Update – Wounds

So the wounds are finally healing to a point where I can move my hand again.

I was on vancomycin and this meant I had to worry about renal failure because the pathogen that affected my hand was resistant to penicillin antibiotics. But it’s subsiding and it means I can write again.

Thanks to all those who sent good wishes and the like.

The dog’s also doing fine although he does require some more training to cut out some of the aggression he has picked up since getting hurt but I will do that when my hand’s fully healed.

So posts should resume forthwith.

Now I really wish i had a camera so I could terrorise you lot with pictures of open wounds…


  1. ekwhite says

    I’m a microbiologist -my gross-out factor is pretty high. Get well soon to you and Tigger too!

    PS: FDA just issued new regulations phasing out the use of antibiotics for animal growth.

  2. Onamission5 says

    I doubt anything could shock me after the necrotic spider bite that Spouse had on his ankle a couple years ago. If you find a camera, post away!

    Glad you are doing better, and hope your recovery progresses quickly, both inside and out.

  3. opposablethumbs says

    Really glad to hear you are recovering well, and Tigger too. Not surprising that some retraining will be needed, though – hope Tigger is soon back to his pre-trauma self!

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