

    No 5 is wrong too. Throughout much of the middle ages it was not technically illegal to have a first trimester abortion. Even the Catholic Church held the position that an embryo / foetus had no soul until the ‘Quickening ‘ (that is, when the mother first felt the child move). However, there was so little understanding of pregnancy that actually getting an effective abortion was very unlikely. Really it was only when science began to guarantee abortions that actually worked that people started to ban them.

  5. Janan says

    “The “watch and wait” option, where the doctor monitors the pregnancy and allows a natural miscarriage, is not abortion, and so is acceptable. Two other options – an abortefacient drug and cutting the baby out – are abortion and immoral. But the last option, that of removing the tube in which the embryo grows, is not immoral because it involves removing a diseased organ, not directly attacking the baby.”

    So she is saying: “My religion forbids killing a fetus, so instead I’ll just watch and let it die, or redefine the procedure as removal of a diseased organ. The outcome is the same for the fetus, but you won’t catch me breaking the rules, and that’s what matters, not the fetus and not the mother’s health.”

    If she’s Christian she should recognise this sort of thinking: I believe they call it Pharisean. Avicenna, you are more on the side of life than she is. You obviously care about saving the person who can be saved – the mother, her life and health.

  6. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    >Abstinence is 100% 99.9999999% effective.
    (Insert picture of Jesus)

    Fixed that for them.

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