Love Thy Neighbour

None of you is truly a Muslim until he loves for his fellow man what he loves for himself

- Mohammed, Prophet of Islam

Slavery, there are more slaves today than have ever been at any other point in human history. Our world sadly does revolve around slavery. From the gadgets we use made in China to our shoes and clothes and even the food we eat, how much of it is worked on by people being forced into jobs that can barely support them?

And even in such places where it is illegal such slaves exist.

Illyas and Tallat Asher owned a slave. A young disabled girl who was found by a police raid. A young disabled girl who was brought legally into the UK as a slave. The family somehow fooled the immigration services at Heathrow and brought her in.

The young girl was kept as a house slave. She cooked and cleaned. The Ashar’s also claimed benefits on her totalling 30,000 pounds a year and also forced her to work on their business packaging things for their stores.

Illyas Ashar kept her locked in the cellar and repeatedly raped her over her ordeal.

Religion doesn’t make people good. People are good due to secular law. In the end it was not gods but men who punished Illyas, his wife and his daughter who all benefited from the slave.

This was nothing but greed and the lack of value for your fellow man. Of course the original statement by Mohammed was not one that used the word fellow man but “brother”.

No love for the sisters I suppose. Was it religion? Was it culture? Was it plain old greed? Whatever it was, it was inhumane. So think of the cost of what you own.


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