I Don’t Think You Understand What Insulting Means

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner run Generations Radio, a religious radio station.

What’s so bad about that? Well the lovely Pastors are upset over something called a Rose Bowl Parade.

Googling it nets me a puzzling understanding of this. As I see it, it’s an event in College American Football (Hand-Egg) where there is a lot of cultural stuff attached to it. Like a big party plus a game.

I don’t pretend to understand American Football. It seems to me a game that would be infinitely better if it didn’t keep stopping every 5 minutes and you forced the entire team to play but I play Rugby so I am apparently biased in my sports that involve egg shaped balls.

But what Kevin and Dave are irritated about is the horrific and direct assault the Rose Bowl Parade levelled at their Christianity and their Masculinity. After all? A Gay Marriage Took Place. On TV (I assume) and in front of the kids!

The float was sponsored by the AIDS1 Healthcare Foundation and this was unacceptable to the righteous Kevin and David who like their more well known namesakes (Sorbo and the King of Israel) decide to chuck stones at the mighty giant that is The Homosexual Agenda.

Swanson: They’ll also witness a controversial same-sex wedding, courtesy of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. According to the Pasadena Star News, a pair of homosexual hairstylists will ‘marry’ along the parade route while riding a wedding cake-shaped float sponsored by the AIDS group.

See that’s the thing. I don’t consider this controversial. What’s the controversy? Two people of the same gender want to marry each other out of choice? Then why is that a problem? Does the arranged marriages of Jews or Hindus denigrate marriage? Does the economic marriages of Hindus or indeed of many Asian cultures denigrate the romantic sanctity of White Anglo-Saxon Christian Marriage? Does walking around a fire denigrate your church?

No. None of these things affect marriage.

There is no controversy apart from “You Guy Cannot Be Homophobes Anymore”.

Buehner: This is an AIDS group? This is a group that’s against AIDS? They’re not trying to spread AIDS right? I mean, if you are trying to spread AIDS you would have pro-homosexual propaganda but if you’re trying to stop it….

Because “STAHP! STAHP TEH BUMMING!” really works at stopping the spread of HIV. How has that abstinence only methods of controlling HIV gone down in Africa? Good? Bad? Or “Now Africa has more than 2/3rds of HIV and AIDS patients on the planet and HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest killers in the world thanks to such practices.

I mean in many countries the majority of HIV cases are in heterosexuals. In Africa it’s a heterosexual disease. Are we to say that we should stop heterosexual marriage? And remember, lesbians have the lowest rates of HIV. Does that mean the God hates homosexuals, but likes lesbians?

I actually disagree with the organisers of the float. I don’t think Gay Marriage will fight HIV anymore than straight marriage fights STDs. The Gay Men have high rates of HIV because of some very simple population mechanics.

1. MSM are a small sub-sect of the population that we can assume for the purpose of calculation is a mutually exclusive sexual group. In effect we can ELIMINATE all non-MSM from the dating pool. This means that the active population pool of partners is very very small. So each MSM actually constitutes a greater percentage of the population.

2. The MSM traditionally have had little to no reason to use condoms since the condom DOES NOT protect against the STDs most Gay Men Traditionally would fear and t he big STD prior to HIV was Syphillis and that got kerb stomped by Penicillin. Without the fears of traditional venereal diseases Gay Men had little reason to use condoms. Straight men did (Babies are an expensive price for casual sex)

3. Now if we assume the MSM have the same number of sexual partners as the non-MSM they would still be sleeping with a greater percentage of their available sexual partners. So they are simply more likely to get unlucky while getting lucky and meet someone with an STD.

4. MSM have generally had more sexual partners because of a variety of reasons meaning they were more likely to get to that unlucky hookup.

None of this will change due to Gay Marriage. Gay Marriage is not going to stop MSM from being a small subsect, gay marriage is not going to get gay men to use condoms, gay marriage is not going to stop the hook up culture any more than straight marriage has stopped men and women from going out with the purpose of getting laid.

What has controlled the spread of HIV in the straight population is the fear of pregnancy which meant the usage of condoms. Even today the usage of condoms has ensured the low spread of HIV in the straight population despite non-barrier contraception.

The GLBT have had poor access to sex education and considering straight people make so many daft mistakes with sex, I am assuming gay men do them too. There are a lot of fears for the younger generations of Gay Men who didn’t grow up with the HIV epidemic who don’t take precautions.

And this is not going to be solved by gay marriage but by condoms and safe sex.

Swanson: They may be serving lemonade too as part of the event, I hope not but maybe.

I don’t know what this means. Is lemonade some euphemism that I have been thoughtlessly uttering? Will asking for a lemonade and vodka on a plane get me slapped (Penthouse version – Dragged into the mile high club by two saucy air stewards. The gender of these air stewards is entirely up to the reader. Whatever Rodgers your Hammerstein)

Buehner: I wonder what the Rose Bowl parade would do if we had the stoning of a homosexual along the parade just as an expression of free speech and all that.

They would think you are a disgusting bigot. But I agree.

It’s free speech. You should be allowed to depict the stoning of a homosexual. I think because it shows the difference in the dialogue and would do more damage to you than otherwise.

See you would think “See! We Beat The Gay Agenda!”.

What we would see is “Look at these bigots, look at their hate and look at the pain and suffering they cause. This is their vile poison and this is what they wish for us”.

I am afraid the damage this float would do would not be to the Gays, it would insult them and it would be a reminder of the pain and suffering they have endured, but it would harm Christians.

Swanson: I think that would be rejected by the Rose Bowl parade committee.

And I would petition for you to have your bigoted float.

Because I have a couple of ideas for floats too. Of raping virgins, genocide and slavery.

Who am I kidding. Part of me knows that the goodness of people would be horrified about the biblical floats about the rape of virgins, the genocide and the slavery of the Old Testament.

But I know the float that would get me the most hate in the USA would be the one banning the consumption of Pork. The No Bacon Float would irritate and anger more people.

Maybe I should just stick with a single banner to follow your float. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Buehner: Well what if the stones were just made like of flowers and flower pedals?

So you would be showering a gay man or a man who you claim is gay with flowers and petals?

Is this going to involve some lemonade later?

Swanson: I don’t know if they’d allow that or not. Anyway ladies and gentlemen, this is another instance in which the degradation of our society is going mainstream. 

Because stoning a gay man is more progressive than letting the GLBT marry.

Ultimately these two pastors just demonstrate how a cloistered and bigotted view if left unchallenged can fester into something even more horrific. The protection Christianity affords to their viewpoint harms the GLBT because in many areas these people are in sufficient numbers to affect real reductions and harassment aimed at the GLBT.


  1. William Bailey says

    Yes, I can see it now. A float with rape victims being stoned to death, or forced to marry the rapist, while he pays thewir father for the loss. This tableau would be followed by the Amalakite genocide float, and the human sacrifice float. Followed closely by the castrate yourself for the greater glory of God float.

  2. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    this was unacceptable to the righteous Kevin and David who like their more well known namesakes (Sorbo and the King of Israel) decide to chuck stones at the mighty giant that is The Homosexual Agenda.

    Actually the Biblical King David was very much bisexual. (History pedant.)

    The Biblical King David also comes across as a generous and forgiving and loving man unlike his US radio namesake here.

    The implications of this verse :


    About David’s relationship with King Saul’s son Jonathon (who David said had a “faithful love*” for him) are rather remarkable I think! They could well even be interpreted as giving biblical sanction to gay marriage!

    * It is also noted they two men kissed each other in other. See 1 Samuel 20:41 in that linked bible /Torah story which is worth reading in full for those unaware of it. Good site that one in my view.

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