Only Smart People Believe in a god

I am unfortunately an outlier in mainstream atheism. I traded in more than one god for none. To me there was no “GOD” but “gods”. Hence the lack of capitalisation. After all, we are also dealing with Shiva and Allah, not just Jehovah.

It kind of puzzles me that we need billboards to advertise atheism to the masses but then again, I don’t live in America. And I can understand why a vocal voice is needed.

After all. The only reason I started blogging was due to a complete dearth at the time of non-white atheists from a Hindu background. Still and to this very day Ex-Hindus are some of the least represented groups of atheists and I do know a fair few of them exist. I suppose it’s easier to dismiss Hinduism due to it’s pagan nature. You don’t really believe the Mahabaratha happened do you? 

And not many people are making claims as to it’s veracity. But there is a dangerous side to Hinduism. You see, the current hook in the mouth of Hindus allowing for anti-Islamic sentiment stems from the destruction of the alleged birthplace of the avatar of a Hindu God.

Ayodhya. Tit for tat attacks and centuries of violence have focussed on a single issue. Never mind the ludicrous notion that the Ramayana is true and that Sri Lanka was ruled by an army of cannibalistic demons guarded by sorcery that required an army of gigantic anthropoid monkeys to fight over a kidnapped woman…. Yes it’s one of the EARLIEST stories of a Damsel in Distress.

But people believe in it. People honestly think that there was a ten headed demon with a flying chariot who fought a god with divine weapons? Or that there was an ape who could change size at will, fly and had a tail that could change in length at whim (The Monkey King of Chinese myth originates from Hanuman with the critical difference of the staff versus the double handed mace)

So the Freedom From Religion Foundation put up a billboard. All it says is “Enjoy Life Now, There is No Afterlife”. David Silverman voiced his opinion as “Take care of your fellow man because god is not going to do it”.

The response?

Catholic League president Bill Donohue took the opportunity to stab at Silverman’s brainpower, suggesting that only “intelligent” people understand that there is a “higher being.” When the atheist called him out for the insult, Donohue retorted: “I’m not sure how much intelligence there is to insult.”

Ah yes. Bill Donohue. A man forever making Catholics look a lot worse than they are.

No, what Bill means is that “Intelligent” people believe in a “Specific” higher being. I am sure he doesn’t consider the beliefs of Hindus or Muslims to be anything different from the “lack of intelligence” that atheists have.

Never mind the fact that Bill Donohue’s usual forays into the bright world of the media have demonstrated a complete and total lack of any common sense and often blind support for an institution no matter it’s actions. This I repeat is a man who supported the anti-Condom stance in Africa of the Catholic Church which plays a part in the deaths of millions and the infection of millions more in Africa that could have been prevented by a small piece of rubber has stated that “belief in a god” makes you intelligent.

Donohue then went on a rant against Silverman’s organization using images of Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns to criticize the religion. “If you want to say you believe in nothing, I say you could,” the Catholic panelist added. “I know you stand for nothing, I know you’re good for nothing, so we agree!”

This is from the Same Donohue who’s been involved in trying to shut down art displays and generally trying to follow Catholic Dogma verbatim at a time when the Catholic Church itself is trying to distance itself from it’s own fundamentalism and change.

Moral living is not monopolised by the religious.



  1. says

    No, what Bill means is that “Intelligent” people believe in a “Specific” higher being. I am sure he doesn’t consider the beliefs of Hindus or Muslims to be anything different from the “lack of intelligence” that atheists have.

    I’m not sure.
    Quite often religious people will stop their eternal quarrels about who’s got the right god to join up and go after atheists because they can’t be having people not believing.
    Somebody smart once said that many people don’t believe so much in gods but in belief.

  2. yazikus says

    FTB just ate my comment, so hopefully this doesn’t double post. I just last month read a novelization of the Ramayana by Ramesh Menon. I had no idea that it was the source of anti-muslim sentiment! I lived in New Delhi for three years as a middle schooler, and thought I knew everything. Only now as an adult am I realizing how little I know (hint: little). I really appreciate your perspective and posts, and always look forward to them. Thanks for what you do!

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