Rejection of Some Creationism Still Doesn’t Make Your View Right

It’s getting closer to the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate and creationists are girding their loins for what they think is yet another assault on religion/attempt to do science. But there is a schism between the Intelligent Designers and the Young Earthers with what’s right and what’s wrong.

Which is like arguing over which is more real, the tooth fairy or the cyclops. This one’s from Stephen Altrogge whose gripe with Ken Ham is just amusing. [Read more…]

An Old Response to Russel Glasser Regarding Vaccinations

Hi Avicenna, great article. I’d just like to ask a question because this is definitely an area where I could stand to bone up on my technique.

“There is an absolute hand grenade of question that I have found turns the vaccination debate into an utter rout. How does the Immune System Function?”

Would you mind gaming this conversation out for me a little, either in comments or in a new posts? Let’s say the antivaxxer says either “How the hell should I know?” or gives an entirely wrong answer. Then what? Do you give this entire lecture about how it really works? Or is there a key point that will drive the point home, some major bit of information that you can use to make their ignorance really obvious?

Maybe you could provide a short Socratic dialogue of how you’ve seen this conversation go from there after you’ve tossed the grenade, or link to a forum thread or something?

This is a question from Russel Glasser (that little known blogger on a certain network!) on an old post. [Read more…]

It’s Not Racist, it’s Trolling! Ignore them!

If you ignore them, they will go away.  And racism won’t affect you!

That’s what I was basically told when I reported a 45 minute tirade where I was forced to play a game with racists who kept up a wall of abuse after I spoke out against their racism. Not the genteel racism of unconscious stereotyping, but the full blown messages that invoked the worst excess of American Slavery, Colonialism and Apartheid.

When I spoke out, I was effectively told to shut up and stop complaining. That no one else wanted to make a fuss. The Racists got away with the same punishment as I did. I got slapped on the wrist for not playing as a team and they got a slap on the wrist too.

That’s more the fault of the system really and that’s the damn problem with racism. The system kept them safe. [Read more…]

So Why Do Atheists Form Communities?

It’s simple. Atheists form groups because they want to meet other people who they can discuss their opinions with. Many atheists in addition have different ideas with what to do with their atheism and like to spend time with like minded people. It’s the same with football I suppose. There are people who support Manchester City and they buy season tickets and sit in the sleet singing Blue Moon, and there are those who go to a handful of matches and watch down the pub. Now the “true” fan is neither, they are both fans, it’s just that they have different ideas to what they should do with their support.

Skepticism lead to my atheism so I use my education to provide medical advice to anti-medical skeptics in addition to campaigning (and indeed physically working against) religious issues that affect healthcare. We all have different things we are involved with. And that goes with most groups. Most religious people are ad diverse bunch too. [Read more…]

Abortion Myths Debunked

Christian Post’s pro-life brigade were out in force over the week.

The problem with such reporting is that it’s an outright lie. And the best lies told are the ones where the teller believes in the same lie.

So me saying “beware the dinner witch! She will eat you if you don’t eat your broccoli” is an effective lie. A kid may believe in it but slowly question it. It’s why the Dinner Witch, Santa and the Tooth Fairy “die” as beliefs at a certain age. We may joke about them and enforce the belief when younger but later on we become less supportive. The belief dies because we don’t believe in it.

To me the belief in a god doesn’t die out because the lie is believed. Everyone believes the story of a god so belief in said god is enforced and enhanced.

It’s the same with abortion. How many pro-lifers genuinely believe the nonsense that they sprout? [Read more…]

Short Hair Blues

There is an article going about about short hair.

I started going bald young, I don’t know why, the doctors suggested it was due to injuries sustained when younger.

And for a long time it was a terrible thing. I tried everything. Rogaine to everyone’s natural medicine suggestions. Until finally I had to shave my head. I had an interview and let’s just say I covered for my loss of hair with stupid dye jobs.

At the time when I did it, baldness as a male hair style was becoming fashionable and still there were people who would deride my choice of hair. Particularly after moving to India, going bald was pitied.

And for a while I bought into it. Being bald sucked, mainly because women didn’t see it as attractive and because I lacked confidence (which was probably the reason why it was not attractive). I have even had patients who have far more serious conditions than me  pity me when I say that the reason I am bald is not religious but because I lost my hair. It’s just them.

In India though, hair is linked to virility. I guarantee you this, no event is as pleasurable for a man as an indian barber. Imagine a proper haircut for a few dollars (something that would cost you well into the $30 to $40 bracket out in the USA or UK), a massage and a shave with a straight edge razor (both to and against the grain). It is luxury incarnate to experience and cheap as chips. [Read more…]

Hey! It’s Hera’s Birthday!

It’s Hera’s birthday and I am

1. Heading out to an Exam

2. Heading out to a funeral (a distant aunt passed away)

So I am rather sorry I cannot be in Manchester to celebrate and inundated with work to boot.

*hint* show her some love, she’s been feeling pretty down and I know you guys like her posts.