News – Terror Attack In the UK

This is something Pat Condell didn’t really cover.

I know I am flogging the dead horse but really? There are still people who follow him and do so with a huge amount of respect for his “truthiness”.

He’s a staunch warrior against the Islamification of Britain, never mind that most atheists in the UK kind of dislike the fundie Islamicist irrespective of our sexual preference.

On Sunday  night, a car bomb was set off in a major city in the UK. Luckily the 60 Kgs of explosive did not properly detonate. The car belonged to a man who was held at gunpoint and forced to drive to a secluded location where the bomb was installed then made to drive to the target. The victim was told to not inform the police lest the masked men decide to teach him a “lesson”.

As the Army Bomb Disposal squad approached the suspicious car it detonated.

Luckily, no one was injured.

This was a variation of the proxy bomb with the victim living. Traditionally this was employed by holding hostage a family and forcing an adult to deliver the bomb and become a  suicide bomber. It didn’t work all that well since these people who did this were not seen as “Brave Freedom Fighters” but “Vicious Arseholes”.

By forcing someone else to do it, that risk is removed. Even if the vehicle is stopped en route to its target, no member of the group responsible will be behind the wheel, and the driver won’t be able to identify the masked men who forced them to be come bomb carriers.

The tactic does not just reduce the risk of capture. It also protects those responsible for making and planting the device from the risk of early detonation as it is being transported to its intended target.

And this isn’t the only such case. Last week in a similar incident, a bus driver was ordered to drive to a police station with a similar device and on Saturday a man in a van was stopped by masked men and made to deliver a package to the same police station.

Yet Pat Condell has remained silent on this. Where was the anger to this derailment of British values of peace? Of fair play? Why these masked men were cowards! They weren’t even willing to carry their own bomb to it’s target. What hideous ideology would endanger innocent lives to deliver death and destruction to other innocents?

We should ship them out of our Country.

Isn’t that right Pat?

In the past 13 years the major terror attacks in the UK were overshadowed by a single event. 7/7 changed the course of British ideas on Islam and gave rise to the credence of people like Pat who believed that Islam was nothing more than a front for all Muslims trying to destroy the UK.

Today Mr. Condell mocked Baron Warsi’s defence of Muslims after she pointed out that the vast majority of Muslims are actually peaceful and law abiding and are punished by the extremists for being so too.

He brought up poor Lee Rigby who was murdered by Muslim fundamentalists.

But if we are to consider Lee Rigby as a victim of Islamic Fundamentalists then there are two similar attacks. One this year and one last year that  were similar to Lee Rigby’s murder.

Anuj Bidve was shot and killed. We don’t know if the crime was terrorism but it did cause terror. The perpetrator was Condellesque. He wasn’t a fan of foreigners.

And let’s not forget the reign of terror conducted by Pavlo Lapshyn who killed one man and conducted a series of bombings at Mosques this year.

Why am I bringing this up? Because the majority of terror attacks in the UK since 2000 were conducted by Christians. By sectarians. By the IRA.

Including this attack in Belfast. I figure it’s a lot harder to raise the hackles of racists when the bad guy looks like you. It is also harder to shout “go home” to people who happen to look like you.

But here is the thing. The IRA have learnt nothing from the past. The entire population of Ireland and Northern Ireland wish to move forwards but the IRA are insistent in starting a fight that doesn’t help anyone.

They can’t break up what’s going on at Stormont and the progress being made and the better future that Northern Ireland is working towards so it instead lashes out against the People. They are trying to spread fear and loathing in the region and restart a dead fight.

The IRA have nothing to offer. Their stupid Christian Sectarianism masquerades as a freedom movement when in reality it is a grab for power and to get their way. They don’t want peace, they don’t want progress. They want a Christian world where they are on top.

And they are terrorists.

But the funny thing is that it’s been more than a day since this. I fail to see the Right WIng Racists taking back the street to make it safer for the people. Funny who that always is the case if a Muslim is involved.

In our rush to demonise Muslims we end up ignoring  other problems. See? This is relatively minor news. Catholics nearly blow up stuff is not as important. If it were Muslims the net would have been aflame.


  1. Al says

    Hmm, I wonder if Anders Breivik, who listed Condell as his favourite comedian, get’s to watch Pat’s videos in prison.

  2. says

    When I served with NATO in the mid-80s, the poster in the base entry office showing the terrorists (Red Brigades largely, plus Bader-Meinhoff) to be watched for didn’t have a face among them that wasn’t white as my own fishbelly. There were Muslim terrorists then too, but they did very litlte in Europe proper. The “terrorist=terror + brown skin” thing came later.

  3. Nick Gotts says

    Your main point is well made, but most of the “Provisional” IRA (the movement responsible for most Irish Republican terrorist attacks before the Good Friday Agreement) disarmed in accordance with that agreement* – so contrary to what you say, most of them (and their Protestant, “Loyalist” counterparts) have indeed learned that routine political/sectarian violence was even worse than the alternative of coexistence and compromise. Those responsible for the Belfast bomb will be one of the “dissident Republican” splinter groups such as the “Real IRA” and “Continuity IRA”.

    *The “Offical” IRA renounced violence much earlier.

  4. belzerbru says

    Think this clears it up.. Some people (not naming names) defines terrorism as something a Muslim does. And when it’s someone killing civilian muslim for a political goal, it’s multiculturalism gone wild.

    Same as whenever someone kills and sources stuff from infowars, it’s a false flag .. etc..

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