A Question to Readers of FTB

The Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) are a charity that came to my attention following some atheist on atheist harassment. I knew about them from their Academy Award winning documentary, but  I only read through their website after this unfortunate incident.

Well ASTI offered me something rather cool, an opportunity to do some good out of this. ASTI are running fundraising trips, usually expeditions and hikes to raise money for charity.

ASTI have also offered me a chance to go to their sister charity which deals with the victims of burns. In South Asia, a lot of domestic violence occurs through kerosene burns. A lot of accidents too. It’s an interesting opportunity.

This is in Nepal there is also a nice hike they have planned for raising funds.

Now I have two questions for readers of any and all FTBlogs.

Firstly? How many of you are willing to support me and a couple of other FTBloggers (Whose names shall remain hidden until they choose to confirm their participation) with donations and/or fundraising activities that can net more donations? The proceeds of which go to a charity that is dedicated to halting acid violence.

Secondly? Would you like to come with?

The rough dates are March 2015. A year. I am almost at the cusp of giving a definite yes which would entail a year of me doing medicine AND getting into shape (I need to lose close 10 to 12 Kg of weight and build some walking muscle). The walk I am assured isn’t that hard but does require a minimum level of fitness. A year to raise funds and a year to get into shape is what we have to work with.

And n one piece of good news? I asked if it was an issue that we are atheists. ASTI have confirmed that it is no problem (as long as we are not dicks about our atheism which none of us are) to fundraise and indeed participate as atheists and that they have no qualms associating with us or any other religious group provided we don’t treat acid violence as a simplistic “It was religion’s fault”.

Which we do not since we understand it’s multi-factorial.

My goal is to start fundraising after my exams and time on leave. The reason? Well FTB is undergoing some changes and it would be easier to fundraise from a nice fresh frontpage. It”s also a trip home and I fancy drinking, bacon and pizza. When I start up again it will be in March, hopefully the new stuff will be up by then.

So anyone fancy a walk?


  1. sc_770d159609e0f8deaa72849e3731a29d says

    Certainly like to back you. More info later, I hope

    No work or college stopping me, but I am more than sixty years old and have heart problems…
    On the other hand: WAY TO GO!

  2. Wrath Panda says

    Given that my wallet is but days away from being freed from the oppressive shackles of legally binding debt management schemes (Roll on Feb 1st!), I think that I could probably scrape together a few coppers to throw in the direction of this worthy cause.

    I’d also just like to point out that this also means bonus beer tokens for your return to dear old Blighty, should your plan of a social gathering still be going ahead.

    As for the participation side, regrettably the requirements for actually getting my knackered and crumbling frame into even a modicum of shape would probably mean that you’d be getting extra medical practise every half mile or so keeping me in one piece! :)

  3. Al Dente says

    I’ll throw a dollar or three at you. However, like sc_alphanumeric mess I’m over 60 and have a bad heart plus I have arthritis in my hip so I won’t participate.

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