I Get Mail – Moar Hate

The Trifecta is Reached!

Fuck you you nigger faggot! I bet you cry like a bitch because your skin is not white. Can’t be white so you want to be a jap!

The Trifecta and a casual insult at the Japanese.

I assume it’s because I was using a champion in League of Legends inspired by Japanese Samurai and indeed The Seven Samurai (hence the High Noon outfit).

Well done sir. I see you have managed to be as concentratedly insulting as possible in a SINGLE line.

I would take my hat off to you but I lack one. Kudos! I am sure your mother will be proud of your achievement!

BTW it goes without saying the racists who post these are “banned”. It’s quite spectacular but if you headbutt the banhammer then there is no helping you.


  1. says

    “I see you have managed to be as concentratedly insulting as possible in a SINGLE line.”

    You might want to reconsider posting responses like this. In my experience, people take them as a challenge to concentrate further.

  2. Wrath Panda says

    *Sigh* People wonder why I restrict my online gaming to only with RL friends, or where we can control who we play with. I have avoided the LoL/DOTA2/MOBA type games mainly because I find them about as interesting as clutivating navel lint, but a constant stream of vitriol from large chunks of the community, like the one in the OP, do not give me any great motivation to try and change my opinion on them. Not that this game type is unique in its ability to attract these types of people. I leave any game general chat channel as soon as I find it exists, purely because within 5 minutes, I’ll be able to feel my brain cells committing suicide, one by one.

    Just for once, I would like to find an online community that is not riddled with pestilent fucknuggets infecting my pastime of choice with their mouth-breathing, oxygen wasting presence. I’ll not hold my breath.

  3. Obscure reference says

    Well, it is a game of a different sort. Nto a live action by any means. But entertaining and has some hidden jokes. Kingdom of Loathing.
    As an example of the culture on the forums:
    The game will have quarterly ‘challenges’ or themes. One was a back to high school. One of the choices was to make out with someone. The choices had names that were male, female or gender neutral. Apparently when they first launched the content the gender neutral name was Pat. In the forums thread a person stated that they hoped it wasn’t based on the recurring character Pat from Sat night Live because it was truly offensive.
    One of the developers/mods quickly responded and said it didn’t occur to them that it was offensive. They were trying to be inclusive and failed. The quickly changed the name to Taylor or Madison or similar. The Mod even said that when they started the game they assumed everyone was like – male heterosexual – but have matured over time to consider other viewpoints. They apologized (an actual one) and said they learned something today.
    The commentator accepted the apology and said they felt comfortable sharing they are trans* on that board as the mods do not allow harassment or insulting.
    There are places where the people act like they should. Just not nearly enough.

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