National Hate System – Lord Monckton Takes on Obamacare and the NHS

There is a very strange entity in the UK.

See we do have a “Republicanesque” Party. It is called the UKIP. The UK Independence Party. Independence from what? Europe.

Oh and there will be atheists (A hint his name starts with a C and ends in an  L) who support them. They  are the party of alleged libertarians.

But the things they support and their behaviour have been at odds to their actual claims.

Let’s see now. There is Godfrey Bloom who called female politicians a “bunch of sluts”. Julia Gasper who claimed that Gay Rights were a lunatic charter (Whoops!) and linked homosexuality to paedophilia. Jan Zolyniak also put up a statement that the evidence is quite clear that the percentage of homosexuals who molest children is very high and cannot be dismissed. Douglas Denny called gay sex “disgusting” (To be fair? Straight sex isn’t all that hygenic either mate).

And we also have Lord Monckton.

I just wish they would keep their ­homosexual nature and practices to ­themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not. – Douglas Denny – UKIP

To be fair? This could well be a joke. I cannot tell if the UKIP are a racist, sexist and homophobic party or are just poe’s law in action.

Oh I am sure the atheist in question will say “they aren’t racist!” but then there come individuals who say things like this.

I am informed by past media that Black Caribbean and not Black African have a higher instance of schizophrenia.

“I wonder if this is due to inbreeding on these small islands in slave times or is it due to ­smoking grass.

Yeah… That’s proper bedsheet wearing, cross burning, seig heiling racist.

And out of this come two highly  amusing figures from the UK. Everyone’s familiar with Pat Condell and someone  who’s been taking the fundie, conservative and conspiracy world by storm.

Lord Monckton. And he is weighing in on Obamacare with all the truth and honesty we have come to associate with the UKIP. And he isn’t a lord of anything. Then I am Emperor Avicenna, Defender of the Text Wall.

How can you keep me as a doctor unless I decide to keep you as my patient?”

Interesting way to start.

In one chilling sentence in the New York Daily News, Dr. Marc Siegel sums up how insanely irresponsible the “Democrats” in Congress were to force Soeterocare through without having read the thousands of cobbled-together pages of the bill that enacted this shambles.

Because using the name of his step father makes you a classy dude than the name he actually has?

So basically it boils down to “Doctors are refusing to take Obamacare money because the dollars are made out uranium?”

I was in Washington, D.C., during the final tense days before the vote, and I knew health care in America had gone when Rep. Stupak capitulated. He was the leader of a small but vital faction that had held out against the bill on the ground that it would pay baby-butchers out of federal funds.

Ah yes! The UKIP’s libertarian stance doesn’t apply to women. If you are crowing the good name of  a man who tried to stop women from getting the most BASIC and I mean the most basic of healthcare and abortion and contraception is basic gynaecology and obstetrics. If that’s your line of defence you are not the hero, you are the villain.

For fuck sake? Mockton supports a system which boils down to being pro life for the first 9 months from conception and then not giving a damn about the child.

Baby butchers? Yeah that group of people who have  systematically ensured the increased standard of living of children across EVERY society.

I had told everyone who would listen that Barry Soetero was proposing to reinvent Britain’s over-expensive, under-performing National Health Service, a failed Socialist experiment from the 1940s that rations health care by the simplest of all methods. Let the patients die.

The NHS costs the UK 50% LESS per capita than the US Government ALONE spends on healthcare per capita. So if you are American your government spends twice as much for your healthcare even if you do not have any insurance.

Monckton here is doing something that we call “telling porkies”. AKA his pants are on fire.

The NHS IS Underperforming and can do better. It is unfortunately crippled by people like Monckton who sold off and subcontracted various services at much more expensive rates and for reduced quality.

And if the NHS lets so many people die then why does the UK have a higher life expectancy than the amazing healthcare of the USA? I am sure you will claim that there is some grandiose conspiracy theory but then I would respond with “you are delusional”. If you need a grand conspiracy in order for your idea to make sense then your idea is stupid.

Dr. Siegel’s question is fundamental. In the U.K., after the post-war Socialists had sent the Cambridge economist John Maynard Keynes to Washington to beg for the funds to set up the welfare state we could not afford then and cannot afford now, primary-care doctors kept themselves out of the health service and remained private.

The NHS is a rousing success story. I one fell swoop it eliminated the burden of disease which is a major cost. Particularly in the poorest of people. The people who WORK in small businesses. It eliminated disease as a source of poverty and kept money moving through the system at all times. It may cost us a £1200 or so a year but you know what? It probably does more to keep you at work and money moving through your hands into the hands of others (by ensuring you have wealth to spend) than any other service in the UK.

If Monckton was even a little more indepth in his research he would know the major cause for Bankruptcy and Foreclosure in the USA was healthcare costs. Funny how many people in the USA didn’t have access to proper healthcare and often went bankrupt or indeed went without.

That way, everyone kept his own doctor, and the State paid an agreed fee per head for patients of the nationalized health service. Everyone who was privately insured was free to keep his own plan, and everyone kept his own doctor.

You mean the General Practitioner? Well the USA does NOT have many GPs and “Family Doctors”. Because they were an unnecessary expense in the eyes off privatised medical systems that do not want you using the incredibly expensive doctors.

But Obamacare does not let you keep your own doctor. In New York, a poll by the State Medical Society shows that almost half of all doctors are not taking part in Obamacare. Almost a quarter are refusing to take patients from the already-failing “health exchanges.”

They are failing because the Republican Party and people like yourself have decided that they should fail and have set out to do everything in their power to destroy healthcare.

As Dr. Siegel bluntly puts it, “Your doctor’s unhappiness is a catastrophic problem that the new law didn’t anticipate and is not prepared to address.”

Wait what? Why are doctors unhappy that they have more people who can afford their services.

It had already emerged some time ago that Mr. Obama’s promise that everyone could keep his health plan was – not to put too fine a point on it – a lie.

Now you can’t keep your doctor, either. One way or another, I guess 100 million Americans who previously had affordable health care will either have to pay a whole lot more or lose their previous doctor or their previous health plan, or all three.

Yeah but another 100 million or so will get to HAVE doctors. You don’t get how medicine works. It’s not a specific doctor but access to them all. I got a 100 million people in India who have access to doctors and it means precisely fuck nothing because  there are 700 odd million people without. The system works for everyone. You can’t hold up the richest people on earth and their healthcare and claim that’s what the poorest people in the USA get.

Soeterocare is a train wreck. “Affordable Health Care” is like the Holy Roman Empire or the Lord Privy Seal. None of the words means what it says. It is not Affordable. It will not improve anyone’s Health. And the administration doesn’t Care.

Yes it is. It should have been socialised rather than creating this half baked system.

That’s before the money runs out. The very last thing Congress should have done, at a time when this administration will soon have doubled two centuries’ worth of federal debt in the lifetime of a single administration, is to undertake the largest open-ended and uncosted financial obligation in the history of pork-barrel politics.

It would have been cheaper. Had the Americans managed to make the system cost the same as the UK’s NHS and provide a SIMILAR level of healthcare to what they do now they would have saved 50% of the total health costs and that’s without all the money that the people spend on private medical care.

And it’s not like American doctors earn all that much more than the UK. We do well enough.

The central defect of Obama’s wholesale destruction of what was once the best system of health care on the planet is the central defect of communism everywhere. It. Doesn’t. Work.

Except in every single first world nation with better healthcare systems than the USA and does so at a cheaper cost.

Except for that unfortunate fact.

In the goofy, rose-tinted world of the “Democrats,” all you have to do to solve the imagined (and, in the United States, largely imaginary) problem of citizens who had no health coverage was to pass a bill of many thousands of pages decreeing that the problem is solved.

Instead they should just continue and not have healthcare. This would help the economy by ensuring greater amounts of bankruptcy which means that people cannot afford new stuff. This causes stagnation and this causes the sort of bullshit that we are seeing right now.

It also allows small business to not worry about staff illness and cuts the cost of healthcare spending in big corporations which was a major problem for many car manufacturers (Allegedly).

The bill conjured into being an unaffordable, multi-tentacled bureaucratic nightmare that has had the effect of ensuring that three or four times as many people as before end up with no health care, while everyone pays a whole lot more.

Except for all the people who say it’s affordable and easy to get onto.

Forgive me if I take your complaint with a pinch of salt. You just made the claim the NHS is killing people by denying healthcare to them despite the fact that the UK’s got a higher life expectancy than “Freedom Land”.

The “Democrats,” rose-tinted spectacles firmly in place, actually believed that Soeterocare would keep them in office indefinitely. “If you believe that,” as the duke of Wellington used to say, “you will believe anything.”

Says the man who goes around pretending to be a Lord.

If the GOP wakes up in time and smells the opportunity, this administrative catastrophe will fling Obama and his nest of vipers from the White House and from the Senate for a generation.

Yes and we can have more of the people who brought the USA torture, unregulated security trading, stupid wars, reduction in women’s healthcare and anti-homosexual rights while working on the basis that a magic carpenter fairy is whispering instructions in their ears.

However, mere opposition is not going to be enough. The Republicans need to get their heads down and come up with a credible, costed plan to undo the damage that the pulverizing of America’s health-care systems has caused.

You know like just paying everyone’s healthcare bills outright and making sure everyone gets to see a doctor while controlling hospital costs instead of this system where at every stage everyone takes a cut resulting in spiralling costs.

That plan should leave doctors alone to get on with their work. It should ensure that everyone who had a health plan before Obamacare gets it back afterward. It might also make some modest and genuinely affordable provision for the few who could not afford health treatment before.

Your Lordship’s courtesy to the poor knows no bounds.

But first, the decks need to be cleared. Here, in full, is Clause 1 of the bill the GOP needs to bring forward:

“The Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed.”

Yeah. Let’s go back to the good old days when most Americans didn’t have proper coverage and that any illness could spell economic disaster.

Lord Monckton is our fault. We gave you Piers Morgan. We also gave you him. For that we are sorry…


  1. colnago80 says

    This is the same Monckton who claims to have a cure for AIDS and who denies global warming. The man is a first class clown.

  2. says

    Monckton is about the only rightwingnut who doesn’t make my blood pressure rise. He’s just such a buffoon, I can’t help but laugh. The Left couldn’t have invented anyone better to bring shame and mockery upon the Right. A couple of years ago, he was on a panel at an anti-environment, anti-animal, anti-evolution conference in California. Among the other panelists were Wesley Smith from the Discovery Institute and Michael Crichton, who had been dead for three years. I’m still going back and forth on who was the most ridiculous of the three.

  3. thascius says

    Lord Monckton may not realize this, but many, many, many private insurance plans in the US restricted pt’s choice of doctor long before Obamacare. He also doesn’t seem to realize that US taxpayers were paying for uninsured people to get healthcare long before Obamacare as well, just doing it in the most expensive way possible-by making them go without healthcare until they got seriously ill or disabled and then the taxpayers get to pick up the bill. If this was really about saving the government $, it’d be far cheaper just to pay for preventive care. But it’s not about $, it’s about “I’ve got mine, screw all those losers who don’t have theirs.”

  4. David Marjanović says

    He’s just such a buffoon, I can’t help but laugh. The Left couldn’t have invented anyone better to bring shame and mockery upon the Right.

    Upper-Class Twit of the Decade!

    A couple of years ago, he was on a panel at an anti-environment, anti-animal, anti-evolution conference in California. Among the other panelists were Wesley Smith from the Discovery Institute and Michael Crichton, who had been dead for three years.

    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  5. says

    colnago80, indeed he has, and I think that’s where Avicenna is actually making an error in saying that Monckton is not a lord. He is indeed a hereditary peer holding the title of 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (his grandfather was a British politician who was created Viscount in 1957) , and the conventional way of addressing the holder of the title Viscount is as Lord.

    However, since the House of Lords was reformed so that hereditary peers are no longer automatically eligible for a seat in that assembly, the current Viscount Monckton of Brenchley has never been a member of the House of Lords, despite his claims otherwise (especially when addressing audiences outside the UK). Because his father and grandfather both had automatic seats in the House of Lords as hereditary peers, the current Viscount Monckton of Brenchley appears to feel his lack of equivalent status most keenly, given his propensity for lying about having such a seat.

    It’s a small matter in the larger scheme of the fractal wrongness that is Monckton, but it’s one of those details that his fans might use to dismiss everything else one writes, so best to be punctilious.

  6. Rich Woods says

    @tigtog #7:

    You are quite right. Monckton prefers to blur the lines by not making it clear to people that he does not sit in the House of Lords (his elder brother did, I think, before the Lords was last reorganised to remove all but a handfull of hereditary peers) and also by writing letters using a letterhead which incorporates Parliament’s famous portcullis logo rendered in a very fetching pink!

    He’s a loon.

  7. bruce says

    Monckton may be too ignorant to know it, but ObamaRomneyCare is health Insurance, not an NHS system. It only adds new patients with new insurance $ to give to the same old private doctors.
    Also, the US deficit is falling, not doubling. That was GW Bush he was thinking about.
    Also, there were a bunch of happy people who liked investing their money with Bernie Madoff. Then some mean people from the government came and said even though you liked your investment plan with him, you still couldn’t keep it. Does Monckton wish all undiscovered frauds could just continue? My Lord! But I repeat myself.

  8. Holms says

    Oh and there will be atheists (A hint his name starts with a C and ends in an L) who support them. They are the party of alleged libertarians.

    So… who?

    And we also have Lord Monckton.

    I just wish they would keep their ­homosexual nature and practices to ­themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not. – Douglas Denny – UKIP

    Not sure what you mean by this bit. You mention Monckton, but the quote is attributed to someone else. And the quote is also not to be found in the linked-to article. Along with the follow-up quote.

    Monckton here is doing something that we call “telling porkies”. AKA his pants are on fire.

    Don’t say it with roses – a much better term is ‘bullshit’.

  9. smrnda says

    I’m sure there are doctors in the US who will, out of spite (they call it principle) refuse to take patients who are getting some kind of government aid, mostly because plenty of doctors are classist shits in the US, and we even have doctors who disbelieve in evolution and who promote woo and pseudoscience. It comes with the fact that you need a certain # of doctors, and you’ll end up with some who aren’t so good for various reasons.

    All the stats show the US had one of the worst heath care systems among first world nations. It’s unlikely to change soon.

    On the ‘keep you own doctor’ – private insurance never really gave a shit about consumer satisfaction much of the time since it’s pretty much a seller’s market.

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