It’s A Sin

Being gay is a sin. We may think it’s laughable to think so but remember religion’s power comes through guilt. That any time you are having fun you are in fact damning your soul to eternal torment and that you are nothing but sinful.

And this has a terrible effect on people.

Now you can see how much of a sin it really is. It effectively is a non-issue blown so out of proportion that it has grown men weeping over their existential crisis.

At no point must I fearfully declare that I think red hair is sexy. It is not a sin to say that you are dating a left handed person. Yet religion has made it  a sin to love another person of the same gender or outside of a traditional heterosexual role.

And it’s a message so pervasive that it can turn adults into people who honestly think thrashing around on the floor is going to help them.

Or worse, think that they really are affected by  mythological creatures and think that the group hysteria created by such rituals is something real when it is just a fear of an imaginary being.

Pity those who have to endure this torment. And remember that the hatred of homosexuals is simply down to religion creating an acceptable reason to hate them. It creates and validates hate and honestly? If it were subject to not being a religion but a political manifesto, then it would be considered as nothing but vile bilious hate and be discarded for that.

It’s not a sin, it’s a sin to make people feel so tormented and guilty and twisted up.


  1. says

    I have had only a tiny taste of being told I’m terrible for liking other women. It permeated my life from the time I was small so it took me years to finally come out and admit that I am bisexual. I was a devout christian when I was a teen. I think that did not help in the least. It pushed me deeper into the closet if anything.

    Part of the reason I stopped being a devout christian was because I started dating someone in college. It made me angry that my falling in love and having sex was considered a sin. Why is it not okay to have sex before marriage? Why am I a bad person for doing something that feels so nice with someone I love?

    It sounds selfish and it probably is, but that was the beginning of the end of my Christianity.

  2. 0nlythis says

    Literally and in context – Leviticus 18:22 prohibited Bronze Age heterosexual “men of Israel” having sex with each other. These were the selfsame Bronze Age heterosexual “men of Israel” prohibited also from marrying sisters, a woman and her daughter, having sex with the female property of other Bronze Age “men of Israel”, with their own wives during their “uncleanliness”, with Bronze Age animals, etc., etc., etc.
    Neither homosexuality or even homosexual acts are addressed by the prohibition; nor does it single out or create any particular class of Bronze Age heterosexual “men of Israel” as uniquely worthy of “Divine Hatred” (as the WBC claim). Any Bronze Age heterosexual “man of Israel” CAUGHT lying with another Bronze Age heterosexual “man of Israel” as with a Bronze Age woman – by at least two Bronze Age heterosexual male witnesses – was subject to judgment and death by stoning.
    That’s it!

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