Domestic Violence and Victim Blaming

[important]TW – Domestic Violence[/important]

Oh… Nice

And this isn’t something old. This is from 2012.

There is a massive problem with the Religiously Christian over the rights of women. See the dialogue of the Bible places women in positions secondary to the men.  The men are always generally right unless decided by a jury of their peers. Which generally means some pretty awful things have been gotten away with.

In this you see the classical problem to Domestic Violence. Husband beats wife, Wife turns to book of 2000 year old rules to solve situation and the same mentality prompts her friend to defend the man who assaulted her with “It’s because you don’t love him enough”.

And it only took 17 years for him to change! What if he didn’t? Then it’s still clearly your fault. Men who aren’t loved turn punchy. Everyone knows that!

Oh wait.

Others can help by responding to domestic violence as if it were a crime rather than something to be blamed on the victim. What was more important was the conversion of a new person to this denomination than the safety, sanity and health of this women. I hope she is hypothetical. I really do.


  1. Outis says

    This is a Jehovah Witness article. They only allow divorce when there is adultry involved. Abuse? Nope.

  2. smrnda says

    Of all types of Bible believers, the JWs are pretty towards the top in terms of highly literal (and also highly selective) nit-picking.

    That’s not unusual thinking though – abusive men might hit their wives, but once the wife prays enough he comes to church and it’s all okay (and, in many cases, the guy probably puts on a show of being a “Good Christian” so he can commit abuse and get away with it.) There’s no attempt at understanding anything about abusers and their propensity to abuse or what’s a healthy relationship and what’s not, but not surprising in a religion where god shows us he loves us by getting someone nailed to a cross.

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