Letters from the War on Christmas

Tiffany Wait tried to get her infant child a gift but got more trouble than she bargained for.

Babies are (allegedly) cute. I am told this repeatedly especially after child birth when parents insist their baby is adorable when I think the baby looks more like a jacket potato.

But that’s just me, I am an angry man and something like a baby cannot touch my corroded heart.

But I do know this. Not everyone wants you to touch and hold their baby. For a variety of reasons ranging from “I have no idea if you wash your hands after you pee” to “WTF? You expect us to not accept candy from strangers but it’s okay to leave your infant with a random stranger?”.

Tiffany didn’t want people to touch her kid. That’s pretty acceptable, but the people at the Church didn’t think so. After all! They were being generous. This was a toy give away after all and if poor people didn’t want their babies touched they shouldn’t be so poor. This was at Bible Baptist Church’s Toy Shop in Chikasa, Oklahoma. She was told that she could not participate if she didn’t let volunteers hold the baby.

Pastor Tim Hayes has tried to apologise but Tiffany doesn’t wish to speak to him. The church since has tried to reverse it’s position but it’s clear that the damage is done.

Not only did volunteers try to forcibly take her baby away, they also refused to let her pick out toys all because she didn’t want a stranger holding her baby.

But she still got a happy endiing, Oklahoma Atheists stepped in with donations to balance things out so she still could have a proper Christmas. Toys, Dinner, Gift cards, Money. Christmas (cliché warning) was saved.

Remind me again, which group hates Christmas.


  1. had3 says

    Gods work in mysterious ways and it’s a Xmas miracle how he softened the hearts of the atheists who truly want to believe as was demonstrated in their kindness. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Al Dente says

    If someone says “I don’t want you to do X” when X concerns something or someone under their control, then the reasonable thing is not to do X. If a mother says “Don’t hold my baby” then you don’t hold her baby. This concept should be so obvious that even a control freak Christian should be able to understand it after the mother says it four or five times.

  3. Stella says

    In Virginia, in the US the poll workers would not allow me to vote while holding my baby. They were highly insulted that I wouldn’t just hand my daughter over to them.while I went inside a curtained booth. I was appalled.

    I managed to vote by putting her on the floor with my foot hooked under her jacket. She was technically outside the curtain but still under my control.

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