When Human Rights Goes Too Far

The European Court of Human Rights has lost its legitimacy in the UK by doing things that frankly the people of this country and their elected representatives do not want.

“This is not an issue that unites the Coalition. The Conservative Party’s intention is to go into the next election with an absolutely clear plan for change.

“And it is absolutely clear Parliament has the sovereign right to implement that change.

“We have been looking at a number of options, of which leaving the Convention is one.

“It’s not the only option we are considering and we will be bringing forward plans in the next few weeks.

“Later next year we will publish a draft Bill which will set out precisely how that legal change will take place.

“We will have a clear plan for reform which we will implement in government if we are successful at the ­election.”

– Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary of the UK

There are no words to how disappointing and how dangerous this idea is. [Read more…]

The Unkindest Cut – The Cost of Circumcision

Circumcision is a contentious subject. While many  people believe it’s a harmless practice and produces an aesthetically  pleasing penis with a myriad of (dubious) health benefits, many consider the non-prescriptive usage of the procedure to effectively be pointless mutilation of a child due to cultural reasons.

Let’s get this straight. This is not Female Genital Mutilation, the effect of circumcision on men and women is entirely different and cannot be compared. In fact there are a fair few men who have to have circumcisions at some point in their life for therapeutic purposes but such a procedure is done under a licensed setting by a licensed individual trained to perform this procedure.

Out of 500 circumcisions, 1 ends in complications and the complications are generally severe. Circumcision is not a cosmetic procedure and should not be treated as such.  [Read more…]

The Untouchables

Unlike Eliot Ness’s squad of prohibition cops, the untouchables of India are a far far more fearsome proposition.

The dalits or harijans are people who were part of the castes who were associated with the traditionally unclean work. Leather work (hindus still wear leather despite not consuming cows), slaughter house work (the crime is in the killing not in the consumption), removal of rubbish and in one of the most abusive aspects of human existence, in the removal of human waste from latrines. The practice has died out in most of the cities but in rural areas it still persists. Which means its wide spread. Remember nearly 70 percent of India lives rural. Much like the 1950s and america, there is segregation in India. The idea is that uncleanliness is contagious and that contact with the dalit means that you are tarnished by association. Still many places have a practice where they refuse to let the dalit touch the same wells or even drink from the same cup. They will pour out water for you and you sip from the stream rather than a cup. Different temples, schools and funeral areas. They stay in their own ghettoes. [Read more…]

Catholic Youth Leader Abuses A Second Time

The Catholic Church does not have more paedophiles than any other institution with an inordinate power over it’s wards.

There are probably as many paedophile teachers as there are priests.

However, the problem with the Church is how it dealt with paedophiles. In order to maintain the illusion of a moral high ground, the Catholic Church attempted to cover up, hide and outright deny the existence of paedophiles. This was done under the guise of “forgiveness” but in reality it was an attempt to keep the Church’s facade of integrity safe. [Read more…]



Founder of Computer Science

Enigma Code

[warning]This post should have gone up when the news was announced but due to some unforseen issue with the back end was not posted. It is out of date but is still relevant. The random string of characters in the name is not me typing with both hands taped together but is Enigma Code.[/warning] [Read more…]

Why is it God’s Plan When Someone Dies?

Sometimes you need a response to something.

When I first wrote a response to this question on Reddit there were no responses. It was an empty thread. I know he asks for a religious viewpoint so I am going to cage this in a disclaimer.

If you do not wish to read the viewpoint of an atheist, then ignore this. This is not meant to convert you, this is not meant to lead you astray from your path. It is just words of comfort and words that come from another viewpoint. [Read more…]

Layla Murad and Her Reasons for Leaving Islam

Reading this made me wonder why we aren’t as willing to tell the stories of ex-Muslims and how they see their own cultural climate change due to the pressure of Islamic changes.

Layla Murad is another “Arab Name” of note. She was a Egyptian singer and incredibly popular. If she lived today she would never have become famous, because she was a Jew.

This isn’t THE Layla Murad but someone who was inspired by her to take on her name to write under that. In the same way that I picked up Avicenna (the latinised form of Ibn Sina). I am not the Medieval Islamic Polymath and Doctor. I don’t own a time machine despite what the TV show tells you.

But her story on why she left Islam is an astonishingly good read.

Atheism As A Movement of Privilege

While the prostitutes are easily looked down upon, perhaps God has a special job for them:

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” – 1 Corinthians 1:27

This is what Christian Post had to say about an article in Guardian.

Apart from cooing over the admission that atheism is for the richer and well off members of society due to the fact that the most vocal atheists tend to be “rich”.

Well mainly it’s looking at Richard Dawkins and how the vocal members of our movement are from a single demographic. How atheism has generally been fronted by rich white blokes. It is an attack on image.

And the Christian Post falls down that same trap, where it looks at the poorest members of society and assumes their poverty has a purpose in the grand scheme of things. That to get to heaven you are blessed to be poor. To be rich is a curse. [Read more…]

Letters from the War on Christmas

Tiffany Wait tried to get her infant child a gift but got more trouble than she bargained for.

Babies are (allegedly) cute. I am told this repeatedly especially after child birth when parents insist their baby is adorable when I think the baby looks more like a jacket potato.

But that’s just me, I am an angry man and something like a baby cannot touch my corroded heart. [Read more…]