Frontpage Magazine, Pat Condell, Romany and Multiculturalism

It is no secret that I am not a fan of Pat Condell.

Possibly because we are both atheists and because the viewpoints he espoused are worrying to anyone who is not a racist.

Mr. Condell parrots the genteel version of racism. The polite side of the BNP and EDL. Indeed I have mentioned in the past that he considered the EDL (an organisation who’s members delighted in telling me to “go home”) as law abiding and not racist despite the fact that EDL has been caught attacking Asians. I am sure Mr. Condell would defend them by saying that they were targetting Muslims but the lovely youths who were trashing the shop of Mr. and Mrs. Patel clearly were deciding who was Muslim and who wasn’t by the colour of people’s skin. I am sure Mr. Condell’s defence would involve “well it’s not their fault that Hindus look like Muslims” and there in the argument collapses.

And that is without going down the idiocy of the EDL trying to make the streets safer by drinking and fighting or responding to Islamic Terror by terrorising random Muslims. Or you know. Assaulting the elderly.

I have often joked that the best way to protect English is to ban the English Defence League from speaking it. 

They are blot on my country and the UK would be a better place if we simply shipped them off to some Island where they can worry about Muslamification and other nonsense and leave the rest of us in peace.

But Pat’s followers insist that they are not bigots. That they are not right wing. That Pat’s just telling it as it is. He is doing something that none of us have the courage to do and that he is taking a stand against the Jihadis.

Which is funny since Taslima Nasrin blogs here (I believe the second highest Fatwa is aimed at her) and Maryam Namazie. I myself have opposed Islamic Fundamentalists and campaigned for Muslim Atheists. I am in fact far more scathing about Islam than Mr. Condell because I don’t have to invent bogeymen Muslims. Last I heard from Mr. Condell was about how Syrian Muslims are going to invade Sweden because Sweden gave around 8000 Syrian Refugees unlimited leave to remain in response to the usage of WMDs. And how this will lead to crime, terrorism and rape… That somehow this will lead to 2 million refugees going to Sweden and magically turning Sweden into an Islamic State. 8000 vs. 2 million.

If I were a betting man I would bet that Pat Condell gets his fears about Islam from the Daily Express.

And today he tweets something from the despicable Frontpage Magazine.

To point out how despicable? It’s got an advertisement for a book called “Black Privilege” with Obama on the front. I assume it’s about how Obama only won an election because he was black and everyone wanted to show him pity rather than the obviously superior candidate of John McCain (AKA the man who during a debate had to DEFEND torture despite being a survivor of it. You could see his heart break as he tried to defend one of the worst Crimes done by the USA in response to terrorism) and Sarah “I Know About Russia” Palin.

Never mind about black people who have been shot for doing perfectly legal things like Trayvon or Renisha… The Frontpage Magazine is not goose-stepping but it is certainly aimed at people who think the world would be a better place if all of us had the same skin colour and that skin colour isn’t mine.

Last week, people in the U.K. got to take a break from worrying about the Islamization of their country. Instead they were offered a fresh chance to ponder the massive influx into the scept’red isle of Eastern European gypsies – or, to use the politically correct term of the moment, Roma. First, Labour Party MP and former Home Secretary David Blunkett, in a rare departure from the usual see-no-evil establishment rhetoric, acknowledged the “frictions” between gypsies and natives and worried aloud that it would eventually kindle riots. “We have got to change the behaviour and the culture of the incoming community, the Roma community, because there’s going to be an explosion otherwise,” Blunkett said. “We all know that.” The next day fellow Labourite Jack Straw, also a former Home Secretary, agreed, admitting that he and his colleagues in government had made a “spectacular mistake” in 2004 when they permitted unrestricted labor immigration from new EU member states in Eastern Europe. (The only other countries to do the same were Sweden and Ireland.) Straw & co. thought that only 13,000 people would come; the number turned out to be more than a million, with a quarter million immigrants arriving in 2010 alone. Alas, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Poles, Czechs, and others who moved to Britain in sincere search of work, there was a small army of gypsies who came to beg, steal, and freeload.

Dear Frontpage Magazine.

Fuck You. The Roma are one of the WORST treated people in the History of the Planet. Until quite recently (and this is post WW2) it was perfectly acceptable to go grab Roma men and women and forcibly sterilise them. They were treated like Vermin and many of the instances of the state sponsored bigotry aimed at them date back to my living history.

Fuck You. And Fuck You Pat Condell for supporting this bullshit. Show some fucking decency. You embarrass me. You are a blight on everything my country stands for.

If you think you are some patriot to England or the United Kingdom. Stop. You are not. You do not uphold the values associated with the UK. You do not associate values I have fought for and have represented my country with. You are giving us a bad name if you think this article is in any way helpful.

For fuck sake man, just a few weeks ago we saw the horrific racism towards the Roma. That Maria (a blonde Roma) couldn’t possibly be Roma and MUST have been stolen causing the arrest of her adopted parents and a manhunt for her real mother who had left her with the Roma.

We also saw a similar incident in Dublin where Roma were arrested.

We put blood libel behind us. Can we not put away our prejudice against the Roma? Must we assume they still steal babies?

No. Instead we have to claim that they are Thieving Gypsies. That Gypsies Beg, Steal and Freeload.

Until recently, to be sure, things didn’t seem as dicey in Britain as in France, where gypsies have established sprawling encampments in and around major cities, all of which have turned, in no time at all, into ordure-suffused, rat- and lice-infested trash heaps. And whenever officials, if only out of concern for the public health, have tried to get the situation in hand, the media have served up sob stories like one put out by the Associated Press last year: “The camps weren’t much to begin with….Rats ran rampant and fleas gnawed on young and old alike….But they were home – and they were better than the new reality for thousands of Gypsies who have been forced into hiding after France launched its latest campaign this week to drive them from their camps.” Rarely, it seems, do the journalists responsible for this sort of drivel ever ask the gypsies questions like: “Um, if you’re going to live in this place, why can’t you at least try to keep it sanitary?” No, it’s almost always either implied or stated outright that, if the gypsies live in such filth, it’s because they’re poor and oppressed; virtually never is it acknowledged that this way of life is a fundamental element of gypsy culture.


I should be asking poor, uneducated people with little to no monetary power who have spent the past few hundred years hiding from authorities due to the bigotry, discrimination and outright slavery that many Roma were forced into as to why they insist on building temporary camps, living a nomadic lifestyle, don’t hold down hard jobs and don’t care for their sanitation.

Read My Lips.

It’s because

1. They probably don’t know about why they should site the midden away from water supply. Relax, a hundred years ago most White People didn’t know that and as Katrina demonstrated many westerners didn’t know STILL.

2. They are poor and so are forced to live on land without any infrastructure like garbage disposal.

3. I am aware that in many parts of Easter Europe the Roma live on landfills so don’t see this as any different

It’s kind of funny. Every single Roma I have met who is not a camp Roma seems to have no problems with hygiene. Every single Roma who is part of the more well off camps who have businesses that are mobile also have no problems with hygiene. The Roma who seem to be the filthy bedraggled waifs living in squalor are the ones who are the least economically mobile and the ones who are generally forced to remain in place.

And we can look at poorer white people too. Must “Trailer Trash” who are in effect no different from most “Gypsies” since they too live in caravans be so unhygenic? If I were to go to poverty striken trailer parks in the USA and parade a selection of denizens are we to judge the entire USA based on such?

Yet we do the same to the Roma? No Mr. Condell and Bruce Bawer, what you are both guilty  of is racism. Lest we forget the Roma in particular descend from people like me…

I have had the peculiar and dubious honour of having anti-Roma slurs yelled at me by racists only to have them apologise because they “like Indians”. It’s like liking Caucasians but hating Australians…

And if you wish to know the level of bigotry from the French minister in charge of all this?

“Maybe Hitler Did Not Kill Enough?” – Gilles Bourdouleix (MP)

And this was said after the 2nd of August which is the Roma Holocaust Memorial day. Mr. Bawer, when the people whose actions you praise are suggesting that Hitler should have killed more of “x” then that makes you the villain. Mr. Condell. That makes you a villain too.

Yet again you expose the problem of atheism being a mainly white man’s game for way too long. You have gotten away with supporting racist idiots and no one’s called you out on this because you have no diversity.

In September, French interior minister Manuel Valls defied the sob sisters,calling for the return of gypsies to their homelands and insisting that “we must tell the truth…these populations have a way of life that is extremely different to ours, and they are obviously in confrontation with local populations.” Politicians and commentators professed to be appalled by Valls’s remarks, although the French public, by and large, seem to have reacted with enthusiasm. Most Englishmen, similarly, to judge by online reader comments, were glad to hear Blunkett and Straw finally owning up to the fact that they’d created a catastrophe. Exhibit A in last week’s media coverage was Sheffield, the city in South Yorkshire that Blunkett represents in the House of Commons, where gypsies from a cluster of villages in eastern Slovakia have transformed the face of a neighborhood called Page Hall. On Thursday, the Express reported that a gypsy teenager had walked into a fish-and-chips shop in Page Hall and offered to sell the proprietors a baby for £250; on Friday, the same newspaper informed readers that a retired English teacher in Page Hall had received a similar offer. The teacher went to the police, whose response was to suggest that the offer may have been a joke. (Sure, the old “want to buy a baby” gag – which one of us hasn’t pulled that one on a total stranger?) “We are as satisfied as we can be that no criminal offences have taken place,” said a police spokesperson. As for the teen who walked into that fish-and-chips shop, the cops, according to the Telegraph, “found no evidence to support the claim.” (What kind of “evidence” did they expect to find? Nappy fibers in the cooking oil?)

You mean their homeland in India? They have been away for close to 600 Years. If I am not very Indian due to my mere one generation apart from the “Motherland” then imagine how different they are.

OH! You mean ship em back to Romania where we cannot see them any more.

And yes, I know your readership would agree with you. Frontpage magazine attracts the sort of idiots who think there is massive privilege to being Black and that Multiculturalism is evil. Just as Pat Condell’s listenership think the UK is under some major Islamic Assault and that all Muslims are secretly plotting to replace Fish and Chips with Tandoori Chicken.

The Daily Mail and Daily Express? The Daily Express boils down to “Don’t Go Outside, it’s full of coloureds, queers and crime. IF only Diana were still alive”. It is tabloid junk. To quote it while calling the BBC’s reporting as lies is to truly live in a delusion.

How bad have things gotten in Page Hall? Here’s how bad: as theDailyMail noted on Tuesday, “the local Pakistani community association is running ‘official’ warden patrols between 8pm and 10pm every weekday with the intention of ‘educating’ the Roma population about ‘how to behave in England.’” (If it weren’t so tragic, it would be funny.) On Saturday, the Telegraphcalled the local atmosphere “poisonous.” Vast groups, each consisting of dozens of Roma, congregate on the streets every single night, “shouting, smoking, fighting,” blocking traffic, and throwing refuse everywhere. There’s a curfew for minors, but it’s totally ineffective, with police making only the most perfunctory, lackadaisal efforts at enforcement. As for the daytime situation, some Roma work, but most do not; “hordes” of them gather at gambling machines in a local shop, while others “walk the streets, content to pick up benefits” amounting to $800 a head per week. At a pub visited by theTelegraph‘s reporter, the language about the Roma was “incendiary,” with one patron warning: “There is going to be a battle eventually.” A shopkeeper agreed: “When it goes off, it will be like an atom bomb here.” The above-mentioned fish-and-chips merchant concurred: “If something doesn’t change round here there will be a pitched battle….This is a boiling pot ready to explode.”

How dare Roma go out late at night. How dare they shout, smoke, drink, fight and throw rubbish everywhere.

I mean… that’s really really really British.

What? You don’t think I grew up in places where lads shout on the streets? You mean I didn’t grow up smoking surreptitiously outdoors? You mean we don’t drink on weekends and get into fights and declare how hard we are and drop our take away wrappers on the street?

Ah! I know what this means. It’s boys will be boys when white yobs fight on the streets after closing time on the weekend but not if it’s the Roma fighting after closing time. Gotcha!

And I must say that this here is a lie. The $800 mark is a couple’s benefit amount. You get 500 quid of money per week if you are unemployed as a couple. This is basically £6.25 and hour for two people working a solid work week at below minimum wage. This is not a titanic sum of money. You can easily out-earn that doing actual work.

And there are plenty of young white people in the UK who are in this same situation. (Indians have the HIGHEST employment rates and the highest tax payment rates of any group in the UK hence I use this argument). Must we ship them off to Australia or are we to flog them and make them work down the mines?

See $800 a week = £500 for 2 people (not 1). £250 per person. That’s nothing. I spend £70 on groceries and rent is another £70 to 100 leaving just £70 for luxuries such as water, power, electricity and TV license (Oh sorry! Poor people should just huddle around telling gyspy tales?). In reality this means you are left a few quid for luxuries. I don’t think the Gypsies are off gambling away the little money they have in Fruit machines (I assume).

This seems to be the case of “some gypsies are like this so I am going to assume that all the gypsies I cannot see are all like this”.

The Guardian – which, along with the BBC, of course, is Britain’s premier bastion of noble left-wing lies – couldn’t allow this kind of blatant truth-telling to go unchallenged, so it sent reporter Helen Pidd up to Sheffield. Her Fridaysumming-up of the earlier reports in the Telegraph, Daily Mail, and other low-rent outlets read like one long sneer; we were plainly meant to understand that if there were tensions in Page Hall, they were the fault of hysterical bigots. Pidd interviewed 64-year-old Barrie Rees, who with fellow members of the Page Hall Residents Association regularly patrols the streets at night in an effort to maintain order. Rees, protesting that he and his colleagues had been labeled “vigilantes,” insisted that they were “just a group of ordinary local people who don’t like being intimidated in our own neighbourhood, trying to make the newcomers understand how life works here.” Pidd wasn’t buying it: she compared their attempt “to ‘educate’ the Slovakian incomers in how to behave” with  “the terrifying militia that have tried to drive gypsies out of villages such as Gyöngyöspata in Hungary.” Yes, she affirmed that Page Hall is a mess: “rubbish fills the gutters, and stained mattresses and sofas are piled up in gardens”; there are garbage bins “crawling with maggots”; garden furniture is being nipped out of people’s yards and garments stolen off of clotheslines. But Pidd preferred to close her article by focusing our attention not on the hundreds of sticky-fingered, labor-allergic newcomers who have turned Page Hall into a toxic- waste site, but on a handful of exceedingly unrepresentative gypsies whom she somehow managed to track down: a factory worker who told her he wants his kids “to be lawyers and doctors”; two teenagers who also said they have career aspirations; and, finally, a 10-year-old (always end with a kid!) who had “already picked up a South Yorkshire twang” and wants to be “a paid interpreter.” This was activist journalism with a vengeance, utterly and willfully blind to the basic realities of gypsy culture.

Unlike Frontpage and Pat Condell who are nothing but absolutely honest. (Remember Mr. Condell… 8000 Syrians vs. 2 million. And Bawer just claimed that the unemployment benefit in the UK for one person was £500. I recall that one of Condell’s fans claimed that was an inaccuracy. There are inaccuracies and there are lies and that inaccuracy  was a lie. I saw no retraction. No admission of incorrectness.)

And it amazes me that Bawer, an American speaks of Roma culture as such when his own nation actually has more Roma living within it than the UK does (200,000 vs 1,000,000).

No an entire race of people are sticky fingered and lazy and unclean. They all tell fortunes and dance and steal infants. Hurray for Stereotypes. I repeat

I don’t know who the hell Bruce Bawer is but Pat Condell is part of atheism and is widely respected by a lot of atheists. Shame on Him for Supporting This Odious Bullshit Piece of Hate Mongering, Racism and Bigotry.

But the Guardian wasn’t done yet. On Saturday its sister publication, theObsever, ran a piece by Mark Townsend headlined “The real story of Britain’s Roma: excluded, ignored and neglected.” Any school of journalism that wants to teach its students just how to turn the truth on its head in the service of ideology could do worse than to use Townsend’s article as a template. He starts off by telling us that the official London address of the Roma Support Group (RSG), “Britain’s biggest Roma charity,” is a post-office box because “fear of reprisal against Britain’s Roma community, even in the capital’s most multicultural borough, remains real.” In the wake of Blunkett’s statement last week, he adds, the RSG received one (1) nasty e-mail – which, to Townsend, is proof that “the rhetoric of hostility towards the Roma throughout Europe is escalating” and that the Roma are “the continent’s most persecuted ethnic minority.”

No… there is no anti-Roma Sentiment. Just ignore this entire damn article that just made the claim that Roma are all lazy freeloading thieves.

I bet they get a lot more hate mail now that he has linked people to it. After all, most people probably didn’t know there is a Roma Charity out there but now do and so can send all the hate that they want anonymously!

Quoting Blunkett’s comments about the need for Roma to integrate, and similar recent remarks by the UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farage and by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Townsend makes it clear that we should find such statements downright abominable. “David Cameron,” he notes approvingly, “judged the rhetoric so inflammatory that he ordered ‘sensible and calm language’ around immigration.”

The UKIP? Oh right the party that Pat Condell supports that definitely isn’t racist. Like Gawain Towler who insulted Kiran Randhawa for being Asian. Or when Geoffry Bloom referred to the British wasting aid to “Bongo Bongo Land”. Or when Nigel Farage refered to “the coloureds”. Or when one of the UKIP councillors defended his party by claiming not to be racist since he has been on holiday to the Caribbean.

The real story, argues Townsend, is that the Roma are “a community whose needs have met official indifference.” Townsend is magisterial in his blithe dismissal of gypsy reality: anecdotes about gypsy crime in Page Hall are “rumours” and “lurid tales” (“there is little,” he actually says, “to substantiate the perception that Roma cause crime”); if there’s a danger in the presence of gypsies in Britain, “[o]ften the risk is to the Roma themselves.” But Townsend’s piece reaches its exquisite climax when he shares with us his take on an investigation by British police of what they described as the gypsies’ illegal “trafficking of over 1,000 children from Romania.” Townsend is appalled – not by the trafficking, but by the investigation, which, in his view, “fosters the perception of the Roma as a criminal community.”

The entire problem with reporting of crime is that crime committed by the Roma is given excess weight. Let us look at the recent Greek “Maria” incident. A Bulgarian woman had a child in Greece and could not afford to keep her when she went back to Bulgaria. So she was unofficially adopted by the Roma who took care of her and treated her as a daughter with love and care.

This was handled by the seizure of the child. If a white person had a black child they would not cease the child because white people are clearly adopters of children while the Roma are baby thieves… A similar incident resulted in the seizure of a child in Ireland.

The UK are investigating a POSSIBLE trafficking ring. Not it’s definite that there is a trafficking ring and all Roma are involved in it.

By that logic all white people are bicycle thieves since a white lad in a tracksuit nicked my bicycle from Sainsbury’s.

Those few words encapsulate the moral obscenity of multiculturalism, which teaches its adherents that it’s an act of extraordinary virtue to tacitly accept another culture’s systematic abuse and corruption of its young. Fortunately, most British subjects don’t share Townsend’s views; unfortunately, it’s Townsend and his ilk who are calling the shots. And yes, if they keep on putting ideology above reality in this way, it’s not hard at all to believe that before too long there’ll be an explosion.

No. It means that you encourage other cultures to be part of the mainstream and celebrate the harmless differences. The Roma do not stop being Roma if you give them real jobs and show them trust and faith. The reasons for the Roma squalor is poverty. Poor white people also live in squalor. Poor Asians live in Squalor. So it seems to me that poverty is a more likely explanation than “Roma Culture”.

Bruce Bawer and Pat Condell both chant the racist screed of “There will be an explosion”. What they mean to say is that fine upstanding young men (supported by their genteel young women) will march upon  the blight and forcibly remove it thus ending the menace of the Roma once and for all.

These people revel in the idea of street level warfare.

I heard the same statements before in my youth from both my cultures. I heard it about Hindus and Muslims from both sides. About how each side was responsible for all the ills in the world and that some day they will all get what’s coming to them. And I remember Glasgow’s violence. Hell one can eve see this sort of attitude in the 90s in the football terraces. Reds vs. Blues.

It’s not the Roma that are the problem. It’s people like Bruce  Bawer and Pat Condell.


  1. Pen says

    This Condell guy appears to be literally frothing at the mouth. As for the anti-Roma thing, my feeling is that the recent media ‘debate’ on that one was essentially written before that particular border came down and before the Roma even arrived. They basically waited to see where they would settle so they could pretend to something specific and Page Hall got to be IT. I’m not sure there’s that much going on there.

    And this (cue rant aimed, not at Avi, but someone he quoted):

    Those few words encapsulate the moral obscenity of multiculturalism, which teaches its adherents that it’s an act of extraordinary virtue to tacitly accept another culture’s systematic abuse and corruption of its young

    All wrong. Virtue and/or your comfort zones have got nothing to do with it. The law does. There’s no law against people having a different cultures from you but there is one that says you can’t harass them for it. Deal with it.

    Equally there are plenty of laws that may appear quite restrictive to people from other cultures. Just for example there’s one that requires parents and society to collaborate to make sure children are educated. It has to be met. Where you go wrong is that you completely lose sight of meeting requirement like that and instead sidetrack the effort into an opportunity to harass people whose cultures are trampling over your comfort zone.

    You know, what’s really ‘wrong’ with multiculturalism is that it makes a whole lot of people’s jobs that much more challenging and often enough, they’re just not quite up to it (or as motivated as they might be). But you’re not even in the game. The moral obscenity is that you think respecting the law is obscene when you’re required to do it, but anyone else who falls short should be thrown out of the country. I don’t say it often, but Avi’s right about the likes of you – there’s got to be and empty island somewhere. Or else space colonization can’t come too soon.

  2. blgmnts says

    Halfway through this reminded me of one of my childhood comic books: “The Castafiore Emerald” (1961) by Hergé (no, I do not own a first edition, I am not that old).

    Part of the plot are Roma who are forced to make camp on a landfill “because, you know, Gypsies”, can’t afford to go to a doctor and are falsely accused of thievery and hunted by the police “because, you know, Gypsies”.

    So, Hergé has a comic book published in 1961 showing these things, I read about them as a child/teenager and exactly these things still happen? Fuck!

  3. =8)-DX says

    I’m a Czech binational and bilingual – I had Roma neighbours most of my childhood (living in ruins, their children spending days on the streets). The racism against Roma here is ingrained, systematic and nation-wide. It seems really sad, that whenever borders are opened and some of them try to escape their local racism, other countries’ inhabitants treat them much worse. Makes me want to say: the racism you know..

    And in every debate on this topic I’m fully aware of the range of stereotypes and racist bigotry that I was taught and have ingrained in me. I’m trying.. shouldn’t everyone be?

  4. Matt Cavanaugh says

    ” … black people who have been shot for doing perfectly legal things like Trayvon….”

    Since when is beating someone bloody without provocation “perfectly legal”?

  5. says

    @4. Since when is vigilante old men following young boys considered not a suspicious activity.

    George followed Trayvon over all the white kids around at the time.

  6. Matt Cavanaugh says

    ” Since when is vigilante old men following young boys considered not a suspicious activity.”

    Observing a stranger acting suspiciously in your own neighborhood is not itself ‘suspicious activity.’ It certainly is less suspicious than drunkenly shouting and banging on a stranger’s door in the middle of the night, but neither action merits a violent response. Both Martin and Wafer acted criminally.

    You seem to apply a double standard to viewing these similar incidents, based solely on the race of the participants.

    “George followed Trayvon over all the white kids around at the time”

    What evidence do you have of Zimmerman ignoring other strange, white kids acting suspiciously that evening?

  7. davidmc says

    I think its £500 a month, not a week, although it would be more than that if housing benefit were included, which it probably isn’t. I doubt it would add up to that much on most case anyway. There will be allowances for children on top too. But it is typical of tory rags to exaggerate benfits ,to make their readers splutter into their breakfast.


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