The Problem With Missionaries

There is a running theme where I dislike religious charity and missionaries because the work they do has often been suspect, sub-par, insulting, destructive and outright wasteful.

This is in the outright wasteful category. This exerpt is from Reuters and was posted in my local paper.

The NGO Catholic Rosaries for Life has sent 3,000 rosaries to victims of Typhoon Haiyan that devastated several provinces in central Philippines on 8 November, local media reported Monday.


Rosaries for Life are a pro-life group from the USA.

And part of their pride in the Philippines is that the heavily catholic country had until recently one of the lowest rates of contraceptive availability and no abortion. It was one of the biggest sources of maternal mortality through illegal/non-medical abortion in the world thanks to the total lack of availability of birth control and widespread poverty.

Rosaries for Life were one of the organisations that oohed and ahed as Catholics held up (while ignoring the illicit abortions) as a shining example of what abstinence and no-contraception can do.

The Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said the rosary “meet the spiritual needs” of the victims, while also Catholic NGO Caritas is mobilizing to assist in relief efforts.

It’s a bunch of beads that wastes VALUABLE aid space and worker time in being distributed to people who don’t really need them. Every kilogram of aid being transported is vital to relief and 3000 rosaries is just an idiotic thing to send.

The Philippine Monsignor Pedro Quitorio rosaries blessed before sending them to the islands of Leyte and Samar, the most affected by the disaster.

Because prayer stops diarrhoea.

“We know that through prayer somehow survive as a people and persevere in life. Should be emphasized the spiritual dimension to our people,” said William Lawrence, spokesman Rosaries for Life.

“Of course we know that physical needs are important, but so is the spiritual side of the victims in the recent calamity,” said Lorenzo.

Can you imagine the uselessness of just 3000 rosaries in a situation where shelter and water are scarce?

And you think they need beads on a string with some latin muttered over it?

And the worst thing is there are people who SERIOUSLY think this helps. Who cannot get why I am so irritated. They will not be able to understand how pointless and wasteful this is.

And how many people would consider this charity on par with the men and women who have worked tirelessly over the past 10 days to bring relief to the Philippines.


  1. A. Noyd says

    Ugggh… missionaries. Good thing that Lawrence dude made sure to qualify prayer’s contribution to survival as “as a people,” because clearly prayer failed to save at least 4000 individuals.

  2. Laila Rasheed says


    Romanism is the cult of Constantine without the Sermon on the Mount. Christians worldwide will have to deal with this fact. The Emperor Constantine manipulated Apollo & Christ and produced a bastardized religion. By just reading Acts 2:40-47 you can see what the original church looked like:

    Acts 2:40-47

    40 Peter said much more to warn them. He urged, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” 41 Those who accepted what Peter said were baptized. That day about 3,000 people were added to the group.
    Life as a Christian

    42 The disciples were devoted to the teachings of the apostles, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. 43 A feeling of fear came over everyone as many amazing things and miraculous signs happened through the apostles. 44 All the believers kept meeting together, and they shared everything with each other. 45 From time to time, they sold their property and other possessions and distributed the money to anyone who needed it. 46 The believers had a single purpose and went to the temple every day. They were joyful and humble as they ate at each other’s homes and shared their food. 47 At the same time, they praised God and had the good will of all the people. Every day the Lord saved people, and they were added to the group.

    This was true socialism!

    And this was true fellowship!

    The biggest problem in the world today is people’s need to belong to a “herd”!

    India has its multiple gods & massive ignorance & over population, while Muslim countries deliberately encourage large families & blind subjugation to its cult. Christendom has gone through a Reformation & it looked like Europe & America were becoming civilized, but now the Cult of Muhammad is spreading all over these countries. What is it with people?

    We should be advancing into the 21st century, but something “cancerous” seems to drag us back to a caveman mentality.

    I wonder at times if their is an agenda to keep people religious & superstitious?

    Is big brother behind organized religion. CIA & the Moonies etc. Jim Jones.

    We need to go back & read the “map” and then go forward to greater things!


    “The kingdom of God is WITHIN us”!

  3. smrnda says

    @The Previous Poster – I really don’t think you can talk about Protestants being ‘civilized’ – they were nasty, violent imperialists and many “Reformers” were nothing but vicious dictator who hated anything fun and would have people punished and even executed for the most trivial offenses. Calvin and Luther were not concerned with religious liberty or anything else, they were just out or power.

    Man protestants in the US backed slavery, genocide against the native population, and later argued against basic worker rights and the labor movement. I don’t see them being any more civilized than anyone else.

  4. Holms says

    I wonder at times if their is an agenda to keep people religious & superstitious?

    This is an interesting comment, given that she had only just quoted the Bible.

  5. Harry McCall says


    But the clown Avicenna, is a HINDU Atheist.

    Now tell me what kind of an animal is that?

    Hindus & Muslims LOVE to come to the West & leave their SHIT PILE countries behind, but have the “balls” to criticize the West, that allows them to advance in their lives.

    If they stated in their SHIT PILE countries, they would still be back in neanderthal times!

    Europe & America is advancing from their past! They NEVER say they didn’t have problems in the past, but its SHIT HEADS like Avicenna & CO, who have the bad manners to condemn the West, that allowed them to crawl out of their SHIT HOLES!

  6. says

    It means that Hinduism is the religion I don’t believe in specifically. I am Ex-Hindu.

    I was born in the west. I CAME to the East.


    Harry Harry Harry… I just banned someone today and contrary to belief I am a rather patiient person when it comes to behaviour like this. You are going to join your friend in getting banned.

    Do us all a favour and just go away. I can hear my brain cells committing suicide reading your racist drivel. I am proud of my achievements, I don’t sit behind the achievements of people who look like me. This means I have actual achievements to be proud of.

    While you have to take the achievements of others for your own.

    Go away until you can have a discussion like an adult.

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