Gay Power vs Good Honest Christian

This one’s from the “good Christians” at WND and Peter Barbara is fighting back hard against the terrible assault on the good Christians of America.

I suppose this is a terrible thing.

There is a war between homosexual “rights” and Americans’ religious and First Amendment freedoms – and the “gay” activists are winning.

Oh no! This is terrible! Gay people will make us all dress fashionably and men will not be safe from their sexy machinations.

Oh no… I think it just means that bigots who subscribe and utilise Christianity to discriminate against the GLBT are not treated as heroes or as good people any more but as the bigots they are.

No at no point have the GLBT banned free speech. You are free to hold whatever view points you like and you may justify those viewpoints however you chose to do so. You may even act within the law to stand by those viewpoints.

However what you cannot do and this is VITAL is utilise the secular law of the USA to flog your religious based bigotry down the throats of all and sundry.

You hate the gays? Will and Grace makes you break out in hives? Freddie Mercury makes you feel uncomfortable?

Okay! That’s your problem. Go hide from those things. Because society does not spin for the sake of bigots but for the majority of people including Christians who can be civil.

The “zero-sum game” is how homosexual activist law professor and Obama EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) appointee Chai Feldblum describes the legal battles between modern “rights” based on homosexual “orientation” (read: behavior) and the traditional American principle of religious liberty.

It’s not a zero sum game. The rights of Christians aren’t being reduced. They are not taking away Children from Christians to be adopted by the GLBT. Christians are not being denied marriage licenses in order to give them to the GLBT.

No what’s being said is that Christians can no longer flog hate speech in public arenas without a backlash calling them out on it. They can no longer complain about the GLBT anymore than they can complain about the uppity Coloureds. The same arguments being made are made for the GLBT these days. Everything from “they will use our bathrooms” to “Won’t someone think of the children”. I bet at one point Christian racists thought that the state recognising marriages among non-whites and indeed inter-racial marriages would shake the foundations of the world.

And maybe it did. The racist world is certainly dead.

This is the last desperate plea of a dying world of the homophobe. His world is ending and the new one scares him for he has no place. What was once acceptable is no longer. The world turned and he did not.

You sir are too beautiful for this world and we shall not miss the likes of you for this is a cruel and harsh world where we do not tolerate bigotry and try our level best to deny the actions of the bigots. I am afraid there is sadly no place for you here.

“Gays win, Christians lose,” Feldblum said, predicting homosexuals would win most of the legal contests. She is proving to be correct, as the news for Americans with traditional values gets worse by the year, due to rapidly escalating homosexual and transgender activist power in the legal, cultural, political and corporate arenas.

Because the GLBT are arguing from the perspective that their choices don’t harm anyone and the only people worried about the GLBT are the people who can safely be called “the Christian Taliban”. Like the Fatwas I listed, these religious fundies make their own dialogue of fearsome GLBT destroying civilisation and to them it is the destruction of civilisation because what they consider civilisation is the right to discriminate against the GLBT.

Following is a summary of cases involving battles between religious and moral freedom and homosexual activism. Some involve legal cases, others involve people who suffered privately for speaking out against the “gay” agenda. Others involve children whose rights (such as girls’ right to privacy) are violated in the name of “LGBT equality.”

In a sense, this could be called a list of the “Victims of Homosexualism” – that is, organized homosexuality. Though not comprehensive, its sheer scope illustrates what pro-family veterans have long known – but which the “gay”-cheerleading media fail to report as a major story: that “rights” based on homosexuality and gender confusion (“transgenderism”) cannot coexist with religious liberty.

No  they can exist with religious liberty. Let us look at the Orthodox Jews. The Orthodox Jews do not work on the Sabbath. The Hindu does. He has no sabbath to fear. The Jew does not complain about the HIndu working on the Sabbath and the Hindu does not complain about the Jew settling down to eat a nice steak.

If you don’t like the GLBT then that’s fine. You keep that to yourself and you practice your bigotry. There will still be casualties of this bigotry such as your friends and family who just happened to be cursed with your bigotry but you may not use the mechanism of the state and society to force your values on the rest of the people within it.

And this is without the frankly delusional grasp of how badly the GLBT are treated by religious groups in the name of freedom of religion. The GLBT have high suicide rates not because they are sad but because they are harassed, discriminated against and bullied at every stage of life and it is only recently that things are getting better.

You are still free to be a wanker but be one in your own head and around other wankers like yourself. If you chose to live by the principles of your Old Testament god then that makes you a hypocrite since you have picked one part of Levite law to adhere to but not the others.

First, a few observations:

  • These victims of escalating “Gay Tyranny” in America are not all tied to the question of homosexual “marriage.” Indeed, well before “gay marriage” came on the scene as a “mainstream” issue, pro-homosexual “sexual orientation” laws and corporate pro-LGBT policies were victimizing and punishing Christians and other moral opponents of homosexuality. And those laws are invariably used to argue for homosexuality-based “marriage.” The homosexualist agenda moves ahead incrementally, but “sexual orientation” laws and policies – and their philosophical presupposition that homosexuality is about innate “identity” (“who you are”) rather than changeable, wrong and aberrant behaviors (“what you do”) – is the foundation for the entire far-reaching LGBT agenda.

A Gay Tyrannosaurus Rex would be awesome….

Is it NSFW? I Think it’s NSFW…

Oh dearie me. There is a problem with this.

You see if we are holding the Bible to be 100% true then I am afraid that the biggest problem you have is not the GLBT. There are only 10 million of them really.

No the USA is 75% Christian. 25% is therefore not.

And I am no Priest but I know my Christianity sufficiently to know that there is a set of rules that holds precedence over Levite gay bashing and that’s the 10 Commandments.

Commandment 1 would mean that the Christian is incapable of working with 1/4  Americans.

Therefore we must ban the laws that prevent the discrimination of workers on the basis of gender, colour and religion. After all it does impinge on the right of people who subscribe to the literalness of the Bible to not behave like bronze age shepherds. I wonder what other Old Testament discriminating laws exist that we would need to repeal?

Sometimes religion is but an excuse for the monsterous sins of man

  • The most prominent example of the inherently discriminatory nature of pro-”gay” nondiscrimination laws (predating the entire homosexual “marriage” debate) is the Boy Scouts of America, who were initially challenged in 1990 by homosexual James Dale under a then-new “sexual orientation nondiscrimination” law in New Jersey. Ultimately, in 2000, the Dale case found its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the Scouts narrowly won their right not to have homosexual scoutmasters and members – only to toss away the fruits of their victory 13 years later by changing their rules under corporate pressure to allow openly homosexual Boy Scouts. (The Scouts still ban adult, openly homosexual scoutmasters, but pro-family experts predict that this prohibition will crumble – under continued “gay” activist pressure – now that the Scouts have sacrificed the moral principle that they had fought years to defend.)

Actually the Scouts of the entire world follow more non-discriminatory practices including the Original Scout Code which had a secular variant. And while Baden Powell may have been shocked by homosexuality, he would have probably been just as shocked by the fact that my Grandfather and Grandmother were not of the same race and even more shocked that I was not born an imbecile and that I even attended the scouts and had a lot of fun in the outdoors being a scout.

Calling yourself pro-family is to forget that the Boy Scouts were originally started by a man to espouse the vaguely racist values of the Empire at a time when shooting us darkies was part and parcel of being a good scout. It was designed to train young men to play the game of Empire.

And corporations did not want to be associated with an organisation that discriminates against 10 million people in America. It may shock you Mr. Capitalist but Corporations Like Selling things and discrimination against any group does affect people’s ideas about your products and may get them to not purchase things you make.

  • It should also be recognized that oppression comes in many forms and from many quarters. Once professional institutions like the American Bar Association, American Association of Pediatrics and American Counseling Association adopt pro-LGBT “sexual orientation” codes, these policies become the basis for discriminating against people of faith.

You mean the fact that the American Bar Association thinks discrimination against the GLBT is bullshit and is bigotry? Or that the medical estabishment do not consider the GLBT to be psychiatric disorders anymore merely a sexual variation that is harmless.

This is like the slave master complaining that the slaves oppress him so much as his arm is tired from all the whipping.

  • These cases involve mostly higher-profile “victims.” What does not make the following list are everyday small businesspeople who, under an array of pro-homosexual laws and policies, are forced to effectively subsidize sexual behavior they regard as immoral. Thus, in a “gay marriage” state or in a big city with “sexual orientation” laws, business owners – much like the wedding cake makers below – are forced by the heavy hand of government to treat homosexually “married” or partnered employees as they would their normally married workers.

Yes, yes they have to for the same reason that white supremacists have to treat non-white workers well too.

I have to subsidise your Churches and I believe they are fraught with immorality and hypocrisy. It’s the same in the USA too.

  • Also, countless employees and students have been forced to endure “gay tolerance” and pro-LGBT “diversity” programs that promote ideas with which they strongly disagree – a form of “soft tyranny” that most moral-minded employees have come to accept as the price of working in a big corporation. As is shown below, those who rock the politically correct boat invite persecution.

As do racists and bigots of all stripes and shapes. And as must you. Such is the price of bigotry.

If you listen very carefully you can hear me play the world’s saddest  violin for you. As you gaze through the plate window into your local gay orgy I shall play this as a single tear rolls down your eye.

  • Lastly, note the irony that several of the victims below are black. Pastor Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Wash., (a former NFL player who appears occasionally on the “Rush Limbaugh Show”) says, “Don’t compare your sin to my skin.” (Hutcherson is black.) Yet that is precisely what the expanding web of “sexual orientation” laws, executive orders and rulings from liberal judges is doing. By mandating “gay” (and transgender) tolerance as a basic, modern American value, the law and politically-correct U.S. corporations are rapidly making opposition to homosexuality and gender confusion anathema – even banning it – thus relegating Christians and defenders of historic Judeo-Christian moral truths to second-class, pariah status.

Just because you are the victim of one type of bigotry doesn’t mean you get a free pass to be a bigot to another group.

If Ken won’t accept the gays to be compared to his skin then I will say that the gays can be compared to my skin.

And lest ye forget, the moral truth of Judaism and Christianity defends slavery to the hilt. Your god himself dispenses rules about the keeping of slaves that isn’t paraphrased as “Slavery is immoral and a sin” but “You should totally keep slaves using these rules”. Historic Judeo-Christian morality is a barbarous mess that is unfit for a modern world.

The world and indeed Christianity  has changed since then. The anti-slavery reformers who were Christian would be regarded as heretics for ignoring the Levite law of their ancestors had they lived then.

Equality of man is a Human value, whether it is an American one or not is entirely up to America and America seems to be chosing well. Albeit a tad slow.

So what’s all the oppression about?

California law allow boys in girls showers and restrooms

No. It allows girls in the girls bathroom. Oh you means transexuals. Oh dear no. You may think it’s a grandiose plan for young boys to oggle girls in the restroom but frankly we have high speed internet and porn.

No I am afraid the transexual may have the genetics of one gender but something makes them wish to be another gender. They aren’t boys but are girls.

And female to male transexuals exist. Why are you not defending my right to not pee alongside a man who  happens to have no Y chromosome.

Women do not watch each others pee. There are doors. The fact a trans person is in there is probably a big gigantic secret and you have to be incredibly nosy to find out who there is a “genuine transexual” and who is just a boring bog standard woman.

And that makes YOU the weirdo, not them. They just want to pee in peace without having to announce their gender to everyone.

And how are you going to police it? The transexuals look like women. It’s simpler to just let them get on with their No 1s and 2s and concentrate on other problems.

Seriously? Homophobes have a lot of worries about people’s toilets.

Hawaiian B&B forced to “accommodate” lesbians despite owner’s religious objections

It breaks a local law. It’s illegal. And no, unfortunately you think the GLBT enjoy staying in the homes of bigots. They do not. If this were a B&B owned by the Klan I would not stay there. My money goes to nice people.

Christian photographers lose in New Mexico Supreme Court

Because they didn’t want to photograph GLBT weddings because they are massive bigots? The issue wasn’t that they discriminated but they accepted a damn job and then pulled out when they found out it was for a GLBT wedding which is breach of contract and it was due to religious bigotry rather than something unavoidable.

Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association

They stopped holding weddings lest the GLBT get married there and I assume bring down one of those hurricanes that Gay Marriage is supposed to cause.

Illinois Christian B&B owner faces lawsuit after telling “gay” activists, “We will never host same-sex civil unions

This man proceeded to condemn a Gay man’s sexuality and quote Bible verse at him. This make him a raging toss weasel rather than a “good man”.

This resulted in a law suit since it is kind of a dick move to foist literature that calls for the death of Gays as a reason for them to stop liking men. Some would call it a hate crime.

“Sweet Cakes” Bakery shuts down in Oregon after refusing to bake for “gay wedding”

And they called the customers “abominations” which resulted in the two customers quite rightly mentioning that online and kicking up a fuss as rightly as if Sweet Cakes Bakery decided to not serve any Spanish people and called the “Dago”. A business behaved badly and produced terrible customer service and was called out on that. People didn’t want to buy cakes from a company of bigots and decided not to shop there anymore and give their money to nicer people.

That is terrible.

Just Cookies, Masterpiece Cakes, Victoria Cakes and Fleur

They refused to fill an order for Rainbow Cookies because “Fuck the GLBT” and they got called out on that.

Arlene’s flowers

She violated state law by discrimination on the basis of gender, colour, religion and Sexuality.

Craig James

Who works as part of a major corporation with many GLBT workers and who voiced as a spokesman of the corporation a bigoted view that harmed the opinions of many employees and indeed enforced opinion that Fox is a bastion of tools.

Dr. Angela McCaskill

If the Chief Diversity officer of a University is signing anti-Gay Rights petitions then they aren’t really fit for the job.

Pray the Gay Away gets shot down

Because it’s unscientific, unethical and causes irreparable damage and incredible suffering to it’s victims.

The SPLC lists the Family Research Council as a hate group

News Flash, it’s a hate group. And for the single attack on it by a single GLBT member there have been hundreds of brutal assaults and even murders aimed at the GLBT. The transexuals suffer some of the highest rates of assault and murder due to their orientation. And the dialogue of the FRC and indeed WND is pro belittling their struggle and excusing the behaviour of those who harass them.

Lies About Scott Lively’s work in Uganda

This I am more in a position to speak about. Scott Lively’s work includes the drumming up of hatred for the GLBT and fear mongering to epidemic levels where Uganda was thinking about using the death penalty for the crime of being GLBT. Gays lived in fear and many were tortured and murdered for their sexuality.

Scott Lively may not have pulled the trigger or indeed from the reports… “made the victims to eat human faeces and paraded around being whipped before being stripped and tied to a rubber tyre where they were doused in petrol and set ablaze” but he certainly capered about gleefully while they did this and played a large part in creating the environment and funding the sort of hatred.

Catholic Church shuts down adoption agencies

When a Catholic Priest raped a child they church hid them away. They silenced victims and perverted the cause of Justice and forgot the very words of Jesus. Render Unto Caesar.

There are thousands of children without loving homes who live in foster care and temporary housing where they are passed around. The GLBT couples who adopt are offering them love and a stable home.

This proves that the Catholics in these organisations were not doing this for Children. The kids never mattered to them in the first place.

It ends with a little poll

Oh Go On Pharyngulate This

Such an unbiased poll. I wonder if we should demonstrate the power of the Internet.


  1. Nepenthe says

    The fact a trans person is in there is probably a big gigantic secret and you have to be incredibly nosy to find out who there is a “genuine transexual” and who is just a boring bog standard woman.

    I see what you did there.

  2. Arctic Ape says

    “Can LGBT equality coexist with Christian religious liberty?”

    1. Yes.

    2. Sorta, because Christianity includes turning the other cheek.

    3. No, but Christians should compromise with gays if they compromise too.

    4. Yes, but [dogwhistling about gays calling special rights “equality”].

    5. Who cares, because gays are evil.

    6. No [scary rhetoric on children, perversion].

    7. No [scary rhetoric on political correctness, persecution].

    8. Who cares, because gays are callous and greedy.

    9. No [Freudian slipping into gay porn blurb].

    10. This is really a nuanced issue.

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