How not to be an Atheist

For Hitler so loved the world, that he sacrificed 6 millions begotten Jews, for thy international community may pity thy Jews and give thee a piece of Palestine, Oh Rejoice and believe thy Jews not perish in Gas Chambers, but where gassed by thy holy spirit.


The holocaust is a tragedy and a highly polticised tragedy at that. We can see the difference between the attitudes between Germany and Japan, where the militarisation of Germany would be seen as “a horror show” and where Nazis are so revilled they take on the spectre of bogeymen while in Japan, war criminals of equal tragedy are still treated as heroes to be worshipped much to the anger of neighbours.

The Holocaust is so defining a moment in Judaism that to many Jews from Europe, the shared survival of that terror is one of the biggest driving forces in their lives and it is something that haunts many of us.

I don’t think Germany should be avoiding discussions of Nazis. How can  it’s children learn the reality of racism and groupthink without delving in the best example. The Nazis were evil by our eyes but in their own eyes they justified their actions through the way people thought about Jews at the time. The dialogue of scapegoating Jews reaching the point that extermination of Jews despite costing money was seen as a method to “somehow” fix their trouble.

I know people such as Jan Weiner who survived such terror and it surprised him that the victims of the Japanese atrocities did not define themselves via the tragedies visited. Many tribes were extinguished enmasse  by the Japanese army, their men and children murdered or enslaved, their women raped. But I put it down to a lack of willing audiences.

It was simply easier for the people at the time to identify with Jews because Jews looked less alien than my ancestors.

And that’s fine, there was progress, there were bad moves. We became less racist and more accepting of Jews and less anti-semitic but at the same time we also made mistakes such as the foundation of Israel. No, I don’t think we should be making homelands on the basis of religion and especially not when there are already people living there.The Holocaust made the “manifest destiny” arguments with Palestine a lot more easier to palate and so we forcibly split a country. Never mind that such lines in the sand never work without bloodshed, it didn’t work in India, it didn’t work in Israel. It’s as daft as drawing a line down the centre of a room with the door on one side and expecting both occupants to play nice particularly when the door is on the side of the newcomer and he gets more money and has a nicer bed.

The point is this is a poe. This is a poe that crosses the line into anti-semiticism and parodies a racist Christian.

There are Christians who see the Holocaust as a good thing as it drove the formation of Israel which progresses the end time beliefs. The technical term for these guys are “wankers” because what they think and want is terrible.

We need to be better than this. There are atheist Jews who still have a strong relation to the Holocaust and some tact and consideration helps make our society more inclusive rather than saying the same nonsensical and horrific things as the idiots who salivate over the end of the world.



  1. Alex says

    I’m confused… Whose quote is that in the beginning? And you’re right, germany should not stop discussing the holocaust, and indeed, it doesn’t!

    ps it’s Wiener

  2. doublereed says

    One thing I have realized is that while Jews actually discuss the implications of the Holocaust to their religious beliefs (in synagogue, during Krystallnacht, etc.), Christians never do. It just doesn’t seem to come up in their religious discussions.

    Whenever I speak to Christians about it, they always seem rather taken aback that genocide would have implications toward religion and God. They just haven’t thought about it.

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