Won’t Someone Think of the Children

A large part of the organised homophobia surrounding religious bigotry is that it can leach into secular thought and indeed action. It’s no secret that Mexico is staunchly Catholic and despite progressive moves such as the legalisation of Same Sex Marriage there are still some parts which aren’t playing by the same rulebook.

A couple (Gay obviously! 2 Blokes) had their daughter suspended from a private school in Monterrey. The Hills institute told them that they had to pretend to be straight (I assume by dressing like a slob and dancing badly) to keep their daughter in the school. Alex is the girl’s biological father and he would have to give up his legal rights as a parent at the school and wouldn’t have been allowed to participate in any of the activities of the school. In addition he could not communicate with anybody from the school nor attend any school social event.

The couple didn’t think this was acceptable. After all? What can they do if they didn’t pretend to be super duper straight?

Well they could suspend their daughter. Because when thinking of the children we must ensure they aren’t loved by the gays and damn their education!

The school was allegedly so cowardly they locked the parents out and sent security to deal with them.

It is illegal in Mexico to deny a child an education on the basis of their Parent’s Sexuality or a Family’s Composition. In addition? The school being a private school still has not refunded the cost of education and indeed the cheque issued has bounced. Okay, the young girl is 2 but daycare is pricey.

But won’t someone think of the children? I mean? The kids of that school would have to learn that one of their friends had two dads! And this would be the response.

Okay! Going to go hug a tree then maybe spin around till I get dizzy and fall over.

Because they are bloody toddlers. They aren’t going to understand the absolute lack of ethical ramifications of two men signing a marriage register and gaining benefits from that. A sudden question about two fathers isn’t going to turn little Timmy onto a lifetime of casual pickups at bath houses and a spiralling popper addiction.

It’s just going to mean that Little Timmy may ask some questions and probably grow up to not hate the GLBT.

Is it religion? Or is it just bigotry? In this case both would play a part.


As for the little girl, her parents say they’re looking for an alternative school while trying to explain to her why she can’t see her friends anymore.


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