War on Christmas – Aftermath

So in the aftermath of Christmas, let’s look at the Orlando Sentinel’s Dan Oelrich.

Basically? The more I read of American Newspapers and the people they are willing to let speak, the more I fear that the American Education System may not be teaching people about the “law”.

It is December — atheists’ favorite time of the year.

Only if you are a Christian Atheist, many Hindu atheists prefer October/November thanks to Diwali being in that time period.

But yes it’s another “War on Christmas” piece where an American does not quite get what that whole constitution means.

This is the month where they use their keen senses to root out any vestige of religion that might get within a millimeter of a public building. But isn’t this putting them in a superior position?

Because if the Hindus want a memorial, you lot would be up in arms about it. Hell, let’s just look at the so called “Ground Zero Mosque”, how many people are trying to speak against the construction of a privately funded Mosque on private land. Imagine an Eid celebration and how well that would go down.

Atheists as a group have been in the news quite a bit this year. In June, The Associated Press reported the unveiling of a new monument in Starke, in front of the Bradford County courthouse.

When the atheists couldn’t get a monument of the Ten Commandments removed, they installed their own monument. The monument displays quotations from the Founders and punishments listed in the Bible for violating the Ten Commandments.

Because the 10 Commandments violate the Separation of Church and State and thus create a caveat where ANY religious belief can now add monuments. That 10 Commandments? We must remember that they are not taken out of context in a bronze age book of bronze age beliefs and bronze age ethics. To claim that such is the foundation for modern justice is nonsense.

More recently, the AP reported that atheist churches are being established throughout the world. One such church in Los Angeles had 400 attendees at its opening. Its hymns include “Lean on Me” and “Here Comes the Sun.”

Again with that damn Atheist Church. It’s not a church, It’s just a social club.

In the past, atheists used public buildings (mostly courtrooms) to congregate. Instead of priests, pastors or rabbis, they have attorneys who also go through equally vigorous training with the most emphasis placed on the various translations of the Constitution.

You are free to practice your religion provided it does not break any laws, but the government will not support any religious establishment. This is not up for translation considering it was written in English.

I don’t mean to state the plainly obvious, but doesn’t atheism have all the makings of a religion? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines religion as “an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group.”

: the belief in a god or in a group of gods

: an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods

: an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group

These are the Webster dictionary’s definitions of Religion. The first two apply to Christianity. The third is the colloquial usage of the word religion.

As in “Football is my religion”. Otherwise you are comparing your belief in a god to an activity that is merely important to a group and is not divinely  mandated in any way.

But that, too, is subject to interpretation.

No, what it was subject to is quote mining. 

Where the author emphasises the least common usage of Religion and completely ignored all that belief in gods or the ceremonies to assuage them.

Here is where the rubber hits the road: Doesn’t the atheist religion dominate our public institutions?

Because they don’t invoke magic beings to function? Well we find that sacrificing a dove and reading it’s entrails is rather less effective at estimating the weather than the weatherman. The only thing that would tell you is that you have a dead dove and that if you plucked it and gave it a good grilling you could have a rather tasty meal.

By that logic atheism powers medicine, economics, engineering. Our entire society is run on “atheism” since it’s run assuming the absence of any gods and through the application of scientific research. One does not pray to the Internal Combustion Engine to make it move.

This clearly violates the true intention of the First Amendment, which was to prohibit the establishment of a state religion.

This is a Newspaper that’s hired this man who cannot even understand how the First Amendment works to write for them. At no point did an editor sit this man down and explain how stupid this argument is.

Atheists have unfairly pushed out other religions in favor of their own. I find this offensive.

Anyway … Merry Christmas!

You find it offensive because we won’t let you flog ONLY your religion in public. Had this been an Eid celebration you would be capering around screaming about how we shouldn’t let Islamic ideas into a monument. The only reason it is offensive is that you are not getting a special privilege.

Atheism is not a religion. It is the absence of one.


  1. busterggi says

    TBS’s ‘A Christmas Story’ marathon ended at 8:00 PM rather than running for all twenty-four hours of Christmas day. We have won but it cost us two viewings of Ralpie, can we survive such pyhric victories for long?

  2. says

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  3. spectator says

    #2 looks like another creative spammer.
    Oh and foreigners educating us on our Constitution doesn’t go over very well with all but the most self-hating Left. There is a Mosque across the road from our Catholic church. There are 2 more Christian churches on that stretch of road and a Mormon temple.
    Speaking of Hindu temples (if that is the correct term), we also have a beautiful one of on in the area, nestled in Malibu canyon.
    As far as the Ground Zero Mosque, none of the opposition denied that the Muslims had every right to build it. However 911 was the most horrifying US tragedy in my lifetime as was for all of you, was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists motivated by radical Islam. So erecting a huge, in-your-face reminder of who perpetrated 9/11.
    If the goal of the atheist activists is to eradicate religion forever, why are you or other atheists at least agree that the religion responsible for the unprovoked terrorist attacks again the US. Then you rally behind a dangerous religion that still stones women accused of adultery, If you have the terrible misfortune of being raped. You can’t report it, unless you rather live a few more days hoping no one will find out.
    But hey, Christians and Jews seem to be the only ones opposed to a new multi-story complex that was the symbolic equivalent of giving the US a big middle finger. With all the places in NYC, why did they insist on that location? It just wasn’t a good idea.
    They have the right to build a house of worship there or anywhere else. People can freely protest the mosque as well, convincing them to find another local.
    When these other religions build their houses of worship, there isn’t any protesting. Only this Mosque at this time was culturally insensitive. Was if fair for them to trigger PTSD suffers be callously dismissed? Islam caused 911. Why would they want to remind traumatized New Yorkers further by billing there of all places?

    PS. the link doesn’t show the article that triggered your rant.

  4. ShowMetheData says

    Oh and foreigners educating us on our Constitution doesn’t go over very well with all but the most self-hating Left.

    ACTUALLY understanding the constitution doesn’t go over very well with the following:
    – Fox news and most news media
    – Christians who want to have a privileged position for their religion established in the government – which is unconstitutional
    – Most members of the town councils, school-boards, and other government officials whose job it is to understand the Constitution
    – Military officials who are sworn to defend the constitution The Constitution hates baby Jesus
    – Ted Cruz and all Republicans – do not understand the Constitution

  5. AnotherAnonymouse says

    The mosque/childcare center/community center in NYC’s location is blocks and blocks away from the Twin Towers. Just like not all Christians are responsible for the Inquisition and witch burnings and the general batshit persecution that goes along today of non-Christians, not all Muslims are responsible for 9/11.

    @3, just last year, a Sikh temple was laid siege to by a batshit Christian who went on a rampage and slaughtered many, for absolutely no reason. Just last week in Colorado, a “good Christian” boy in Colorado, enraged because he was suspended for making death threats against a teacher, returned to the school and shot two teenage girls, one of whom died, and wanted to slaughter the teacher who suspended him for being a threat. Looks like the teacher was right.

  6. thebookofdave says

    @spectator #3

    Oh and foreigners educating us on our Constitution doesn’t go over very well with all but the most self-hating Left.

    Commentary about systems of government succeed or fail by evidence and application of logic, not on which lapel flag pin is worn. If you are accepting the opinions of people like Dan Oelrich without question, you should be more grateful when a foreigner takes an interest in our constitution.

    Only this Mosque at this time was culturally insensitive. Was if fair for them to trigger PTSD suffers be callously dismissed?

    Well, I didn’t expect the Argument From Political Correctness, so much as its selective application. You might be surprised to discover that there are a significant number of Muslims living in NYC; the kind of folks who seek access to religious services in their home town and country. People whose very presence would traumatize their fellow New Yorkers, if they hadn’t already been thoroughly desensitized be the steady stream of 911 and Islamic Terror used for political convenience. At least you were charitable enough to admit they were exercising their civil rights and broke no laws.


    One does not pray to the Internal Combustion Engine to make it move

    True, although I have cursed more than a few. Perhaps my method needs more carrot and less stick.

  7. elpayaso says

    Dave, i find those threats and imprecations to be more effective when accompanied by waving the Holy Rachet Wrench. altho maybe Avi will have some input there, inasmuch as vehivcles from Blighty seem to be more, uh, prone to illogical cantankerousness than those from most other places. Can Tata make Jagwahz reliable? inquiring minds want to know…

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