Layla Murad and Her Reasons for Leaving Islam

Reading this made me wonder why we aren’t as willing to tell the stories of ex-Muslims and how they see their own cultural climate change due to the pressure of Islamic changes.

Layla Murad is another “Arab Name” of note. She was a Egyptian singer and incredibly popular. If she lived today she would never have become famous, because she was a Jew.

This isn’t THE Layla Murad but someone who was inspired by her to take on her name to write under that. In the same way that I picked up Avicenna (the latinised form of Ibn Sina). I am not the Medieval Islamic Polymath and Doctor. I don’t own a time machine despite what the TV show tells you.

But her story on why she left Islam is an astonishingly good read.


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    The comments on her article are unsettling… Many of them seem to be trying to dismiss her or patronise her. I suppose that when one hasn’t got anything else to say, complaining “this is badly written” is a substitute for an argument?

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