Evilution I – The Dawkinator

All Power to the Hypno-Dawkins

Part one of today’s posts consists of wailing on the Washington Post’s very own Jordan Sekulow, Lawyer and someone who Just Does Not Get Atheism. Which is perfectly fine, not everyone gets it. It’s a choice to not get it, just like it is a choice to correct his misconceptions with how atheism, evolution and the world works. [Read more…]

Death and Humanity

I was baptized Lutheran, raised Catholic, then followed up with a bunch of other forms of Christianity. Looked in Buddhism for a bit. Finally gave up organized religion and decided to just live my life right. Now here I am watching this man who stepped in as my father figure when my father (and his family) stepped out. His aortic valve is closing off/giving up and he is obviously in a lot of pain, though they keep pumping him full of morphine. He’s been reaching up and out at something and I keep seeing my family reading into this…..which I won’t comment on because everyone’s entitled to their opinion. However, he keeps talking about our cars and he was hallucinating about working on them. In his last “coherent” moment he was worried about my boyfriend and I’s piece of crap Ford Focus. :`( He has always made sure the families cars were running. Anyway. I don’t even know why I started typing all this. I guess maybe just looking for some support that doesn’t have to do with “God’s will” or any of the other usual dying bullshit. I know the science behind all of this…but I still don’t want him to die alone. He hasn’t said anything in a quite a while at this point. Just whimpering and trying to breathe. It’s hard to watch him suffer like this.

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