Joseph Kony May Face Justice

The Central African Republic is currently negotiating the terms of Joseph Kony who was the leader of the Christian Militia group called the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Wishing to forge a “Christian Uganda” based on the 10 commandments, he and his LRA waged a brutal civil war which helped destabilise the region.

He is wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of rape, mutilation and murder of civilians, as well as forcibly recruiting children to serve as soldiers and sex slaves. It is estimate that the conflict cost the lives of a million people by either massacre or deaths due to destabilisation.

One of the prior conditions for his surrender involved ICC amnesty but no one was willing to give it to him as the crimes were too great.

This is a step forward. Kony must face justice, it won’t bring back his victims or help the child soldiers he created but it will help show the world that there are crimes and that there is a procedure where such super villains can be prosecuted.

And if anyone says “There are no Christian Terrorists” remember Joseph Kony.


  1. kraut says

    “And if anyone says “There are no Christian Terrorists” remember Joseph Kony.”

    The expected counterargument will be: he was no real Christian, as in “Christians do no terror” as in there was no thirty year war, there was no extinction of the cathars, there was no witch hunts, there was no WW1 with Christian armies fighting ‘nother Christian armies, there was no inquisition or actions against jews in spain after the most holy Christian emperors took over. No, that never had anything to do with Christianity, because violence is NEVER done in the name of their Lord JC.

  2. kraut says

    BTW – that is the difference between those who claim “but Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot waged war as atheists. Wrong, atheism was never the flag those atrocities were committed under, the flag always was the political ideology driving those power struggles.
    Those wars and action mentioned were done under the flag of Christianity. Atheism was never the justification for Stalin, Hitler etc. the justification was a political ideology who was not based on atheism, atheism was incidental to the ideology, which replaced a bible based “god” with one based on a particular ideology. Christianity and the teachings of Christ however always were the justification of the wars mentioned above.

  3. says

    @kraut #2 – Actually, Hitler was a Catholic, and if you read any of his many speeches, you will find a great many statements extolling Germany as a Christian nation devoted to God.

    Lenin was the atheist. He stripped the Russian Orthodox Church of its land and wealth, closed religious communities and required clergy, monks and nuns to become productive members of society, but, for a revolutionary who had overthrown a large, tyrannical government, generally a decent sort. Stalin, who engaged in pogroms, mass murder and many other atrocities, helped to restore some of the Church’s authority; the 1936 Soviet Constitution expressly guaranteed the freedom of religion. Stalin saw, rightly, that his power would be more secure if he controlled and used the church rather than suppressed it. For all that Stalin gets held up as an exemplar of anti-Christian violence, his reign saw the Church at its most powerful in the time between the Russian Revolution and the fall of Communism.

    Similar to Hitler’s Catholicism, Pol Pot used Buddhism: he frequently cited “Buddhist morality” as one of his goals. In an early speech, he said his fight to bring democracy “will bring back the Buddhist moralism because our great leader Buddha was the first to have taught it.” Whether or not he actually was a believer is irrelevant: like Hitler, he used religion as a tool to appeal to the masses and as a justification for his actions.

  4. kraut says

    Actually some research shows that the claims as to Hitlers religiosity are very circumstantial and far from clear cut. Most what I could come up with is Hitler used religion in an opportunistic way, to convince the German religious majority at the time that they would have nothing to fear.

    The extolling of Christian virtues while in the privacy of talk among party friends actually despising Christianity as a religion of the weak shows to me that his religiosity is not to be taken seriously.

    That does not make him an atheist, he might have been a deist more likely.

    My main point however is that Christianity or fighting for or in the name of Jesus was the reason atrocities were committed by Christian believers, or the goal was to achieve the supremacy of an ideology, while atheism was never the reason to destroy a society and/or kill incarcerate individuals or whole communities.

  5. Sarah Jones says

    Kony has definitely used the 10 Commandments line, but the LRA isn’t ultimately out to push religion. It, and its predecessor movement, formed as a reaction to ethnic cleansing in the region. Uganda is primarily Christian (with a Muslim minority) and Kony is attacking other Christians.

    I’m basing this on my graduate research. It was inspired by Invisible Children, which meant researching Kony and the LRA–and the legacy of Western Christian colonialism.

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