Eye for an Eye

This one’s being doing the rounds.

It is rather weird to me to see people bully someone who is fighting cancer but apparently it happens.

This is my all-time favorite picture. I’m so proud of myself. I have no depth perception and I’ve taught myself to play volleyball. I take so much pride in my team and all the hard work I put into it. No one truly understands how cancer world unless you yourself has it. You can’t imagine how I feel on a daily basis. Vomiting, weak, tired, groggy, grumpy, hormonal…every fucking day. 6 days out of 7, I’m sick. I push through though because I can’t let my team down. I still go to school and manage to maintain a 4.6 GPA. I still work to contribute to paying for my radiation. I volunteer at the shelter to make my life mean something if/when I go. I deal with being the most hated person in school daily because my glass eye is a “slap in the face to God”.

I don’t care what anyone says. I’m proud of myself.

To which I say…

Yes. Yes your glass eye is a slap in the face of a non-existent god.

It’s called a retinoblastoma and if unlikely good things are considered the action of a god then why not unlikely bad things? It’s a tumour of the eye and it requires the removal of the eye at a very young age. It’s one of the cancers you are trained to look for because if found early you can save the child’s life. It’s one of the reasons they  shine torches into the eyes of children. The tumour gives a very characteristic “cat’s eye reflex”. The eye “shines” like that of a cat.

Cat’s Eye Reflex – Amaurotic

If such a cancer is the act of a god then the procedure to save a child’s life is the act of humanity.

It is a thankfully rare tumour. It’s a genetic disorder and it runs in families (sadly). And I quote Mr. Pratchett (again) when I say that just because something is unlikely doesn’t make it a miracle or the act of a divine sky wizard.

And here is the thing.

We not only learnt how to remove an eye safely but also how to kill cancer. The treatment for retinoblastoma is as close as possible to super-science. You literally sit in front of a massive gun that is guided by lasers to shoot the damn cancer out of your eye.

Due to my monsterous case workload and my location near a major (and I mean people come from all over the state) eye care centre I have seen retinoblastomas and what can be done to save eyes, save lives and so on.

See the issue is here you have to balance between saving an eye and saving a life. The metastatic route is via the optic nerve and straight to the brain. So you have to keep a careful watch on the tumour and keep ablating it and if it progresses beyond a certain point? You lose the eye to save your brain.

The  treatment may include one or more of the following -

External Beam Radiation Therapy, Plaque Radiotherapy, Cryotherapy, Heat ablation, Chemotherapy, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Stereotactic Radiotherapy, Proton Beam Radiation, Opthalmic Artery Infusion Therapy and if none of these products of lateral thinking and mad science work and the tumour unfortunately spreads we have Enucleation.

There are thousands of eyes saved by this technology. And the creation of modern, clean and realistic glass eyes has enabled a huge number of children across the world to have a normal life and not be stared at.

If there ever was something that was raising two fingers (on each hand… I am British you know) to the gods it is the treatment of this.

She is bullied because she is different. And to invoke a god to bully her? I assume the god being invoked is Jehovah and the ultimate joke in that is considering how his son is famous for healing the blind, I am sure if Jehovah existed he would not be fond of people claiming he enjoys blinding young children.

This is a very very brave young lady. She’s beaten cancer two times before. This is her third round. Read her tumblr.

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