Age of Kali – It Doesn’t Take an Army

I have always said that Islam’s greatest victims are Muslims. Amongst all the fears of terrorism the greatest victims of it are other Muslims and this ranges from the vast quantities of innocent bystanders and indeed the young men (mainly) who fall prey to Islamic Fundamentalism’s siren call.

In Pakistan in the Multan area women have been stabbed. So far none have died but the problem with knife wounds is that eventually they become fatal?


Because they were shopping without a male chaperone. Clearly if they had a chaperone they would not have gotten stabbed after all. The logic is perfect.

The gang in charge of this have explicitly quoted “Islamic Reasons – AKA Sharia Law Allows them to behave like this and it’s perfectly moral. Anyone who disagrees can argue with Mr. Stabby”.

It doesn’t take an army to silence moderate voices, just a small force of angry, driven young people (in this case men) who have nothing to lose. They don’t care if you capture them or jail them or even execute them. The problem is deeper than the simplistic viewpoints of right wingers.

Or maybe it’s like those MRA’s from AVfM who stated that Afghan women are effectively protected and don’t have to work a job! Cushy life! The Taliban are wish granting machines (after all they technically are responsible for Malala getting her dream of a good education and world interest in educating girls in Pakistan.. Maybe these women wanted a good strong man to help carry the shopping?

Or more than likely it’s just another loss of freedom or an attempt to destroy the freedoms of Muslim women and further plunge Islamic regions into fundamentalism.

It doesn’t take an army to strike fear, just drive and a willingness to harm people.

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