Banned – Laila Rasheed

I think the god’s of India still have a hold on you, Avi.

The Jews have advanced while the Indians are up to their necks in shit!

The only advancement they made was by Colonial British rule, that has helped them join the 21st century.

Stop bitching!

The British Comitted Atrocities in India that resulted in the deaths of millions. To utter such nonsense shows that your are not just a religious extremist but also blind to actual history. Your statement is vile and it shows one thing.

That you aren’t a good person. No matter how much you claim to believe in your god you are not a good person. You demonstrate the fallacy that belief in a god makes you good, because what you are demonstrating is the poisonous thinking of racists and the missionaries who destroyed my culture.

The gods of India do have a hold on me my dear. I took the good from them to form my ethos on atheism. Hinduism is universal in that you don’t need to believe in it’s gods. It does not convert people by force to it and to do so is horrible. It gave me an understanding about sacrifice, about making your own personal rules, about sticking to your ethos and it gave me stories of amazing nuance that you will never read because you are a bigot.

And bigots never learn anything about the cultures they denigrate.

You speak for Jews as if they would appreciate the association with your bullshit. Most of the Jews I know are kind, loving people who would think you are not a good person.

And  the tragedy is you can’t even understand why you are not good.

To get banned by me you have to have crossed the line and made no act of contrition. I have warned you, I have told you, I have been polite.

But you crossed the line.

Fuck the Fuck Off. No one likes you, you bring nothing to the conversation. I am sure you will go yell about free speech or how that dirty atheist banned you when you were kicking his arse and frankly I don’t care. Anyone who associates with your bullshit ideology probably has nothing of value to say either.

Congratulations. You are the third person to be banned specifically by me. And that’s a fucking achievement.


  1. smrnda says

    I actually think the achievements of India are quite impressive – the recent space mission to Mars is sure an impressive achievement. I recently saw a documentary called Fire in the Blood about AIDS medication, and India’s ability to produce high-quality low-cost generic drugs saved lives all over the world. I’m still impressed with the gender parity in STEM professions in India, something I specifically learned from this blog.

    On Jews vs. Indians, this seems like the usual divide and conquer tactic of pitting some group against another by seeing who is the Model Minority.

  2. Holms says

    The only advancement they made was by Colonial British rule, that has helped them join the 21st century.

    Yeah, that Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar guy? What a chump!

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