Tea Party Needs to Check their Sources

This year saw the release of Bioshock Infinite. A game about choice and about racism and indeed a game that was well loved and well appreciated.

But it is set in a floating city of racists. Where White Racists used a black, Irish and Native American population to run their floating utopia. The sense of small town America in the sky breaking apart when you first have to stone (well throw baseballs at) people guilty of the crime of “miscegenation”. And you slowly delve into a world powered by racism and oppression.

A part of the Tea Party and the “Patriots” of the USA didn’t check their source.

The National Liberty Foundation (who don’t quite understand the meaning of the word Liberty) decided to post this up on their site.

Tea Party

This is art from the game. This is from parts of the game where you slowly realise you are walking around a racist sky city. Where the founders of the USA are depicted as saviours against the Native American, The Blacks, The Jews, The Chinese, The Mexicans and The Irish.

And the Tea Party hasn’t realised that the entire joke is that the villains of the Bioshock games have been of certain ethos. The City of Rapture was created by the Randian Libertarians. The Second Game while not as well liked dealt with the Communists. The City of Columbia was founded  by people whose ethos is similar to the Tea Party.

This is why you check your sources of the art you wish to depict.


  1. cottonnero says

    It’s the same phenomenon that causes Stephen Colbert to be taken at face value. If introspection is never on your to-do list, you will end up looking this sort of foolish periodically.

  2. trinioler says

    Well, sort of.

    What follows are game spoilers. I’m not sure how to hide them. So, you have been warned. And I apologize if anyone feels like I’m reiterating the game plot at them; I am merely attempting to construct an argument, so I must provide references.

    Basically, the game, while trying to make a comment about racism, fails much like many Great White Writers have failed – in the mire of false equivocation. The people of color on Columbia(largely depicted as black people, but there are implications of hispanics and asian people working in similar roles) are basically treated as slaves. Around the first third, you start to learn about the leader of the rebellion, Daisy Fitzroy, and how she was framed for murder, and had to run and hide to save her life.

    Its around this time that Booker, the protagonist and avatar for the player, mutters something along the lines of “She’s just like Comstock” based on no supporting evidence, merely that she seemed to the political counterpart to Comstock, the villain of the game. Keep in mind this is a white man in early 1900’s America.

    Elizabeth, Booker’s escort, target, and ally, also says something similar much later in the game. Now, just because a character equivocates between the racist, violent, jingoistic pseudo-Tea Party leader that kept Elizabeth locked up away from everyone else and experimented on her all her life, and the oppressed rebel leader fighting for freedom and equality that the game developers think they’re equal…. until we get to the actual actions by the supposed rebel leader.

    Later in the game, after a violent rebellion breaks out, this rebellion is condemned by both Booker and Elizabeth, despite them both having seen the violence and oppression the people of Columbia have done to the people of color in Columbia.

    Further on, Daisy Fitzroy finally corners the family that framed her for murder…. and she attempts to murder a child. You are then forced, as Booker, to intervene.

    So, what we have here is the two main protagonists, our windows upon the world we experience, both white, both condemning both sides, and then the game designers specifically(!!!!) choosing to validate these observations.

    This problematic as fucking hell, and I would argue, more problematic than the overt racism of the tea party. If I may…

    MLK Jr’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”: http://www.africa.upenn.edu/Articles_Gen/Letter_Birmingham.html

  3. Chaos Engineer says

    This is kind of a pattern. People occasionally do parodies of fascist art, and the actual fascists adopt it.

    Some other examples are the “marching hammers” from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” which got swiped by the Hammerskin groups. And Norman Spinrad’s “The Iron Dream”, a novel that answers the question “What if Hitler had never gotten into politics, and instead moved to the US and become a science-fiction writer?” It was intended as a satire of jingoistic military sci-fi, but some neo-Nazis take it seriously and think it’s great inspirational literature.

    The whole thing is kind of weird. It’s almost like the self-proclaimed “Master Race” can’t find any artistic talent among its membership, so they have to settle for parodies done by outsiders.

  4. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @2. trinioler

    What follows are game spoilers. I’m not sure how to hide them. So, you have been warned.

    Not sure how Avicenna feels about this – its his blog of course -but one good method to hide spoilers &/or triggering material etc .. which is used online in a few places elsewhere is the rot-13 code here :


    Which allows you to transform spoilers to apparent gibberish and vice versa for instance : “Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father!” becomes “”Qnegu Inqre vf Yhxr Fxljnyxre’f sngure!” Easily translated by hitting the cypher button on the link.

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