Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Last week, Megyn Kelly of Fox News decided to inform us that Black Jesus or Santa Claus was not a real thing.

Never mind the fact that as a Middle Eastern Jew, Jesus would have been considerably swarthier than what Megyn thinks “white” is. St. Nicholas being from Lycia may not have been as white as the driven snow either. Indeed many depictions of him show him as considerably swarthier than the modern idea of Santa Claus.

But even after her sudden outbreak of foot in mouth disease, Megyn Kelly decided to do something even more ignorant. And in doing so exposed the general bigotry still pervasive both at Fox and in Conservative Americans.

[warning]Apparently this is a Parody that was posted around the net that I fell for. The price of falling for bad sarcasm.[/warning]

After a discussion about the “Duck Dynasty Malarky”, a Democrat worker called Whitman asked her a question

When the segment concluded Whitman asked Kelly if she thought her erroneous comments about Santa and Jesus would fall under protected speech. That’s when everything went horribly wrong for Kelly. Not realizing her mic was still on and she was being recorded, she announced that she stood by her statements and thought it was ridiculous that she had to apologize. She continued stating, “Look, every significant historical figure has been white.”

To which any sane person would have responded with, “are you serious?” and “maybe a list of names”.

Whitman was understandably shocked and countered with, “What about Gandhi?” Kelley fired back, “He was obviously white. Everyone knows that.” (Arthur) Aidala and (Monica) Crowley agreed with Megyn’s analysis.

Gandhi is not pleased with your whitewashing.

Never mind the fact that Gandhi got famous by breaking apartheid based on the colour of his skin and that every photo of Gandhi out there depicts him as being “Indian”.

It isn’t just Megyn it’s a man who works for Fox News and a Conservative commentator effectively whitewashing Gandhi and claiming everything he fought for “White People” without any understanding of what he was fighting against. If Gandhi is a white man then George Washington is a Royalist.

Whitman shot back again with a list of influential figures, “Martin Luther King, Mandela, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Cleopatra.” Her response sent Whitman storming out of the studio. “I said significant. None of those people are significant.”

One small point. Cleopatra was probably not African since she was a Ptolemaic descendent and was a product of super duper incest and the Ptolemaics were an Alexander Successor Kingdom and were Greeks.

But apart from that the rest were not white. The achievements of these individuals changed how the world worked and Megyn Kelly is demonstrating the problem with a large part of American culture. That ignorance of other cultures is not only acceptable but good. That there is nothing worth learning from any other viewpoint. That the entire history of the planet is pointless except for America.

My question is this. Is Fox News seriously hiring someone who is this racist, biased and incapable of understanding that people of colour are influential across the planet? Maybe she doesn’t have to know everything about Gandhi, but Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King are Integral to American History. To regard their achievements as not significant is to completely misunderstand American history and culture.

If you as a newsreader misrepresent that in the country you were not only born in but also working, then what good are you? Why on Earth are you even holding down a job where you have to discuss politics.

Oh then again. It’s Fox News. They are more interested in a “Wag the Dog” War on Christmas rather than any real journalism.

This is pure Lowest Common Denominator TV. Of flag waving and blind patriotism and conservative values. To hire Megyn Kelly shows a lack of journalistic integrity and is par for the  course for Faux News. It is one of the few news sources at this point that I trust even less than the Daily Mail.

Which shows how bad it really is.


  1. colnago80 says

    How about the late former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. The current US president and 3 of his predecessors attended his funeral.

  2. says

    I must assume that by history, she meant US history and stuff that happened in her lifetime and isn’t trying to claim the Mongol Empire and various Chinese empires are inconsequential. Do you have a link with video of her remarks?

  3. Maureen Brian says

    Ace of Sevens, she probably doesn’t know there was a Mongol Empire or a Mughal one for that matter.

  4. Acolyte of Sagan says

    When the England cricket team refused to go to South Africa in protest of apartheid, the Afrikaans government offered to give any visiting black players the status of ‘honorary whites’ for the duration of their stay. Maybe Kelly thinks* on the same lines; as long as they’re ‘dusky’ rather than black, then if you can’t ignore their acheivements, make then honarary whites.
    Or maybe she’s just confusing Ghandi with Ben Kingsley.

    * Yeah, that’s the flaw in my argument.

  5. says

    Kingsley is Indian on his father`s side, English on his mother`s, and was born Krishna Pandit Bhanji. He only became Ben Kingsley in the early `70s, worried his Indian name might hurt his career chances.

  6. Al Dente says

    Fox News is the neocon propaganda organ. If lying about which team won a baseball game would advance their agenda, Fox would have no problem doing the lying.

  7. otranreg says

    And if you’re going the Ancient Egypt way, Cleopatra (the 7th) wasn’t too much of an illustrious person. Her life made a really cool story (though in all fairness, the last decades of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt are a continuous cloak-and-dagger drama), but that’s about it.

    There were far more prominent and interesting Egyptian kings, or non-kings, like Hemiunu (love the manboobs).

  8. Samsara says

    “Look, every significant historical figure has been white.”
    Ha ha HAAAAAAA!!!
    Oh Megyn Kelly, I bet you’ll be having a ‘White Xmas’.

  9. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    She continued stating, “Look, every significant historical figure has been white.”

    Nelson Mandela?

    Mahatma Gandhi

    Martin Luther King

    Rosa Parkes

    Benjamin Banneker

    Barack Obama

    The Queen of Sheba

    Just the start of a very long list indeed.

    And who knows what more POC could have achieved given a fair go the same as the Caucasians.

    PS. Maybe a parody article but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it were still a pretty accurate representation of that Fox news mindset.

  10. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    I wanted to add there the name of one of the key scientists involved in effective blood transfusions who apparently I read somewhere* was African-American and died because he was refused the very blood transfusion process he created on racist grounds followingan automobile accident. (I think?)

    However, to my shame, I have forgotten his name and full story. Anyone care to enlighten me please?

    * Mentioned as a footnote in the SF novel Dust if possibly unreliable memory serves. A great end of the world scenario novel by the writers of another end-o-world SF one somebody and Pellegrino / Pellegrino and somebody?

  11. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @9. otranreg

    And if you’re going the Ancient Egypt way, Cleopatra (the 7th) wasn’t too much of an illustrious person.

    Also she was Greek, well, of Macedonian heritage if I recall my history correctly and thus arguably Caucasian / European in origin. One of the Ptolemy dynasty that took over Egypt post Alexander the Great right?

    /history pedant/lover.

  12. casemaker says

    I think you need to be a bit more emphatic about your disclaimer in this piece:

    [warning]Apparently this is a Parody that was posted around the net that I fell for. The price of falling for bad sarcasm.[/warning]

    As you can plainly see from several of the comments below, some people are accepting this ‘news item’ as being true. If you ‘fell’ for it, as is apparent by the considerably developed response you made to it, why do you continue to run it without a headline acknowledging that everything you’ve written below has no basis for being said at all. In it as current form, this column is, at best, completely meaningless; it offers a rebuke to thin air. But what is worse, it gives fodder to those who would use its content unthinkingly to fan the flames of the culture wars. The column reminds me of nothing less than of something that Fox News itself would prepare.

    Please consider up-top, and in big letters that on this one, that you were duped, and there is really no valid reason to read on.

    I have enjoyed reading other of your columns.

  13. otranreg says

    @9 StevoR

    Yes, she was one of the Ptolemies, and these guys, as you say, were Greek from the start (Ptolemy I, the founder of the dynasty was one of Alexander’s generals, and his governor in Egypt), and mostly reproduced through marriages with royalty from fellow Hellenistic kingdoms (i.e. Greeks), or incest.

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