The Power of Christ Compels You

For a large portion of religious people, the concept of mental illness and psychosis is one that’s hard to swallow. A perfect creation cannot break down after all. An ordinarily healthy person suddenly breaking internally and in a way that they cannot comprehend lead to the notion that the person’s soul was under the control of some other creature.

A Demon if you will. A monster that makes us “mad”.

You call a doctor when someone is sick, when someone is possessed you exorcise them,

– Jaques Bourdais, Defence Lawyer

This makes sense if you remember the people who believe in a demon seem to think exorcism is an emergency procedure. But to us it’s highly delusional.

But there in lies the problem. Religion is not a delusion despite it’s hallmarks. It’s considered perfectly sane to believe in an actual devil tempting mankind (if we are to believe the more fundie Christians) to have gay sex and abort babies. There is absolutely nothing wrong  with it despite how ludicrous an idea it really is.

But many people take this idea to it’s logical conclusion. That’s the thing with the delusion. The original idea is faulty but the logic that ensues is pretty sensible. The daemons of Satan can possess people. “Everyone Knows That”. It’s part of their widely accepted power list. This is the faulty belief.

So if you accept possession as real, an exorcism is perfectly rational as an event.

Antoinette, a 19 year old girl from Cameroon was crucified and tortured during a week-long exorcism performed by four members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church who split off from the main congregation. Three men and one woman appeared in a court in France accused of torture after the 19-year-old victim was found at a housing estate in Grigny, in the southern suburbs of Paris.

She was found emaciated, dehydrated and starved after being tied up for days in the position of the Cross only being moved to be tied to a mattress during sleep. On the accused is the woman’s boyfriend. Eric Deron believes he is a prophet on a mission from a  god. And he did all this after Antoinette jumped on him and started babbling incomprehensibly.

Now most of us would think something neurological or vascular has occurred but not Deron. Deron knew this was demonic and began his take on exorcism keeping her alive with small doses of water and oil.

The three men and a woman who all took part in this bizarre and tragic incident are being charged with kidnapping, assault and torture.

It is the clear hand of religion that has helped poison the minds of these young people into thinking of themselves as possessed and to act on that. There are reports that Antoinette willingly subjected herself to this as she feared her actions truly were demonic.

Religion created his delusion and compelled him to “save” Antoinette in this way.


  1. smrnda says

    Thanks for pointing out how religion is still promoting ‘magic’ explanations for psychiatric problems. I have them and take medication, which pretty much fix the problems, but I find that even when they acknowledge that mental health is a real thing, they still seem reluctant to turn the problems over to the professionals entirely. Something that worries me is that in the States, you have “Biblical Counselors” who have no qualifications at all dispensing counseling, and some of them do blame demons.

  2. says

    Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  3. katkinkate says

    I consider religion as a delusion. It’s just that it is the one delusion that is generally accepted as an exemption from all the other delusions humans are prey to … unfortunately.

  4. DsylexicHippo says

    Interesting isn’t it that they all start out as prophets? Only some gain traction and go on to found religions.

    Unlike the Eric Derons of this world, I find non-prophets, but people with influence and power, of the likes of Bobby Jindal (gov. Louisiana – quite the believer and performer when it comes to exorcisms) and Justice Scalia (“I even believe in the Devil… Of course! Yeah, he’s a real person”) scarier. It boggles the mind how good education is wasted on folks like that.

  5. MaryL says

    Things can go wrong with any organ of the body, including the brain. I have a seizure disorder. Seizures occur in the brain and mine is generally controlled with medication. Total control requires higher doses and makes me feel totally out of it. A seizure disorder isn’t demons, or possession, it’s a medical condition in an organ. I’m lucky that medicine knows what my problem is and has solutions that work for me. It makes me wonder how many people over the years have been thought possessed in some way, but instead, had a disorder like this.

  6. Francisco Bacopa says

    While many subjected to exorcism are people who could have their lives improved by a mental health assessment and treatment, I cannot tell that Antoinette was among these people. This story reads to me like Antoinette is the saner one and her supposed assault on Deron and incoherent babbling was an attempt to get away.

    Again, not saying that mental health treatment is bogus, many have been helped and it’s a better choice than exorcism. Just saying that Antoinette’s story reads like a cult victim trying to get away and being murdered. She was really both a cult and domestic violence victim.

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