Catholic Youth Leader Abuses A Second Time

The Catholic Church does not have more paedophiles than any other institution with an inordinate power over it’s wards.

There are probably as many paedophile teachers as there are priests.

However, the problem with the Church is how it dealt with paedophiles. In order to maintain the illusion of a moral high ground, the Catholic Church attempted to cover up, hide and outright deny the existence of paedophiles. This was done under the guise of “forgiveness” but in reality it was an attempt to keep the Church’s facade of integrity safe.

The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix Arizona has had a youth leader reported to the police after allegedly assaulting multiple victims. The accuser is Mariain Foley who accuses Brandon Eckerson for rape a few days prior to Christmas 2012. She had not come forward because the Eckerson (the Church’s involvement is unknown) made a promise to not sexually assault anyone else in exchange for her silence.

Which is a terrifying deal. The only reason he didn’t sexually assault people in his mind was because he got caught, not because he wanted to do right. He agreed that what he did was wrong but still did it.

Eckerson’s behaviour as described by Foley can be considered grooming. He brought minors to a bar, illegally purchased alcohol for minors and attempted to get youth members drunk at multiple occasions.

Foley’s suit also applies to the Diocese of Phoenix as the Diocese of Phoenix circulated e-mails identifying him as a risk to children but did not file suit with the police. Only after Eckerson was involved with another rape involving her friend did she deem it necessary to go to the police.

This was not an official deal, Eckerson convinced her to not report him and that he had changed his ways and that the next time he raped someone he could be reported.

And only after this did the Church deem it necessary to terminate his services and prevent him from having access to victims.

Has the Catholic Church not learnt anything? At it’s most cynical and most exploitative the cleaning up of paedophiles would make the Catholic Church LOOK principled and moral. It would make it look like it’s willing to clean house and take a stand. Instead it keeps hiding the abusers and it KEEPS GETTING CAUGHT. It keeps taking hits to it’s reputation when it does this. From a purely objective standpoint covering up for these abusers is a losing prospect since the hit to the Catholic Church is worse now. If they had simply handed them over to the police the Church would look like it cared for it’s flock, not for it’s reputation. Not only do people now think “Catholic Priest” is synonymous with molester, but the Church itself is seen as a organisation dedicated to protecting paedophiles and rapists.


  1. Al Dente says

    If they had simply handed them over to the police the Church would look like it cared for it’s flock, not for it’s reputation.

    The lesson of Watergate and numerous other scandals is that if you come clean right at the beginning, you take a much lighter hit to your reputation than if you keep covering up and keep getting caught hiding what’s happening. It doesn’t seem like the Church does care about its reputation because they know the child rapists keep getting found despite the Church’s best efforts to hide them.

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