Religion Makes You Moral

You are always told that religion makes you a moral person. Holier and better than thou.

It doesn’t matter what the faith is, simple blind adherence to said faith makes you moral. Follow the procedure, don’t break the law and you are good. Instant goodness, no need to think 

A seven year old was attacked in Bnei Brak on Friday. Why?

Because he was driving his bicycle close to the Sabbath. A man from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community believed that a seven year old was desecrating the sabbath by having some fun and decided to teach him a lesson. He yelled “Shabbat” then beat the child before pushing him off his bike.

The boy suffered head injuries and a broken hand.

Turns out it wasn’t even near sunset.

See that’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if we call it child abuse, the religious see it as a broken hand but that’s better than a lost soul. Some intrinsic part of Jewishness is linked to the Sabbath and a seven year old playing and having fun will somehow lose his immortal soul or stop him from being a Jew.

The kindness and compassion of the man who hit him probably manifest as such. If the young boy kept playing then who knows what would have happened?

Nothing probably. The scary thing is Muslims never force their young kids to do things like this. Hindus? Hindu kids play in temples. No one really forces them to participate unless they are disruptive. They are involved but they can play around. It’s fanaticism. Do you think an all powerful magic being cares about a 7 year old having fun on some magic day?

And what’s more do you think a god that worries and punishes 7 year olds is one you should consider good and worthy of following? Do you think this is a moral action?

That’s the saddest part of this. The man who assaulted a young child and injured him so much probably doesn’t understand why what he did was so wrong. In his mind he has done nothing but misjudge the time. In his mind and indeed in the minds of others he is still a moral person.

Just not one who owns an accurate watch.


  1. says

    It doesn’t matter if we call it child abuse, the religious see it as a broken hand but that’s better than a lost soul.

    Very much agree with this. There’s a danger when people believe that somehow harm in this life leads to god’s approval or is linked with some reward or happiness later. I think this is one of the differences between religious fundamentalists of all religions and the more progressive believers. The more liberal and progressive believers have come up with a god who wants people to be happy in this life, too, and who has linked making people happier in this life with god approving of your actions. So, they actually take into account the effects of their actions in this life as a measure for what god wants them to do. But the fundamentalists will try to claim that something that’s harmful is actually helpful, whether it’s violence or discrimination. Because, somehow, harm in this life doesn’t matter or is helpful in some way.

  2. kraut says

    Let me think: an eye for an eye….where does that come from? What I ask did the boys father do?
    I know what I would have done, had that happened to one of my kids, bible or not.

    Idiots like that can only be taught by action: i.e. beat the crap out of him. The same way the taliban can be only taught by eliminating them, no discussions. The same way religious fanatics committing violence can be taught by destroying them. They start it, they suffer the consequence – no excuses anymore, nohiding behind the shield of religious conviction, no hiding behind a “higher moral” law.

    Your religions teaches you to harm: your religion has to die, and the harmer with it.
    First get rid of those pussyfooting idiots in the government who permit religious based schools, madrasses, temples spewing hatred, lets get rid of those institution afterwards as well.

    Rational discussion is not and never was possible with nut heads especially of the religious kind, be they hindu, muslim, christian or buddhists..

  3. otranreg says

    Didn’t the arsehole break the Sabbath by beating the boy? Shouldn’t he be punished too?

    I somehow find it gratifying to think that he may now be stuck in a self-flagellation feedback loop.

  4. left0ver1under says

    Cue slc/colnago and his inevitable claims of “anti-semitism” because this story was posted….

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